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Story:The Letter Chapter: The Letter



I see that this a story exploring Lily and Petunia and I'm excited to read since I always like seeing people's take with that in their stories since I enjoy reading stories about them since we don't know much about them apart from what we've read or heard in the books so I like it when people try to write their own version or take on the two sister's relationship.



The first thing I have to mention is the contrasting personalities of both sisters is something that I noticed when reading this since it shows when Lily and Petunia are running in the field and when they stop at the river. For example, Lily is very spirited and runs in the field teasing her sister about not telling her what happened and dips her feet into the water while Petunia seems to be impatient, cautious, and serious even though she's determined to prove otherwise such when she decides to go into the water after putting her feet in the water after Lily says something about having fun. I love the interaction between them because it shows that while Petunia thinks herself as the older sister and that she's bossy and wants her sister to listen to her, she also shows Lily that she still loves her even though things have changed between them. I also know that while Petunia's the older sister and that we're reading mainly from her point of view, the focus is actually on Lily because it touches upon the subject of her letter  that she gets from Hogwarts as well as the wizarding world and how it affects them both.


The part where Lily struggles with being able to tell Petunia about being accepted and also wanting to go to Hogwarts has me wondering if she is struggling with the decision to reveal this to her sister because of how much importance her sister has and since we know that she wants her sister to accept her for who she is and what she wants to do even if it means risking the closeness and the relationship between them is pretty sad even though she's trying not to sound too down about it but I don't think she feels confidence to have her sister especially after struggling to let them know. I think the way Petunia reacted when Lily tells her about the letter not believing witches are real and having doubts about Severus as well as dreading the moments of what she would do without her sister for seven years apart from the time that she gets to visit home for the holidays and summers is quite realistic. One thing I cannot go without mentioning is the way you shifted the lighthearted tone of the story and changed it to become more downcast as the story went on especially with the part about the letter.




Honestly the ending was not something I had been expecting and the whole scene was part of Petunia's memory or daydream, I was wondering if the letter is from the one that Dumbledore left when he put Harry on the Dursleys' doorstep or is it meaning the Hogwarts letter that Vernon tried to snatching away from Harry since I was confused about that part at the end. Otherwise I think you did a good job with this and I'm glad to have stumbled upon this story. Keep up the good work!




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