Name: StarFeather (Signed) · Date: 18 Sep 2017 07:06 AM · Chapter: Sprinkles of Confetti

Hi! I found you wrote Cedric-Cho ship. I got thrilled ‘cause I’m writing Cho Chang. It’s a good chance to stop by your story again using HC Bingo activity on the forums.


It’s new to me that we read the Triwizard Tournament from Cedric’s POV, I’ve never read before. You captured Cedric’s emotion so well. He must have felt jealous of Harry who was called at his age. It’s interesting their relationship had just begun before his first task. I thought Cho had already been his girl friend. But yeah, J.K. Rowling did not make it clear when their ship had begun. It might be like that you described. I like the pace you created.


I like these spots: He used his free hand to shield his grey eyes from the sun and paused as he targeted a short Asian girl who was tapping her foot and staring at the ground. Seeing her made his heart pound in his chest at a faster rate than normal and his mouth go dry.

: He wondered if he was clutching her hand too hard and if she was disgusted by how clammy he felt.

I remembered my school days…


‘Madam Puddifoot’s’ ! agh, a penny dropped. A nice plot, Deeds! That’s why Cho suggested Harry to go in the shop a year later. (It’s sad that’s when Cedric was already dead though.)


I really like the latter half, development. I felt your style blossom remembering your funny stories about Voldemort or Ron, your comical writing style. I almost grinned at your humor.


Yeah, the last scene is very romantic and heart warming, thinking over young first love.



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