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Name: Penelope_Inkwell (Signed) · Date: 12 Jul 2017 02:26 AM · Chapter: Rude by victoria_anne

This whole thing is so creative! I LOVE how you've worked the Battle of Hogwarts into a story that's from a crotchety little mandrake's perspective.  I liked the details of the slugs--a major problem for the flora of Hogwarts--as well as the idea that there is a social scene in the greenhouses.  And while it was so clever to use the plant as a weapon, I do feel for this mandrake, who 100% did not sign up to be uprooted and exposed to the cold Scottish night air in the middle of a battle, poor thing.  As if it weren't bad enough that I needed to be worried about all the witches and wizards and house elves, etc., during these battles.  Now I've got to be worried about the poor plantlife!


Well, at least this one has a chance at surviving.  That's more than one can say of his sister from chapter two...


Really unique work, all of you.  This is a premise I've never seen before, and it definitely put a smile on my face (when I wasn't horrified by the abuse of innocent Mandrakes.  Where is Hermione Grainger?? She really needs to get on top of SPAMM - the Society for the Protection Against Mandrake Mistreatment). Very original! I enjoyed it!



Name: Penelope_Inkwell (Signed) · Date: 12 Jul 2017 02:13 AM · Chapter: Mother of a Mandrake

Oh my gosh this got DARK!  I did not see that coming.  Here I am like "Oh, what a cute concept, the mandrakes are like little ducklings, imprinting on their gardeners and thinking they're their mothers! Awww, teen angst.  Poor little thing, it feels so abandoned. Aww, she's still happy to see her mommy..."


And THEN they...what?? Chopped her up to make potions out of?? I mean, I guess that mandrake potion is important; it saved all the petrified people from being living statues in Harry's second year.  It saved Hermione!  But I never thought of them being sentient beings.  Oh, ick.  Do you think you can take mandrake potion if you're a vegetarian? Are their magical people who refuse the use of sentient plants?  I feel like I came here to have a good time and I'm feeling so attacked by questions of ethics in potionry right now ;)

Haha! That was very creative...if mildly disturbing.  Really good job!

Author's Response:

PENNY! I am so excited to see you around! *HUGS*


This collection was written for a house cup challenge - definitely not my usual topic! haha! Your review is just as fuuny and lovely as you - although I am sorry for giving you icky feels about mandrake potions. I can imagine someone like Luna refusing to use it, maybe. That's an interesting idea that I hadn't thought about.


Anyways I'm really glad you stopped by and thank you for reviewing!


xoxo Renee

Name: Penelope_Inkwell (Signed) · Date: 12 Jul 2017 02:05 AM · Chapter: Dirt by Dojh167

Hello hello! I saw that you guys didn't have any reviews on this, so I thought I'd stop by. So this is like, a series about mandrakes that you did as a collaboration? That is such a unique idea!

Poor little mandrake--I wouldn't want to be stuck in the dirt, either. Of course, considering that mandrakes can kill you with a scream, I wouldn't want them running about, either! I wonder if this one's in its teen angst phase.  I like the idea that there's some kind of hippie herbology students in there having philosophical conversations about the nature of dirt that are just boring the poor plantlife to death.


The only potential CC I have is that it might be funny if instead of "cleansed the dirt from my skin" you said "cleanse the dirt from my bark" since they are kind of tree-like.  But that's really just a stylistic choice, up to opinion.


I'm intrigued by this s concept--it's definitely one of the more unique ideas I've come across! I'm going to have to read the next chapter. I'm definitely curious about where you guys are taking this.  Good job!

Author's Response:

Hello Penny!


I think it’s super sweet that you left comments on every chapter of this funny little story, and I’m sorry I didn’t respond sooner. I don’t remember if you were participating in the maze and knew the background for this story, but essentially there was an event for which we had to write a certain amount of words from the perspective of a mandrake. It was a very unique prompt but nobody was super eager to take it or try to write so many words about it, so three of us divided it among ourselves, and ended up having a blast with it!


Because this was a funny prompt, I wanted to approach it in a kind of ironic and unexpected way, and came up with this. I figure if mandrakes have personalities and age, they’ve gotta have moody teenagers, right? We normally only hear about mature and immature mandrakes, so I couldn’t resist poking at the middle there XD


Oh, that’s a good point about bark vs. skin. I hadn’t considered that. Of course this story isn’t too firmly rooted in reality, even by fantasy’s terms. For example, I know mandrake is a root,not a vegetable, but I just couldn’t resist the word play there =P


Thanks for your feedback - I’m glad you enjoyed it!



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