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Story:Harry Potter and the Shaggy Dog Chapter: Harry Potter and the Shaggy Dog

Ah, I think I could understand the pun. She sells the seashells by the seashore. Great reading. I grinned at Ron's behaviour, tried to stop Harry's bad pun come out of his mouth. lol.


The last scene reminded me of Scottish fairy tale like "Tam Lin". It's scary but fantastic at the same time. Many action scenes with full of mystery through HP fandom.


It's so impressive to imagine Ron in disguise and Harry kissed by Pansy, whose soul had already been stolen. I really enjoyed how they settled the case, I could visualize the female elfin spirit and the other spirits.


From the start, I got excited after a long time since I read the excellent Auror's tale last time at hpft. The interrogating scene is terrific! I couldn't stop reading in breathless excitement.



Author's Response:

Yes, the pun is a play on exactly that tongue-twister. I wrote this a long time ago, and I was never sure what inspired me to be so silly. My wife is big into folklore, so I'm familiar with 'Tam Lin' and stolen children and shapeshifters taking others' places. 

The interrogation scene is a play on the classic 'good cop, bad cop' routine and I couldn't resist pushing that cliche. I'm glad you enjoyed this very silly story and that the mystery was still okay even with the terrible pun as the ultimaten payoff.


Thank you so much for the very nice review.

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