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Name: toomanycurls (Signed) · Date: 13 May 2017 09:03 AM · Chapter: Hormones

I loved this. A lot. I laughed. Loudly. 

I wondered, after your tweet about the socks being based on your ex, if the techniques Harry uses to get Ginny interested in sex are as well. Harry annoyed me in this but I think you intentionally kept his annoying idiosyncrasies from ootp and beyond. I'm one of those horrible people that was just fed up with Harry by the end of dh which is why I made him grow up a lot before I could write about him. Anyway. Even though I found him annoying, the story is hilarious. I couldn't get over the socks. Mostly because it's a non starter for me. Then they kept coming up which was prefect. 

Ginny, bless her for enduring so much. I'm guessing Bill and Charlie took care of walking in on Molly and Arthur. Times like this I'm glad my parents were divorced. 

Ron = amazing. I want to be friends with him and Hermione. I cracked up at her being a lightweight gossip. Also, I loved the joke about Voldemort giving Harry the talk. There's a hilarious scene playing in my head about it. I'll see if I can write it for you. 

Back to Ron. I loved his comments about Neville and how much Harry wanted to avoid saying he needed advice. Dudley was priceless. He was more together as a parent with this and I laughed so hard when he tried to explain things to Harry. 

The ending with James already knowing what's what and the socks just slayed me. For real. I didn't know I needed to read this until I read it. 

Author's Response:

Oh wow! I'm fangirling over this review. I can't believe it. I love your writing. I never thought in my wildest dreams that you would read one of my stories and let alone like it! 


The socks are the only thing! Ha-ha. My ex used to never take his socks off and complain his feet would get cold. I couldn't believe it. Such a turn off. Just get naked man! I used to take them off if I could reach them...in...err....certain positions lmao. Horrible. I never experienced anything like that before him. The other guys I was intimate with had no problem getting undressed or taking their socks off. Probably TMI but he also didn't like to take his shirt off and it wasn't like his body was bad or anything like that but he was just that lazy. You know now that I think about it I think I'm the only one that was ever completely naked. THIS REVIEW RESPONSE HAS GONE INTO AWKWARD TERRITORY. 


Harry annoys me sometimes too. I actually find him difficult to write, which is why he always comes off as annoying, whiney or funny but only as long as Ron is around. I just feel like Harry has this quirks about him so the sock thing is offically head canon for me. Just like his nimble hips and being a good cook. Bill and Charlie probably did walk in on their parents. They did after all have a handful of children. Or at least they probably heard their parents which is disturbing in its own way! 


Ron I love! I love writing him so much. He comes off as this loveable doofus each and everytime I write him. Even when he's trying to be serious he has this quality about him that makes any situation a bit lighthearted. Dudley was so fun to write! I like the idea of him as this stuffy parent that knows his stuff. 


Oh boy, thank you for this wonderful review. I appreciate it tremendously. :D I'm so happy you liked my story!

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