Reviews For Forest Green

Name: Anonymous Gift Enthusiast (Anonymous) · Date: 23 Aug 2017 02:44 AM · Chapter: Chapter 1 Erika

*splutters* Excuse me? How dare you all have a gift giving competition without ME?!?! Well, lucky I caught you all before it ends.


I really enjoyed this. The characters are so brilliant to read, they're so unique. I already love Ken, he seems like an awesome person. I love that he's pursuing music and study as well as trying to get a girlfriend. He's the type of nineteen year old I think everyone can relate to. I also love the references to Japanese culture throughout!    

Author's Response:

Thank you for sparing time for this. I really appreciate that you left a review on this. This is my first ever OF Nano challenge. After writing some chapters, I decided to write the same plot in my own language. With writing this in English, I found I couldn't write the deepest thing in my bottom heart in English, so I made up my mind. It was fun to imagine the same things in English, though.  ;)    

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