Reviews For Sum Times

Name: Vilja (Signed) · Date: 26 Jun 2017 03:41 PM · Chapter: Two plus two equals...

Hi Brax, I thougt I'd check out your newest story.

I always find that drabbles are hard to write as they are so bires and you really need to find a small moment that works well. I thought that you did well here in choosing an everyday moment (helping a kid study) and making a twist in it. I like the child logic (this is a theory of mind problem, hehe) that James has loads of toys so he cannot solve a task when James only has four, as that is unimaginable. I suppose this is a math problem that they are solving for a Muggle math class, as the child logic indicates pre-Hogwarts age. I never thought of how the Potter kids were educated, do you think they went to Muggle school? Or were they home educated? (that would also fit this story).

To be honest I expected Albus to say that James would retain all four toys, as he would throw a tandrum upon niticing his missing toys and get them back. But I admit his (your ;)) solution is better.

I also like the idea that they live in Godric's Hollow, I've read that in so many place that I'm not even sure now that it's cannon or not :)

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