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Name: abhorsen (Signed) · Date: 29 Dec 2017 08:23 PM · [Report This]
Story:stranger things Chapter: curious

Ooooh, I love the opening of the this! The three paths being revealing of who you are is just such a fundamental personality question, and it really made me think right out of the gate. I also love the fourth path - it's something I'd never have thought of, but I really like that that's where her mind is, and I think it opens up the possibility for really interesting character evolution.


I love her thoughts about Quidditch, once we open onto the Hogwarts years - it's so realistic for even people who aren't super into the sport feel pressure to be, just to fit in or get ahead in the world.


More than that, though:


I was expecting the story to show how she became an Inferius. I was not expecting her to start out that way, and I want to know so, so much more!


On tiny comment - this not being double spaced did negatively impact the readability a little, which I wanted to mention, but overall? This is great!

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