Name: MegGonagall (Signed) · Date: 15 May 2017 08:15 PM · Chapter: Until the End of the World

Gah! It's up on here!! And it's still perfect! And I still love it! And I absolutely adore you for writing it! And just thank you!! <33 


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Omg Kristin I LOVED this!! It was so sweet and wonderful and amazing and you wrote it for me and I love you for it!! 

I really loved the spirit world. The way you described it I was able to picture everything so clearly and it was just like it should be. Really good job there. 

Korra and Asami were so completely in character. Like totally perfect! It read like it could have been an extension of the finale. 

The uncertainty of both girls was adorable and so sweet. The whole time I was reading I just kept thinking, "Okay, now kiss. Ooohkaaay... now kiss! Please KISS!!" And then they did and yay!!! 

They are just the best couple ever in the history of ever and you did the best job at writing them and I'm so happy with this! 

Kristin, seriously thank you so much! *squishes* I can't even tell you how much this means to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! <33

Author's Response:

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:D :D :D Yay, thank you! I'm so glad you liked it! Haha, tbh I was so stressing out as I scrambled to write this between grad school applications and I also had no idea how to write fluff. But I was really excited to write this for you. And I now have such respect for anyone who can write fluff easily. So thank you, this is really wonderful to hear :D


Thank you, I'm glad you loved the spirit world and that you were able to picture it so clearly. And that you liked the portrayal of Korra and Asami! That means a lot to me. As you probably know this was my first successful attempt branching out into non-Harry Potter fanfic, and I always wonder if I've got the characters and the mood right when I write something totally new, so THANK YOU, I'm so happy to hear that this read like it could be part of the finale. :D


If you think I took forever to get the characters together in this you should see my novel XD But yeah, I thought a little uncertainty made sense for them, after all they probably didn't take the time to figure out where they stood in terms of a relationship while they were busy saving the world, so they kind of had to figure that out here.


They are the best couple. Ngl, to write this in the proper setting and mood I definitely rewatched the end of the finale like 8 times. I regret nothing.


You're very welcome :) Thank you for this lovely comment! I'm SO glad you liked the story, and I hope you had a wonderful birthday! <3 *squishes*

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