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Story:All the truth about Jimmy Portman Chapter: Auror James Potter

I can't even imagine what a muggle contest entails :P 

I love that, even as an adult, James just can't help feeling like a naughty teenager again! It really shows just how many times he would have been sent to the headmaster's office, haha! His and Snape's Professor/Auror exchange is reminscient of Harry's 'sir' comment and it just made me smile so much. And James apologising to Snape really shows how much he's grown up and how much he's changed from being that boy in school.

It's so entertaining to watch the kids try to work out what's going on, and trying to make sense of everything, when I secretly know the truth, muahaha.

Great work, Chi! <3

Name: MuggleMaybe (Signed) · Date: 01 Apr 2018 03:46 AM · [Report This]
Story:All the truth about Jimmy Portman Chapter: The Sorting

Chiara <333333


I am here for your March review. Techinically it is still March for me, but nevertheless I am so sorry for arriving very late for this swap. I didn't forget you, i promise! Just busy with work; you know how it is. I'm so glad I'm gere now to continue with this fascinating story!


After the first chaptert of this fic, I was very excited to see how Jimmy's arrival at Hogwarts would go. I've read MANY sorting chapters and to be honest I'm kind of bored with the Sorting at this point - but Im not bored with your Sorting! Not at all! You really took this and made it your own. You made it a moment that counts, that moves the story and the character development forward in a big way. I'm so impressed by that. :D


The Sorting Hat knows all! Poor Jimmy learning that Peter is not his biological father in such a sudden way. He must be so shocked! I couldn't believe his daring to go back and put the hat on again, but he really must have been so desperate for more information. I don't know if Peter did the right thing by keeping the truth from him. I think maybe not. 


But even more importantly...


OH MY GOD NEVILLE IS IN SLYTHERIN??!?!?!?!? How can that be??! My guess, and really the only explanaton I can think of (unless you've simply chosen to characterize Neville in a totally ifferent way from canon, which I doubt), is that the hat saw the glimmer of the horcrux in him and wanted to put him in Slytherin, and unike Harry, he was not forceful enough in his arguments against it to persude the hat to put him somewhere else. But a Slytherin Neville.... I truly have no clue how this will alter things, but it certainly will alter them!


Oh, also, your characterizations of Hermione and Ron are spot on. Hermione wishing she had a chance to prove herself right away, versus Ron not wanting to cmpete because he's so afraid of failing. Extremely in character.


Aww, the end with Fred and George is so cute! I love them for trying to comfort Jimmy, and offering to get him some chocoate. Chocolate always helps, doesn't it? ;) 


Jimmy has had quite a rough start at Hogwarts. I really hope the rest of the night an his first week will be much better. 


ALSO WAIT. He looks just like James, right? SNAPE IS TOTALLY GOING TO KNOW HIS REAL IDENTITY. Not good news. Uh oh. I am both eager and nervous to read the next chapter after having that thought... :P 


This is SUCH a brilliant AU. As usual, you have the most origianl ideas and I'm surprised by this story at every turn. I love it! And I love you!


xoxo Renee



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Story:All the truth about Jimmy Portman Chapter: The Hogwarts Express

Chiara <3 Hello. ^_^ I decided on this one because I’ve been seeing this fic mentioned a lot and I thought it was about time that I read it! Also, I always love fics where Neville is the BWL instead of Harry (and Harry gets to have a somewhat normal life, since he suffered so much in the books)


Okay, so OH man, I have so many questions already. Like… whom is this Jimmy Portman? Alright, so his name is James Portman… this seems eerily similar to James Potter methinks. *sideeyes* I am sure I will find out soon enough. Also, Peter Portman, this also sounds very similar to Peter Pettigrew,,,,


AHhh! Okay, so I love this little opening scene with Jimmy and his dad. It’s so cute; it reminds me a lot of the scene with Harry and Albus which I always liked, plus Jimmy is even concerned about being sorted into Slytherin! So, yeah, I really loved this bit of parallelism – along with all of the family feels. Let me tell you, family feels get me every time. They’re my favorite.


IT’S A BASSILISK. Ahem, Sorry (okay not sorry) but – IS THIS FORESHADOWING? PERHAPS? Anywho, I also really loved this whole thing with Jimmy and Ron. ._. I love Ron so much. I’m also beginning to think that Jimmy Portman? :p Kind of because of your summary, and because of what I said earlier, and because he’s sitting with Ron?


I love how Jimmy is just so engrossed with that crossword puzzle :D because I relate so strongly to that, haha. Also, Ron thinking about either Molly or Ginny for “something that kills with looks.” And I’m so happy that they’re friends! Or well, I mean I hope they will be since they talked.


THE TWINS! :D Sorry, it’s physically impossible for me not to comment on the twins when they appear in a fic. xD I just love them so much, and I loved your little mention on them and Lee because that’s so in character and 100% something that they would do.


Also, Neville! <3333 I love how he still lost Trevor, even though he’s the boy who lived in this universe! I’m really curious to see how you have Neville! Since he would have grown up in the Wizarding World (unlike Harry)? I mean, we see that a bit – like it’s kinda clear that Neville already is kind of tired of people recognizing who he is, since he interrupts Hermione.


Ahh!! Anyway, Chiara, I absolutely love this so far. It’s such a good plot idea! And now I’m just so curious about what’s going on. Like is Jimmy Harry? I’m really starting to think that, so now I’m wondering why he’s Jimmy and not harry! And (if that’s true) WHY WASN’T HE RAISED BY JAMES AND LILY? I HAVE QUESTIONS!!!!


Anyway, I loved this and I’m definitely going to go onto chapter 2 right now… so….


~Maggie *hugs*

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Story:All the truth about Jimmy Portman Chapter: The Hogwarts Express

*Transferred from HPFF*




This story looked a little lonely so I thought I'd check it out. I don't really read much AU, especially those set in the Hogwarts era, but I'm open to new ideas.


So this seems pretty awesome so far. Why is Jimmy's dad not actually Jimmy's dad? Why doesn't he want anyone to find out his real identity? What even is his real identity? So many questions, and it's only the first chapter. Exciting stuff!


A lovely start and I'll be seeing you at the end of the next chapter in the nearish future :)

Name: Secret Starfall (Anonymous) · Date: 22 Feb 2018 11:32 PM · starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Story:All the truth about Jimmy Portman Chapter: The Sorting

Sortings are so hard to write.


Like, insanely hard to write.


And you killed this.


There are a lot of things that really worked here. While I wasn't totally sure about the use of the semi-omniscient narrator rather than a specific POV at first, this chapter was what sold me on it. I loved getting a little more insight into how all the major characters were feeling, rather than just Jimmy - it helped give this a very different feel than PS, and it also got me immediately more invested in your take on all of the characters. I continue to love how even with Hermione and Ron - who haven't really had anything change for them yet, other than a little bit in the history books - you show something new. (You've struck that balance well for Neville, too, which I love. Also, I was not expecting him to end up in Slytherin! Omg!)


I also like the way you're unpacking the backstory here. You're leaving the perfect amount of unanswered questions - I strongly suspected going in that Jimmy was Harry (and obviously that Peter was Peter Pettigrew), but I really like the fact that you confirmed it in the second chapter. There are still so many answered questions, and you simultaneously answer a question and do so in a way that gives the reader So Many More questions.


It's a short bit at the end, but I also really like the way you integrated Fred and George into this. It makes sense that they'd try to comfort him, especially since they'd already met him on the train. It's consistent with their character and moves some of the bonds Jimmy is already forming here forward in a way that's incredibly graceful and lovely.


Also, your Sorting Hat is amazing and incredibly sassy, and I am here for that.


Amazing job!

Author's Response:

Hi again, sweety! :)

Aww, thanks! I actually love writing sortings, I might have a bit too much fun with them... :P

Glad you liked the change of POV in this chapter. I tend to be a bit disordered when it comes to POVs, mostly because I want to show what's going on in everyone's heads at once (I've tried to work on it, it was worse before editing...) I'm happy you enjoyed to see the reactions of the other characters to the sorting, instead of only Jimmy. And yes, Neville in Slytherin... that was a bit of a surprise, wasn't it? :P

Questions! Questions are good! Happy you have questions! :P A few more answers will be given in chapter 4, but yes, your guesses on Jimmy and Peter are accurate (I suppose it's not a spoiler to confirm that, is it?)

I love Fred and George! Like, Siriusly! I'm glad you liked them trying to comfort Jimmy and that you found it in character!

Ahahah! Sassy Sorting Hat is my favourite thing! :D

Thank you for another great review!

Lots of love,


Name: Secret Starfall (Anonymous) · Date: 22 Feb 2018 11:18 PM · starstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:All the truth about Jimmy Portman Chapter: The Hogwarts Express

Hey, Chiara! I read a few chapters of this to make the banner, and now that I have a moment, I'm back to review! <3


AUs that closely mirror events from the books like this does can be really tough to pull off, because you kind of have to balance originality and keeping everyone fairly in character. You do an absolutely amazing job of that here - Jimmy has a really different way of interacting with people than Harry did in canon, I think in part because while he's sad to have left the United States (why did Peter bring him back?? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS), he clearly grew up loved and cared for. You show that so well, from comments Peter makes (including about the Sorting omg) to helping him find a compartment. It's really well done, and I loved it.


And that security showed in his interactions with everyone else. Harry was desperate for a friend when Ron walked in; his presence doesn't really register for Jimmy at first. I think there are a lot of reasons for that - Harry was all about what was ahead of him, while Jimmy is still homesick and looking back. Jimmy's also familiar with the wizarding world, even if a lot of that comes from an American perspective, which I think makes him less hungry to form relationships in it. I love that Ron eventually snapped, and that once he did, they clicked really well.


I also liked what you did with Hermione; she was introduced in a pretty unsympathetic way in PS, but you expanded that in a way that didn't change her personality but did put a slightly different spin on how it's presented, if you see what I mean.


You did a great job here! <3

Author's Response:

Hi again, Branwen! <3

So happy you decided to stop by and take a peek at this story! :)

Yes, that's one of the hardest things about this story, keeping the balance between canon and new elements... I'm so glad you think I did a good job at it in this first chapter.

Jimmy is quite different from Harry, because like you say he grew up in a completely different environment, loved and aware of magic and all that. And yes, Peter does care a lot about him. (As for why Peter brought him back... I know I shouldn't answer because suspance, but I want to be honest with you... I have no idea... Peter does a lot of stupid things in this story...)

And of course everything you say about Jimmy not really showing interest in Ron at first is spot on. Jimmy doesn't really care about making friends at the moment, he's too busy missing the ones he had back in the United States... but of course those two were destined to be friends, one way or another. ;)

I'm glad you liked my introduction of Hermione, too, and that I made her slightly more likeable in the beginning. :)

Thank you so much for the lovely review! So glad you enjoyed this start! :)

Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 17 Feb 2018 08:42 AM · [Report This]
Story:All the truth about Jimmy Portman Chapter: Quidditch, curses and family affairs

I love how Snape compared the quartet to the Marauders. To think of that comparison makes me love them even more, especially because of the trouble both the groups got into! I also really appreciated the nightmares Snape has about Lily. They're so sad.


I love the little insight into Dumbledore's and Snape's relationship in this chapter, that we don't see into the much later books. I really like how much you manage to include :)


The conversation between Jimmy and Peter is so, so sweet! Jimmy still has so many questions (and, really, who wouldn't?) but I'm glad they finally made up in the end.


How strange it must be for Peter to meet Neville! So many what-ifs...


Great chapter, Chi, as usual!

Author's Response:

I think Snape has a bit of a Marauder-phobia, you know? :P But yes, they do have some traits in common, like being a magnet for trouble, for instance... ;)

And yes, poor Snape isn't over Lily, either... multiversal constants and all that... :/

The relationship between Snape and Dumbledore is one that I think is fascinating, I had to include it (it's the fun part of jumping through POVs...)

Peter loves Jimmy, even if he is too coward to be honest with him... and Jimmy needs Peter, even if he's hiding so much from him... glad you found their conversation sweet, I'm glad they made up too.

Ah, yes, so many what-ifs... it must have been quite strange for Peter to meet Neville...

Thank you for the review, love!

Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 17 Feb 2018 08:27 AM · [Report This]
Story:All the truth about Jimmy Portman Chapter: The golden quartet

I love this chapter so much. Both in the book and your version! I love the anticipation of reading Jimmy and wondering what you have planned for the canon events!


I love how the troll marks the beginning of the boys' friendship with Hermione, an reading it in this chapter was so lovely. I love how all throughout the chapter Jimmy sees Hermione as a bit of nuisance and that all changes by the end, and he has the decency to feel grateful :P


The part about the birthdays was hilarious, espeically since Ron had no idea and Neville's like, "Don't you know who I am?!" I loved it :D 

And Neville hiding from poor little Samantha, haha!



Author's Response:


I've been so bad replying to reviews recently... sorry for the wait...

So glad you like my rewriting of canon events! I know I've told 1000 times, but the hardest part of this story is keeping the balance between old and new... (okay, that's a lie, this story is just plain hard to write... and I'm doing a pretty poor job at keeping up with it... Jimmy, my child, I haven't forgotten you, I swear...)

Hermione can be a bit of a nuisance, though, doesn't she? :P But yay for the troll bringing them together here, too! :P

And yay for Neville being the bragging Chosen One for once. :P And poor Sam... :P

Love thee!

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Story:All the truth about Jimmy Portman Chapter: Of baby dragons and rare pink elephants

Ok! I'm back to finish! (I would have read this chapter last night but it was late and I was sleepy :P )


This was such a big chapter! So much important stuff happened! And wow Remus will have to hide that secret for a long time. And yes, I know he's well-practiced at keeping secrets, but that's a BIG secret to have to keep quiet, and from his best friends as well! And it's not just the secret itself, it's how he has to act around Peter, because just knowing about it would make him act differently (as we've already seen, and Sirius knew something odd was going on).


I loved the story behind Dorea buying the elephant, haha. Kid logic is so funny sometimes. :P But - she found out! How good is she at keeping secrets? I know she had to tell Jimmy because she promised, but with how Remus and Peter will have to act like Remus doesn't know, and what Dorea now knows, I suspect the secret may get out before the summer, and Jimmy will be the last to find out - or he would be, if Dorea hadn't already told him.


I'm still so happy about Samantha and Hermione's friendship and I wish JKR had included something like that in the books, tbh. Harry and Ron are great and all but there's something so wonderful about female friendships and I love that you're setting these two up to be such good friends. I friend-ship it. XD


"Well, it's not something we can handle on our own," Jimmy said. "We've got into enough trouble already, -- JIMMY HAS LEARNED STUFF. LOOK AT HIM BEING RESPONSIBLE. HALLELUJA


Keeping a dragon in the forest. Where there are trees everywhere. A dragon that breathes fire. Hagrid has not thought this through at all. At least he's not planning to keep it in his wooden hut? And at least he has five people to convince him it's a bad idea instead of just three XD


Once again I like the way you're tying it into the novel through your own means, and how in this timeline they found out about the connection between Hagrid and Fluffy way later, but they still found out. Like some things are destined to happen and it just came about in different ways, at least that's the vibe I get from this story, which is neat because I think that's even in the story summary, the importance of destiny, and I love how it really ties in here, as it has for the whole novel so far.


Aww, that letter! The postscript cracks me up. She's adjusting well to having a brother XD


Wonderful chapter! I'm excited to be all caught up and am eagerly awaiting an update! ♥

Author's Response:

I'm so happy that you've finally caught up with me!!! (And I need to write... I'm so bad...)

Oh, it will be quite hard for Remus to keep the secret, considering the guilt he will prove for it and, like you said, how knowing will inevitably make him act differently around him, for many different reasons... I have a feeling that he will start to avoid James and Sirius again, actually... (yes, that's sort of a spoiler, but I don't think you'll mind too much...)

Ahahah! Dorea is the best! And yes, kid logic is so funny! :P As for Peter's secret coming out before he can talk to Jimmy... well, I can't tell you too much, can I? I can tell you that Dorea is quite resourceful, though (but I think you knew that already).

I do agree that the books (and poor Hermione) lacked a bit of female friendship... and yes, I do love the relationship between Hermione and Samantha! My little girls! :D

And yay for Jimmy becoming reasonable! :D I think after the Hat's misadventure he'll try to be a bit more prudent, at least... :P

Ahahah! No, I don't think Hagrid thought it through at all... but I suppose his judgement can lack a bit when it comes to dragons... :P

I'm so glad you like the canon events in here, I'm always a bit worried about keeping the right balance, but it seems that it works... and yes, some things have to happen, in a way or another. ;)

I think Dorea is all about having a brother! :P I'm so glad you liked the PS, I had so much fun writing it.

I'll try to have an update soon... this weekend I'll write, promise! (I hope?)

Thank you so much for your support and your always wonderful reviews! You are honestly the best!

Big snowball hug,


Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 15 Feb 2018 07:35 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:All the truth about Jimmy Portman Chapter: Dealing with the past



After the letter he wrote to Jimmy, I was maybe thinking that Peter would finally tell Jimmy before anyone found out first. I don't know why I thought that, because I know your Peter and he would never do such a thing XD Of course he got found out. And of course it was REMUS. What I did not expect was how excellent their reunion was going to be. But I'll get to that later because I'm getting ahead of myself...


I loved Peter and Remus' conversation while Peter was trying to write the letter to Jimmy. This part: "Sometimes sorry isn't enough." -- is so perfect, because on the surface they're talking about Jimmy, but it's clear that that's not all Peter means by that statement. He's sorry for the past eleven years. And Remus' response as well, it's a lot deeper than it appears. I just love that about the whole conversation, because Remus is just advising Peter on his letter to his son, but there's so much more happening there that they're communicating to one another even though Remus doesn't know who Peter is (yet)! It's just so good.


As soon as Remus found the chess set, everything clicked - I'm not surprised that he pieced everything together so quickly after that. And then the ensuing argument/accussal/make out session was such a treat, I didn't expect all of that in one chapter and it was glorious. And I think the fact that so much happened there really underlies how complicated the relationship is between the two of them. There's so much hurt from the betrayal, but under that is a lot of love and wonderful memories, and their relationship was always kind of rocky to begin with, and all of that is shown in several different stages this reunion takes. Since Remus is generally such a logical person and doesn't lose his cool, it's obvious how beside himself he is here in the way his emotions control him.


And the end of the chapter is so dramatic! Omg. I can't wait to see how this changes everything and what happens when everyone else finds out. Awesome chapter <3

Author's Response:

KRISTIN!!! *hug* *hug* *hug*

Ahahah! Yeah, that had to happen, sooner or later... and of course it was Remus, how could it not be? ;)

I think Peter was truly convinced that he needed to tell Jimmy at that point, even if that would not be easy... But anyway, Remus found out first... :P

Yes, there is a lot under the surface in that conversation, and I'm so glad you could see it and that you liked it.

And yes, of course everything was clear after Remus found the chess set... I had a bit too much fun writing their confrontation, honestly... and yes, their relationship is just so complex and there are so many unresolved issues and so many left over feelings between them... and yes, poor Remus is just so confused and out of control right now...

Well, I had to close it on a bit of a cliffhanger, did I not? (Yes, I'm an evil writer... :P)

Thank you so much for a wonderful review! <3

Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 15 Feb 2018 01:36 AM · [Report This]
Story:All the truth about Jimmy Portman Chapter: Consequences

What a wonderful month it is! Aka: Chiara Appreciation Month! <3 Congratulations!


Ha, I'm not surprised Dumbledore showed up, and his reaction was just what I would have expected of him. I can't believe everyone waited there as long as they did! Even if Jimmy had just jumped into the Floo. He literally told them nothing of his plans, so they had no idea how long he was planning to spend there. If I were them I'd be pretty annoyed at Jimmy for putting them in that position, which is why I found Neville's responses later on to be quite amusing :P


After all that, Jimmy didn't even get to see his father! (Well, technically he did... but he didn't see Peter :P) I love how welcoming the Potters were (after they realized he wasn't a stranger breaking into the house, at least), and especially how willing to help Dorea is. Though maybe it's still up in the air on whether Dorea is actually trying to help Jimmy for Jimmy's sake or because Dorea gets something out of it, because she does seem very willing to help. Is she manipulative, or overly helpful just because she's so nice? Or just nosy? Hmmm. I haven't made up my mind about her yet. She does seem to be good at keeping Jimmy's secret, though, and the only one who's willing to listen to him, which is definitely something. I feel bad for Jimmy that no one seemed to take him seriously when he came home, and no one took him to see Peter at all despite that being the entire reason he went home. He certainly wasn't in the right, just Flooing home after sneaking into a staff office, but he wouldn't have gone to all that trouble without a reason.


That is a lot of points to lose but I'm sure they'll be okay, people will get over it eventuallly... I like how you've kept some of the events in the books while making them entirely different - after all, these four did lose fifty points each in the book but for an entirely different reason, so I like how you're differentiating this universe from the original while keeping some tie-ins.


Omg I love Neville at the end of the chapter "of course you don't deserve us" hahaha. I like that their group's friendship stands up through this much of a trial. <3


Great chapter! You are amazing as ever <3

Author's Response:

Kristin!!! Aww, thank you, love! :)

Ahahah! Glad Dumbledore's reaction seemed believable... and yes, the kids were just a bit lost with Jimmy disappearing on them that way with no explaination... and they definitely will be annoyed at him. :P

Yes, Jimmy didn't even get to see Peter... *rolls eyes* Ah, Dorea... I think she's just pretty excited at the idea of having a brother and being involved in something mysterious... so, to answer your question if she is manipulative, extremely nice or just nosy... a mix of the three? :P And yes, poor Jimmy, not taken seriously by anyone...

I like to keep some links with canon events. Glad you enjoyed it. ;) And yes, people will get over it eventually.

Neville is still a Slytherin, right? :P But, yes, their friendship stands up despite everything! :D

Thank you so much, my dear!

Author's Response:

Kristin!!! Aww, thank you, love! :)

Ahahah! Glad Dumbledore's reaction seemed believable... and yes, the kids were just a bit lost with Jimmy disappearing on them that way with no explaination... and they definitely will be annoyed at him. :P

Yes, Jimmy didn't even get to see Peter... *rolls eyes* Ah, Dorea... I think she's just pretty excited at the idea of having a brother and being involved in something mysterious... so, to answer your question if she is manipulative, extremely nice or just nosy... a mix of the three? :P And yes, poor Jimmy, not taken seriously by anyone...

I like to keep some links with canon events. Glad you enjoyed it. ;) And yes, people will get over it eventually.

Neville is still a Slytherin, right? :P But, yes, their friendship stands up despite everything! :D

Thank you so much, my dear!

Name: dreamgazer220 (Signed) · Date: 06 Feb 2018 06:53 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:All the truth about Jimmy Portman Chapter: The Sorting

HELLO CHIARA! Here for our swap, and of course I'm coming back to another chapter of Jimmy ♥

I thought you did a really great job with the Sorting.  They're definitely such annoying chapters to write, but you managed to do it in a way that revealed a lot of information, give us some clues, and maintain Jimmy's child-like ness which is really hard to do.

I loved the opening bit, where we got to see how everyone felt about their sorting, and everything was so in character; especially Hermione and Neville! And I giggled at the line about if Jimmy had only been a 'Brooks' or a 'Clarke'. Definitely something an 11 year old would think.  


Tsk tsk, Sorting hat, revealing bits of information! I can totally understand why poor Jimmy would be so confused and upset.  I hope the others won't make fun of him too much for that.  And I'm glad that the twins found him to comfort him; and they're certainly right about chocolate! 

This was another great chapter! Keep up the good work ♥

Author's Response:

JILL!!! Thank you so much for the swap, I'm so happy to see you back here! :)

I'm glad you enjoyed the sorting! :) Actually, I love writing sorting scenes, I always have fun imagining how characters would react to it and the conversations with the Hat are always so interesting... :P

I'm glad you liked the children's thoughts before their sorting and found them in character. :) And yes, poor Jimmy, the wait must have killed him... :P

Erm... yes, that was a bit unexpected, I guess... I thought that with all his rage towards the world and that little bit of Voldemort's soul in him, it would make sense for him to end up in Slytherin, even if he isn't very happy with it. Slytherin doesn't mean evil, though. It will turn out fine. ;)

Yes, poor Jimmy, that was quite a lot to take in... the twins were really sweet in that scene. And yes, chocolate can be the solution to a lot of problems... :P

I'm so glad you enjoyed the chapter! Thank you so much again for the swap and the lovely review!


Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 04 Feb 2018 08:58 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:All the truth about Jimmy Portman Chapter: Mischief Half Managed

Tag!!! (And snowball hug!)


I love their message system on the diary. At that age I got caught passing notes to just one person at a time. The fact that they're doing 5-person note passing - and for the most part getting away with it - is quite impressive.


Samantha's bossiness and propensity to interfere in everyone else's business never ceases to amuse me. And it's even effective! She's such an interesting character in that she's quite polarizing but also rather diplomatic - I dont think the four would have ever figured anything out and would still not be talking to one another if not for her. She has no time for their drama and BS, and I like that.


Oooh, this is interesting, Jimmy getting hold of the Marauders' Map two years before Harry did in the original timeline. I wonder what that will change. Possibly that he'll get into trouble more as he finds all the secret passages XD I also realised at this point that Jimmy is at less of an advantage than Harry because Jimmy doesn't have an Invisibility Cloak.


There are a lot of people that know about Jimmy's rather ill-thought-out plan and no one has tried to dissuade him from it except Ron, haha. Hermione seems to not take issue with the plan itself, only the potential for expulsion. And Jimmy, he's just a bit of a loose cannon! Especially his in-the-moment decision to Floo home and ask Peter himself. (Which, honestly, is what he should have done in the first place, and I'm sure he could have done without sneaking into an office to do so. There are far better ways to go about this. But, consistently in this story, Jimmy has often had his judgement a bit clouded by his emotions and impulses, so it's quite believable of him)


I also want to note that I appreciate how the Sorting Hat was no help at all and that it sassed Jimmy. :P I love that it basically just told him "Dude this is so not my job." XD After all that work they put into this bad plan, it turned out to be a bad plan :P


Jimmy(Harry) does seem to have an issue with enunciating properly in floo travel. This is Diagon/Knocturn Alley all over again haha!


I laughed when Dorea acts all superior and obnoxious, and Jimmy wonders if he actually wants to know if he's related to her XD


Eeep what an ending! Things are getting very exciting! (I feel like I say this every chapter XD)


I'm so excited to find out what happens when Jimmy asks all these questions ... and to find out what happened tp all of Jimmy's friends whom he just left in the Headmaster's office while he floo'd away. And Jimmy still has the map. (He should have at least left it with them!) Awesome chapter, I loved it!

Author's Response:

Kristin! You know I love your reviews, right? Right!

I guess it's easier when no one can read the notes... :P But yes, quite impressive. :) They are smart kids, all considered. :P

I'm glad you love Samantha, I do too. Yes, she has no time for their drama. As always, I love your characters' analysis, it's perfect. :D

The Map is only a temporary landing... but I'm happy you liked it. And yes, Jimmy doesn't have the Cloak, which is pretty unconvenient... I'm sure he will get into a lot of trouble, with or without the extra help of those magical items... :P

Ahahah! Yes, Ron is being the voice of reason and no one is listening... now that you mention it, it's quite amusing! :P Jimmy has often had his judgement a bit clouded by his emotions and impulses. Yes, that's how he is. Typical Gryffindor, acting without reflecting, right?

The Sorting Hat's sass is always so fun to write. :P Yes, it was a really bad plan. :P

Ahahah! He does have an issue with that! At least this time he didn't end up in some vicious shop...

Dorea is the best! I can't wait to really explore their relationship as siblings! :P

Ahahah! You do say that at every chapter! And it makes me so proud! :P (This reminds me that I need to get to keep writing and get to the end...)

Can't wait to know your opinions on the following chapters. Hope to see you back soon, my love! :)

Thank you so, so much for the lovely review!

Snowball hug,


Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 03 Feb 2018 09:29 PM · [Report This]
Story:All the truth about Jimmy Portman Chapter: A plan

Chiara! ♥ I'm celebrating the fact that I'm leaving my 700th review on HPFT by dropping by to visit Jimmy again!


A Bludger to the head kind of is a Quidditch rite of passage at Hogwarts, now that you mention it. Think of all the concussions. Do wizards even have any concept of danger? THEY DON'T EVEN WEAR HELMETS


McGonagall and her deadpan sass in this chapter cracked me up. Her comment about trying to poison Jimmy XD I love these moments when we get to see this side of McGonagall.


Lol, yes Jimmy that letter sounds like a fantastic idea. :P I'm sure Peter will love it.


Samantha! I'm glad she's becoming more of a central character in this story because I like her. And I absoltely love her friendship with Hermione. However I may feel about Hermione telling all of Jimmy's secrets to Sam, it's so sweet that Sam helps, not because she has to, but because she wants to help Hermione. I love that she corners Jimmy about his bad mood and he's too stunned to say much because he barely knows her  XD


So they're going to sneak into the Headmaster's office and steal the Sorting Hat (temporarily) so Jimmy can have a chat with it. I'm sure it will go flawlessly.........


But I still agree with Ron that it would have been easiest for Jimmy to just ask Peter :P Get him to come to Hogwarts and talk to him. The worst that can turn out from that is Peter doesn't tell him, leaving Jimmy no worse off than he is now. But his current plan, they might get lost and come across Fluffy in the trapdoor room and get killed. Or worse, they could be expelled. But no they decide to go with this plan because Gryffindors. :P (At least they hve a couple of Slytherins in their team who are the cunning thinkers :P )

One thing is for sure and that is that interesting things are coming up. I'm so curious to see how this group of five arguing first-years plans on getting into Dumbledore's office quietly and undetected :P


Great chapter!! ♥

Author's Response:

Kristin! Oh, wow! You are such an incredible reviewer... I can't believe that you've left so many reviews already, you put us all to shame! Also, I'm so honoured that you thought of me for your 700th! I love you so much!

Ahahah! No, they don't! Wizards are just crazy! :P And yeah, it is a rite of passage! :P

McGonagall is the bestest! Siriusly! I love her! I loved writing that little biscuits scene and her comment about poisoning Jimmy was just too much fun! :P

Ahahah! Peter would be delighted to receive that letter! :P

Samantha is great! A bit crazy and overbearing, but great! :D I'm glad you like her and her friendship with Hermione! Ahahah! Poor Jimmy really doesn't know how to act around her... :P

Oh, that will go absolutely smoothly. Why would you even doubt it? And yes, sometimes Ron is the voice of reason, but for some reason people tend not to listen to him... Ahahah! They might get killed. Or worse, expelled. You want to kill me, Kristin. This is the most hilarious review I've ever received. :D

And yes, Gryffindors would never take the easy way, it would take off the fun, wouldn't it? A couple of Slytherins in the team will definitely help. ;)

How a group of five arguing first-years will get into Dumbledore's office quietly and undetected? With immense difficulty, of course (this is a quote from Fantastic Beasts, if it wasn't clear... :P)

Thank you so much for this great surprise review and for making me smile so widely! :D

Love you,


Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 23 Jan 2018 09:57 AM · [Report This]
Story:All the truth about Jimmy Portman Chapter: A new neighbour

Hey Chi!


I love how even after all this time, Peter is still riddled with guilt over what he did. It keeps him human. And the part about James and Sirius still causing him trouble, even though they have no idea, is so funny and so believable :P


:O There's a job as a dragon-sitter?! Oh my goodness that is SO the job for me!


Ooh an available house in Godric's Hollow. What are the chances? It's definitely a sign! Aw, and a Potter child with James' eyes. It's perfect!


HAHAHA James watching Lily do the dishes is So typical, I love it!


What I love about this story is that we get to see Lily and James' point of view throughout Voldemort's second rise to power. I think you write their reactions really well, like how intuned they are with the information, and the terror that comes with it because they've already lived through it and don't want it to happen again. It's so interesting to get this fresh take! Ooh and the house Peter is looking at used to be Dumbledore's! Interesting!


Snowball hug <3

Author's Response:

Hi, B! *wub*

Yes, poor Peter has a lot of guilt issues (and with good reason, too...) James and Sirius have that ability, don't they? :P

Ahahah! I guess it is, but I'm not sure how many customers you would have... :P

It probably is a sign. Or just a very (un)fortunate coincidence... either way, drama is bound to happen... :P Ahahah! I think that Harry having a sister who is his opposite (looking just like Lily but with James' eyes) is the most cliched of cliches... but who cares, it's something that amuses me... :P

And yes, that's just so James Potter, don't you think? :P

I think many people of their generation would feel that way about Voldemort's second raise to power. We don't get to see that much in the books because we are only shown Harry's POV, but I'm sure many would have those reactions, especially people who'd been in the first Order. It is interesting to explore James and Lily's POV in this story and I'm glad you like it. Also, yes, Dumbledore's house... :P

Snowball hug to you, my little B!

Name: MuggleMaybe (Signed) · Date: 21 Jan 2018 07:05 PM · starstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:All the truth about Jimmy Portman Chapter: The Hogwarts Express

Hello darling Chiara <3


I really enjoyed reading this SO much after just finishing Liar. I know I read this first chapter before, ages ago, and I remember have THOUSANDS of questions. And now I only have hundreds of questions, so a slight improvement there. haha 


I don't mean it as a bad thing that I have a lot of questions, by the way. I think that's the mark of a strong first chapter. :) You give a lot of juicy details, like Jimmy not being a normal boy, and Hermione's reaction to Trevor. And it works well that you mention all the main kids on the train, because now I know who to expect in the future chapters. 


Jimmy's decision to do the crossword, and his shyness, were interesting. I can see how Peter might raise a more introverted child, so I found it believable that he might be a little less sociable. And Ron was writing very convincingly. In canon, their friendship begins in part because they have a mutual fascination with each other, but in this AU that doesn't exist because Jimmy is familiar with the magical world, and he isn't famous, so he doesn't attrack Ron's attention. I am very interested to ssee how their friendship develops with this different set up.


I really enjoyed the details you included about the magical world in the USA. And also the crossword clue - very clever! You have nice details here.


Peter's anxiety about making sure Jimmy ends up in the right house is great. It makes me like him more that he views his betrayal of Lily and James as a sign that he was missorted, and that he wants to protect Jimmy from a similar fate. Also, it's interesting to think of how Peter will be different because he spent the past decode loving a child rather than sneaking around as a rat. That can only be an improvement! :P


I really enjoyed this and I hope I"ll have time to read a lot of it, if not all of it, before voting. Even if I don't I plan to finish it soon. It's a great beginning!


love you!


Author's Response:

Renee! Thank you so much for swapping, dear! *hugs*

Ahahah! Definitely an improvement! :P I'm so glad you enjoyed reading this first chapter after finishing Liar, I'm sort of scared it would make it less interesting, so it's good to know you still have questions. :)

I'm also glad you enjoyed the introduction of the main characters. :) I didn't really think about Peter raising a more introverted child, but it does make sense, I guess. And I guess Jimmy is, too. I'm glad you liked his reactions and his first interactions with Ron. And also the little details about USA, I'm so glad they worked. :)

Yes, Peter does think that he was missorted and that part of the reason why things went the way they did is because of that. And he wants to make sure Jimmy doesn't do his same mistakes. He is definitely an different person than canon Peter, raising a child is definitely better than hiding as a rat for the lovely years... :P

I'm so glad you enjoyed this first chapter and I would love to see you back!

Thank you so much for the lovely review and for the swap! :)

Snowball hug,


Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 18 Jan 2018 12:12 PM · [Report This]
Story:All the truth about Jimmy Portman Chapter: Brooms and troubles

Heya Chi!

So, um, yikes. I've read this story up to date but HAVEN'T REVIEWED?! And so much?! I'm so sorry! I'm going to fix that, plus it gives me an excuse to read it all again :P 


I love Jimmy's description of poor Neville. That he's actually very powerful, just clumsy with it. He holds so much potential, which is exactly how Neville was in the books. I love that he's Slytherin, too, because it's something refreshing and different and adds a lot of conflict.


Neville is so sweet to hound Jimmy into writing to his dad. I hope Jimmy sees his reason soon - that he's lucky to have at least one parent!


The way you handle the scene of Jimmy being made Seeker was really really well done. I'm always amazed at how you manage to rewrite the first book that we all practically know by heart but still make it refreshing and interesting. You're summarising things well and it works!


Awwww he's reading Narnia!!! As if Neville could get any cuter!!! And here's Sam! Speaking to Malfoy, she's not afraid of him!


And here's Fluffy! :D I love how it was Neville who found him, and that he saved Jimmy and the others from trouble! And that everyone starts to see Neville in a friendlier light because of what he did for them. It was nice to read :)



Author's Response:

B!!! :)

Ahahah! That's really not a problem, you've been reading everything anyway and there's no need for you to review every chapter (but I'm not going to complain if you do... :P)

Yes, Neville, the insecure Slytherin. :P I'm so happy you enjoyed Jimmy's description of him. Yes, Neville had a lot of potential he didn't exactly know how to use in the books as well. I thought that in this reality it would be accentuated some more, given he is the Boy-Who-Lived and everything... :P

Jimmy is lucky to have his father. Luckier than Neville, at least, even if his situation is quite complicated. And yes, he should listen to Neville... but, you know, Jimmy is just a tiny bit stubborn... :P (anyway, I'm happy you liked that Neville tried to convince him)

Oh, well... I'm trying... fitting canon in the story without making it a bad copy isn't easy... I'm glad you feel like it's working...

Ahahah! Well, Narnia is a lovely book, isn't it? And yay for Sam! She's a strong one. ;)

And poor Neville running into Fluffy... yes, friendship is starting! :D

Thank you for the lovely review! Thou art wonderful!

Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 17 Jan 2018 07:53 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:All the truth about Jimmy Portman Chapter: A job

Chiara, you rebel, not using the request form. It's amazing that I even put up with you :P :P :P (KIDDING. YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU ♥)

 Marauders reminiscing about silly childhood pranks. UGH this makes me so sad though because I wish they could have had the time for all this reminiscing. IT'S NOT FAIIIRRR. (That's why I'm so glad that your story exists because in this timeline they do have that chance.)

OOH PETER MESSED UP BIG TIME. And it took .2 seconds for James to put all the pieces together. I'm not surprised. James is a smart guy, and Peter's been hovering on the edge of recognition for a while. THINGS ARE ABOUT TO GET DRAMATIC AND I CAN'T WAIT

OMG HAHAHAHAHA CHIARA HOW COULD YOU?! I can't believe it was all a dream XD You had me! I was fooled!

What disturbed him was the idea that his once friends hated him so much -- Awww. I know Peter has done some pretty reprehensible things but this is such a human, real fear and I can't help but feel for him here.

I actually said "Aww" out loud when Sirius reacted to Peter's tale about his wizarding games shop. Considering Peter was always the forgotten one who looked up to his friends but could be often ignored by them, it was just so sweet to see Sirius saying Peter was his hero. I mean, he doesn't know it's Peter, but, just, that gave me a lot of feels. Peter would be so proud, if he weren't hiding and pretending to be someone else...

OMG PETER I DON'T KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT YOU ASKING REMUS TO WORK FOR YOU. I love that he wants to give Remus a job, and help his friend get employment, but then there's the issue of Peter's still being dishonest about who he is. And like... Peter would be Remus' boss which is kinda inconvenient should any old feelings return. I have a lot of feelings about him working there and I haven't figured them out yet, but mostly excitement. Because the drama is just that much more heightened, muahhahaha.

I loved this chapter! Thanks for the request, I'm always happy to return to this story ♥

Author's Response:

Yes, I know, I'm so bad, sorry... ;) (I love you too!!!)

Real or not, it is so sad that they never got that chance in canon... :( But here they are still alive and still together, and that's what matters, right?

Ahahah! I'm sort of proud that I fooled you! :P If that was real it would be a lot of drama... Poor Peter...

Peter did do some pretty bad things, but I'm glad you could feel for him there... he really only wants his friends to love him, poor guy...

I love that you mentioned that about Sirius! I didn't even think about it... I think a part of Peter definitely did feel proud, even if Sirius didn't know who he was.

It was a bit foolish of him to ask Remus to work for him, for all the reasons you mentioned. I can promise you that a lot of drama will come from this, but you'll have to keep reading... :P

Thank you so much for the lovely review, you are wonderful! *hug*


Name: dreamgazer220 (Signed) · Date: 14 Jan 2018 07:01 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:All the truth about Jimmy Portman Chapter: The Hogwarts Express

Hello, Chiara! I'm here for the Hufflepuff January review swaps, and since I finished reading Liar, I thought it was time to come check out Jimmy! <3 

This first chapter is very cute.  I love how overprotective Peter is of Jimmy, and it makes sense, considering all of the circumstances.  I find it very interesting that Peter did decide to bring Jimmy back to Hogwarts rather than keep him in the US, but I'm sure he has his reason for them -- maybe he knows that it's where they really belong, and Britain/Hogwarts is their home.  Either way, I'm excited to see where it pans out! 

And I love all of your ties to canon here, but how you still manage to make them your own. We all know about the first trip on the Hogwarts Express, but I like how you changed it so that it would make sense for your characters. I love how awkward and stiff Jimmy and Ron were at first, but then that it was a crossword puzzle that broke the ice and allowed them to laugh and be friends; it's nice to see Jimmy loosening up and being excited about Hogwarts! I'm also curious about which house he's going to end up in.

I loved the appearance of Hermione and Neville, and Trevor! And Ron's jokes about who brings a toad, and I chuckled at 'it's a life or death matter'. :D  I'm really excited to see where you take us on this journey, and how the truth is going to be revealed and how everyone reacts to it.  I also can't help but wonder if you'll stay in the boys' first year, or if you'll go through multiple years like you did (very successfully) with Liar. Guess that just means I'll have to keep reading to find out :P 

In case you couldn't tell, I loved this opening chapter! Don't be surprised if you see me poking around here again in the not-so-distant future! :P 

All my love,
Jill ♥ ♥ ♥

Author's Response:

Hey, Jill! I'm so happy you decided to check out Jimmy, too! Thank you so much for stopping by! :)

I think you are the first to read this afternoon reading all Liar, so it's interesting to hear your thoughts! :)

I'm glad you liked Peter and how overprotective he is of Jimmy. Yes, I think that's the main reason he came back, he wanted to reconnect with his past, to come back to the place where he (and Jimmy) truly belonged. It is a bit of a reckless decision, but as you'll find out if you keep reading, Peter is going to take a lot of reckless decisions... :P

I'm so happy you liked the parallels with canon, and Jimmy's and Ron's first interactions. ;) And I'm glad you enjoyed seeing Neville and Hermione (and Trevor) too. Neville is always Neville, even if being the Chosen One has changed his character a bit... :P

The story will cover the kids' first year, the plot will essentially be the same of Philosopher's Stone, with the obvious differences. I sort of want to make a series out of this and cover all their seven years, but I'm not sure if it'll ever happen...

I'm so glad you enjoyed this first chapter! I really hope I'll see you around again! :D

Lots of love,


Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 14 Jan 2018 04:37 AM · [Report This]
Story:All the truth about Jimmy Portman Chapter: Of baby dragons and rare pink elephants



Anyway, this chapter was entertaining and lovely as always, Chiara! I thought the first section was absolutely adorable, with Dorea having absolutely no idea what Peter and Remus just did a few minutes ago. You wrote everything through a child's innocent eyes, and you did it perfectly. I'm still positively tickled at Dorea's unbelievable innocence. Her total confusion over what in the world those two adults were doing was just perfect.


And I loved the callback to Hagrid's brief dragon stint. I'm so, so happy that Samantha and Neville are a part of the group this time; I think it's good for Harry, Ron, and Hermione to have more friends. And I think it's great that Samantha is the one who primarily speaks with Hagrid! It shows a lot about her.


The bit at the end was particularly exciting. (Also, Dorea's letter was, once again, adorable. She's just plain adorable.) Now Jimmy basically has proof that he's Harry Potter. I'm so frustrated, though, because IT WAS A CLIFFHANGER, so now I have no idea what he'll do, or say, or act like from this point forward. AGH.


Great chapter, Chiara! I really enjoyed reading this! <3



Author's Response:

Yay! That's so great! Also, how are you so quick at reviewing? And btw, know that I will stalk your review thread and keep you updated on all my updates (unless you get tired of me and this story... I'll understand if that happens... I don't think it'll be much longer to the end, anyway...)

Ahahah! I had a lot of fun writing Dorea being completely clueless about what had happened between Remus and Peter. :P At first I wanted to write that scene from a different point of view, but then I thought that writing everything through Dorea's eyes would make it much more enjoyable. :P

I'm so glad you liked the bit about Norbert, I was unsure if included it or not, but in the end I thought it would be a nice thing to mention. And I'm glad you like that Sam is the one to introduce the kids to Hagrid. I'm very happy to have her and Neville in the group, too. :)

Erm... yeah... sorry for the cliffhanger... hopefully I will have the next chapter written soon... glad you found the closing exciting, though (and Dorea's letter adorable...)

Thank you for another wonderful review!

Huge snowball hug rolling your way,


Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 04 Jan 2018 05:25 AM · [Report This]
Story:All the truth about Jimmy Portman Chapter: Dealing with the past

So many things happened in this chapter! And it's the last one that you've posted so far. I've finally caught up to the most recent chapter, haha.


I can't believe that after all this time, it was a chess set that really brought Peter's identity to light. Remus figured it out so quickly after that, observant man. When the two kissed, I got this sense of familiarity out of it, like the two obviously knew how to kiss each other. I think you hinted at this throughout the story, but were Peter and Remus together throughout their time at Hogwarts?


Because if they were, and for an extended period of time, that's a really great and original idea. I don't think Remus/Peter is a very common ship at all, so to see one author doing something different is really great.


I worry for Peter, though. Can't wait for the next installment!


Thank you so much for sending this to me, Chiara! Reading and reviewing has been so much fun so far. <3

Author's Response:

Can I just say once again how impressive it is that you read all 20 chapters that I had posted in one week? I'm honestly so flattered! Really, I can't say thank you enough, it means so much to me!

More details about the chess set, as well as Remus' and Peter's relationship during Hogwarts, can be found in Liar, if you are curious about it... *whistles* Anyway, yes, they've been together. Not for an extended period of time (their relationship didn't go exactly smooth...) but the feelings between them have been constant and strong. (Am I spoilering too much? Yes, maybe. I do love their love story, though.)

Thank you so, so, so much again! It's been wonderful to hear your thoughts about the story so far, and waking up to your reviews always put a huge smile on my face! :)

(And now I'm moving on to answer your last review... :P)

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 04 Jan 2018 05:13 AM · [Report This]
Story:All the truth about Jimmy Portman Chapter: Consequences

Ah, I think that these massive point losses are this Alternate Universe's version of when Harry and his friends were caught out of bed by Draco, and they each lost fifty points, right? I think it's so smart how you keep referring to the parallel events, even when the plot of your own story strays further and further away from that of the original novels.


I felt so sorry for Jimmy, once again. No one seemed to understand why he left Hogwarts, not even his father. Seeing Peter's Howler to Jimmy was horrible. Jimmy must have felt terrible afterwards, especially since all he wanted to do was talk to his father.


However, I am really glad that he befriended Dorea, who seems like the most energetic, cheerful young girl in the world. I bet that if anyone can figure out whether Peter Portman is Peter Pettigrew, it's her. However, I do hope that once Jimmy finds out, he doesn't completely lose hope in his father, and that he gives his father a second chance.

Author's Response:

Yes, I guess this is this universe's version of that event. I'm so happy you like the parallels. :)

Yes, poor Jimmy, that was pretty hurtful. I mean, his behaviour was irresponsible, but he's still being treated a bit too harshly by everyone.

I love Dorea, I think I said that already. "The most energetic, cheerful young girl in the world" I love this description of her, I couldn't agree more! :D And yes, she's definitely one who can figure it out! We'll see how it will all develop. ;)

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 04 Jan 2018 05:04 AM · [Report This]
Story:All the truth about Jimmy Portman Chapter: Mischief Half Managed

I forgot to mention this in my last review (clearly I'm more forgetful than I realized hahaha), so I just wanted to mention yet again how much I love Samantha. I'm glad she's taken in the initiative and sat down with the other kids, especially since it really seems as though she will be an important contribution to the group. I mean, coming up with the idea to speak directly to the Sorting Hat? That's genius, right there.


(And already, I'm a huge fan of her friendship with Hermione. I love it.)


Also, the fact that Samantha single-handedly resolved the conflict between Jimmy and Ron shows how amazing she is. (Why do I love her so much? I don't know, other than the fact that she's awesome.)


I wish the Sorting Hat had been able to talk more to Jimmy about his family history, but I suppose if the Sorting Hat did actually give important information to Jimmy, then Jimmy never would have gone back home. How Dorea will react to what her brother is saying, I will hopefully see in the next chapter! :D

Author's Response:

Samantha is great, she is a great addiction to the group. :) And her friendship with Hermione is really sweet. :)

Ahahah! She has quite a strong character. I think she's going to keep the boys in line better than Hermione herself, which is saying something. :P

I like to write the Sorting Hat as sassy and a bit haughty, dunno why. I'm not even sure it is supposed to have a personality, but that's how I imagine it to be if it had one... and I don't think that he would want to share that kind of information, it's just not its position to do so, if that makes sense (besides, it wouldn't have worked for the plot... :P)

More about Dorea's reaction in the next chapter (but you already know...)

Thank you again! Love you!

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 04 Jan 2018 04:55 AM · [Report This]
Story:All the truth about Jimmy Portman Chapter: A plan

Oh, no. Poor Jimmy. Everything is happening to him all at once, and so he can't take the stress. He's only eleven, too, which makes everything so much worse. Tiny little children shouldn't have to deal with the problems he's dealing with right now (though, now that I think about it, Harry, Ron, and Hermione in the original novels dealt with an incredible amount as well).


It's always amazed me that no one at Hogwarts died from being hit with a Bludger while Harry was there. If a dense, metal ball comes flying at you and breaks bones in all sorts of places, shouldn't it logically kill you? (But this is just me rambling about some of the questions I had about the original Harry Potter books, not your story. <3)


Anyway, I'm glad Jimmy's alright. But he still struggles with school, which is so sad to see. I just want to hug him tight and make him feel better. Worrying about whether or not his father is a part of a bigoted cult will obviously take a lot out of anyone.


That bit where McGonagall snapped at Jimmy to take a biscuit, and he took one out of fear, was the best, though.


Really great chapter, Chiara! <3

Author's Response:

Yes, poor Jimmy is really struggling at this point... which is totally understandable, since he's so young and everything is dealing with would be so complex even if someone much older than him... yes, Harry, Ron and Hermione in the original series had to deal with a lot of heavy stuff as well... on one hand, Jimmy is luckier, at least he has a father who loves him.

Ahahah! Yeah, a Bludger on your head sounds like the thing that could kill you... but I guess it's just the sort of thing you take as a leap of faith... :P (you are totally right, though)

So glad you liked the bit with McGonagall, it was one of my favourite scenes to write! Eheheh! :D

Thank you so much! <3

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 04 Jan 2018 03:57 AM · [Report This]
Story:All the truth about Jimmy Portman Chapter: A job



*calms down*


Sorry for the really excited rant back there, hahaha. I think this is one of the few times where I was actually relieved to discover that the dream sequence was a dream. You have no idea how large a weight was taken off my shoulders after I finished the dream section. It was so stressful. (I'm glad that Peter is ultimately okay. BUT YOU NEED TO TELL THEM THE TRUTH, BUDDY.)


I think that Jimmy's homesickness is extremely understandable, given the circumstances. Moving to an entirely different country can't be easy, and with things not going smoothly for him, he must really miss his old home, where he felt secure. I completely understand. Moving around isn't the most fun in the world, and I hope he works his way through this.


Lastly, I wanted to mention how sweet Remus and Peter are. Every time Peter's heart fluttered a bit at seeing Remus, I just went "AWWWW." It's just too cute. They're in their early thirties now, right? Still a wonderful age for dating. *wink wink nudge nudge* *kicks Peter and Remus*


It was really sweet how Peter offered Remus a job like that. The pure joy that appeared on Remus' face is probably one of the first times in a while that he felt genuinely happy about something.


Wonderful chapter! <3

Author's Response:

Ahahah! That's the evil writer in me, I wanted people to think it was real and to be scared for Peter [insert evil laughter here]

Okay, no, I'm sorry, but I'm also proud that I made you feel all that tension. :P And I'm so happy you are glad to see that Peter is okay. Yes, he needs to tell, but as I already said, that's just him being himself...

Poor Jimmy has a lot to deal with at the moment... and yes, it must have been really hard settling down in a different country, leaving behind everything he knew, and then having to deal with all the questions about his past... poor child...

Ahahah! I do love Peter and Remus! They are cute! And yes, it's a perfect age for dating! ;) Things might get a bit complicated with all their past history, though... but who can tell? And yes, Peter offering Remus a job was sweet. And it is super lovely to see Remus happy for once! :)

Thank you for the sweet review!

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