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Name: Libatius Borage (Anonymous) · Date: 24 Aug 2017 04:41 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Bruises Chapter: Bruises

I knew from the beginning that this story was going to yank my heart out of my chest and chop it up into little pieces. I wasn’t wrong, but I’m glad that the story resolved the way it did so I can keep a little bit of my smile.

Adam is such a sweet little angel baby and really he gets such the short end of the straw family wise. Like how can you see precious little Adam and treat him the way his father did. I’ll never understand people like that. And I low key hate his mom for not protecting him from his father. SHE HAS ONE JOB. But I also understand that abuse dynamics are never that black and white. If they were I think he would have just moved in with Gansey like Gansey had wanted.


Honestly your adam/ronan is so cute. Like they are abominably affectionate which is all I could possibly ask for out of life. I’m dazzled a bit that chainsaw would even let Adam around Ronan. Her making herself scarce is really a ringing endorsement.


The whole Ronan thing about secrets is 10/10 in character for him. At the same time I almost think that his mom should already know if she knows him like at all. Like even when he was ‘dating’ Blue it felt like he was more of a boyfriend to Ronan than anyone else.


Ronan dialogue is perfect. Like straight out of the book.


A large part of me wants to scream at Adam to just flat out never go back there. I mean obviously that’s unrealistic, but I hate that he has to go back to the source of all his painful memories.


Y’know, I’d probably just like send a facebook message and be done with it. Adam is a better person than me. Although then again he didn’t even have a phone soooo.


“Like I’d come to you if something was actually bothering me,” Perfect Adam dialogue. That’s definitely the thing that stands out the most to me here. Your dialogue is so on point it’s not even funny.


I’m so glad you ended it with my babies being happy together because that ripped my heart apart and obviously his mom isn’t the ideal mom BUT WHY CAN’T SHE JUST BE HAPPY FOR HIM.


Okay, I loved it, thanks for destroying my heart. I enjoyed it.

Author's Response:

Hello, Libatius Borage! I still don't know who you are yet, but this review left me grinning :D

Aw I know, I'll never understand people like Adam's father either, and Adam's one of my favorite characters in the books.  I just want to snuggle him all the time, and I also low key hate his mom for not protecting him, too. And I agree, I think he would've moved in.

If she knows him like at all made me giggle.  And you're so right about Ronan and Blue. ♥

Aw thanks! I pride myself on my dialogue and always get nervous writing new fandoms/pairings, so I'm super happy that it comes out well! Especially Ronan and Adam; their personalities are so distnict I was a little intimidated to write this.

I'm so sorry for destorying your heart, but at least you enjoyed the destruction ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 13 Jul 2017 03:16 AM · [Report This]
Story:Bruises Chapter: Bruises

So so perfect! I'm amazed by how well you captured Adam and Ronan. I can't say I'm surprised by Adam's mother, but it totally breaks my heart all the same and I feel like her reaction is one that a lot of kids coming out to their parents have to listen to. I love how much of a rock Ronan is to Adam. You did a really, really beautiful job, Jill <3    

Author's Response:

Bianca! <3 

I had so much fun writing this, and since I know how much you love TRC, it makes me so happy that you loved it. I was worried about doing Adam and Ronan justice - they're somewhat difficult to write - but I'm glad you thought I was able to. And yes, I love Ronan being a rock too. <3

Thank you love!

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