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Story:True Romance Chapter: There Goes the Fear

*Transferred from HPFF*


Diving straight into the middle of this story is somewhat disorienting, but I'm able to follow what's going on (I think) :) Apparently, I've jumped into the perfect day for a spot of quidditch. Albus is spectating with his boyfriend, Brandon, and his friend, Cindy. James, his brother, is playing and am I right in assuming (if she's watching the game in worry) that James is the romantic interest of Cindy? Oh - yay - that's explained in the next sentence. I feel terribly sorry for Lysander, finding out that his crush is dating someone else - that information was kind of sprung upon him and being in a public place means he'll probably want to keep his emotions under wraps. That's hard, pretending to others you're perfectly okay with something when you're not.

OOF! Poor James - a bludger to the back of the head, followed by a collision with a metal goal-post? That's got to hurt :( Understandably, Cindy finds this all a bit distressing, but what I feel bad for her is that she has sole responsibility of accompanying James to St Mungo's whilst Albus and Brandon go and inform the Potters. TBH, I thought it would be fairer if Brandon had also gone with Cindy for moral support?

Rose's idea to cast an experimental swelling charm on her pregnant friend so that she can see what she'll look like on her wedding day, is a particularly foolish one - what was Rose thinking??! A pillow is a far more sensible suggestion.

I like the stance that Lily took against her boss (related to Mafalda, perchance?) - she shouldn't have to report on her family like that. Surely even her boss could have some sense of compassion and there must be other reporters around to get the scoop on the story? Ohh, and her boyfriend proposes! Gosh, there's quite a lot happening in this chapter; I've certainly picked a busy one to review!

What's this? Scorpius with a man called Corbin? How refreshing that he isn't with Albus or Rose. But he was once with Albus? Hmmm. I wonder if they'll get back tgether again in the future, or whether it's all mapped out between Scorpius and Corbin?

I look forward to seeing what the next chapter has in store!

Brax X

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Story:True Romance Chapter: The Long Day of Vengeance

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OMG! I'm reviewing these chapters out of synchrony, and I appear to have leaped straight into a domestic abuse scenario. Oh, ouch! :( Did Corbin REALLY hit his boyfriend? Yikes, Scorpius, don't ever go back to him. Leopards don't change their spots and all that. Get out whilst you still can. Gosh, even if Corbin saw red when Scorpius was sharing what might have seemed like an intimate moment with Rose, there is NO EXCUSE for violence, it's NEVER justified. OH I am so mad/sad on Scorpius's behalf.

Oh, and you're throwing MORE pain my way by telling me that Arthur Weasley is dead?? NO!! Poor Cora, being present and witnessing that - even if she is young, what she saw is potentially so damaging to her young mind. How awful and traumatic for all concerned. I hope Arthur didn't suffer in the end.

Oosh. Albus drops by to see Scorpius and they get a bit close. If Scorpius is thinking of kissing Albus, so soon after Corbin lashed out at him, then perhaps he isn't anywhere near as over Albus as either of them think? Maybe subconsciously, Corbin was aware that Scorpius was harbouring feelings for Albus and this made him jealous and insecure? It doesn't justify what he did, though. Sorry. Corbin still shouldn't get a second chance. It must have been hard for Albus to stand up against Scorpius in his moment of anguish and take the moral high ground, but I'm glad he did. Ugh, what a situation; if Albus is over Scorpius and in love with Brandon, but Scorpius still has feelings for Albus??

The brothers, out for revenge against Lily's ex, Archie. Uh-oh, boys, is this a good idea? Apparently, they think it is, and it would seem so does Lily after she gets her piece in first. Wow. The fists are really flying in this chapter.

And - OMG - HOW prejudiced is the Child Services group? Ooh, Josephina Wilcox, how could you?! I'm seething on Brandon's behalf.

Great chapter!

Brax X

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Story:True Romance Chapter: I Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You

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Oh. The sadness of Arthur Weasley's funeral :( I think it's very fitting that he was laid to rest by the muggle section of the graveyard; he'd have liked and approved of that idea. Kingsley gave a speech, which was also a nice touch, bringing in some acquaintances from the past. I do feel that Kingsley is quite underrepresented in fanfiction, so it's lovely to see him here, even in such a sad capacity.

Poor Molly. OMG, my heart is breaking for her. 60 years of marriage and now she's alone. I hope the family will rally around and support her. I guess they will; the Weasleys are a close-knit bunch after all.

Rose. So alone too. I liked that she and Charlie found common ground here, but I'm intrigued by why Charlie feels that he doesn't deserve a second chance at love? Why? What happened? I imagined him as gay, so your Charlie fits in well with my headcanon. I hope there is someone out there for him in the future. I feel sad for Rose too, but I want her to actually want someone in particular, not just to be swayed by the idea of a relationship. Love for love's sake will never work, m'dear.

Uh-oh. Rose and Scorpius get a little close - surely Rose should know he's off bounds - and then Corbin rather awkwardly walks in at the wrong moment, even though nothing that untoward is going on. OHHH, hang on, Corbin; using violence is never going to solve problems. Bang out of order, mate.
One thing I was confused about was Rose describing Corbin as slightly taller than Corbin, and I didn't really get that bit?

Corbin DID NOT deserve that hug from Scorpius. Ugh, Scorp; should have kicked him straight out for that!!!

Excellent chapter again!

Brax X

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Story:True Romance Chapter: A Satisfied Mind

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Howdy! Just chasing some flags around, as you do...

Post wedding dress-shopping, and Rose decides to drop in on Scorpius whilst she's in Diagon Alley. He seems really happy about moving to Paris part-time, but I dunno; how do these things work with wizards? Will he keep having to book portkeys or adopt muggle ways of travelling? I'm not convinced it's going to work, but we'll see.

It was really sweet of Scorpius to agree to be Rose's date for Eliza's wedding, but I wonder how Corbin will view the whole situation, given that Scorpius is Rose's ex? Some partners would be a bit miffed by what Scorpius is doing...oh well, I'm sure we'll find out soon.

I'm kind off surprised at Rose. If she has been so hurt by Scorpius in the past, and it sounds as though their relationship has severely impacted on her ability to have another one afterwards, then I'm surprised she's managed to stay such good friends with him?

OMG Lily is getting married? But she's only 18 or 19 at the most; isn't that just a wee bit too young? Maybe he's her one true love, but there are very subtle little fissures in their relationship it seems, and the chemistry between them is, I dunno, a little off?

I'm glad James has recovered from his Quidditch accident.

Albus being trusted to take Cora to his grandparents - oh! So cute! But but but.Arthur?? NO!! How could this be? Poor, poor Molly. OMG, my heart is breaking for her :( and poor Cora having witnessed his death. Oh. So much sadness to end this great chapter on.

Brax X

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Story:True Romance Chapter: The Wolves and the Ravens

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I don't know exactly why, but it struck me as rather amusing for Albus to be giving James tips on how to chat up girls. Probably because James is frequently portrayed as some kind of Lothario and I have that image of him stuck in my hea, and also because Albus is gay, so his own experiences would probably be limited. It did make me chuckle, though.

Neither of Lily's brothers have met Archibald (what an old-fashioned name; I wonder if he'll live up to it? I'm imagining a Percy-esque character...), so it will be interesting to see what James and Albus think of him. I also laughed at the mental image of Albus gyrating on the dance floor.

I'm a bit surprised, after Albus intoning he wouldn't turn up to Brandon's flat whilst drunk, that he's "buzzed" - doesn't that mean tipsy? Or does it mean something else in this context? No - I suspect it means drunk as he ends up snogging some guy he's snogged many times before. Albus!! I'm glad for his sake that Rose stepped in and cut the union short. Who knows how much further he'd have gone, despite protesting that he was trying to escape? Naughty, considering he has Brandon at home.

Poor James; it's his party and it would appear that he's the only one without a partner or a hook-up for the night. Luckily, Cindy is in a similar position outside to provide him with a snog! Will this be a one-off, or will more happen between these two people? My one reservation is that it will get messy if they have a relationship which then fails, given that Cindy is Albus's friend...

Uugh. Baby puke. Bleurgh! But it causes an amusing situation of Rose and Brandon only partially clad and Albus choosing that moment to walk in. He covers the awkwardness well with humour, though!

I'm glad Corbin got on well with Astoria, even if it meant he sided with Scorpius's mother at times.

Another brilliant chapter :)

Brax X

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Story:True Romance Chapter: Hold Tight

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I'm a bit confused with the opening line of this chapter - "What started out as weekly brunch with Lily's boyfriend.Harry and Ginny hadn't met Archibald" - how could they have been having weekly brunch with Lily's boyfriend Archie and yet not met him? Unless it's supposed to be Albus's boyfriend? that would make more sense. Apologies if I've got confused for no good reason (it happens).

I feel that the statement "pleased to make your acquaintance" is too formal a greeting for Harry to issue when welcoming Cindy (or any "new" guest) to his home; I feel like he would have been a bit more chatty and less severe-sounding?

Ooh dear. Archie doesn't hit it off terribly well with the Potters at brunch, perhas more specifically Harry, who cannot seem to let go of the fact that his daughter is no longer a little girl. I think Harry needs to loosen up a little bit here, TBH.

OMG, I cackled my head off at the "Could you pass me some sausage" line! That really cracked me up!

The introduction of Corbin to Draco went off better than I was expecting it to. Draco, unsure as to how to behave around his son and partner, is very lucky to have Astoria by his side, who isn't at all fazed. I think you did really well here with respect to handling Draco's character - he's nicely in keeping with canon :)

Oof. Bit of tension between Rose and Albus to end the chapter on. I liked the cute scenes chez Molly and Arthur.

Loved this chapter :)

Brax X

Name: clairevergreen (Signed) · Date: 14 Jun 2017 08:29 PM · [Report This]
Story:True Romance Chapter: Live and Let Die

Back for CTF!

Um, okay, that cliffhanger? Incredibly rude. Here I was, all ready to get mad at basically everyone in this chapter but Lily for not being able to make up their freaking minds and then you have to go and drop that ending on me. I'm just in awe of how you are able to craft such a well constructed story that I genuinely did not think that Brandon was hurt despite the fact that he doesn't seem like the kind of guy to do that. I'm also still unbelievably annoyed at Albus and Scorpius for their complete inability to make up their minds. I know that Corbin is an incredible jerk, but I still think cheating is one of the worst things a person can do. Just...make up your minds jesus christ.

I also love the Rose plot line and the inclusion of Lily. With the backdrop of all the relationship drama, it's such a relatable struggle of trying to figure out what you're supposed to do with your life. As an almost senior in college, let me tell you, I relate to Rose absolutely too much for my own good, but it's fine. I mean, knowing you and your reputation, it's not going to end well but a girl can dream, right?

I look forward to figuring everything out!


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Story:True Romance Chapter: In the Waiting Line

Back for CTF!

I really love how you keep alternating perspectives. I feel like that could be distracting and overwhelming in such compressed doses, but you pull it off so well. I feel like the story wouldn't be the same without the jumps. This kind of story with all of the interconnected story lines. It really helps to see how everyone reacts to everything and gives the feeling of a whole complete story. Not that it wouldn't be without it, but you have such real and rich characters that it would be a shame if we didn't get inside all of their heads.

I also love how you have the big overarching plot but it breaks down to each separate character. It really gives the sense that they are all real people with real people problems that they need to figure out. I love how all of the problems intersect, but they still stand on their own. Like, Rose's story line could be its own story and so could the Albus/Scorpius/Brandon story line and even James could be on his own. But they all compliment each other so nicely that it would be a shame if we weren't able to get everything all at once. Basically, I am so ridiculous impressed with how you've balanced everything out.

Can't wait to read more!


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Story:True Romance Chapter: Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Back again for CTF!

Once again, your characters are so incredibly detailed, I can't even handle it. They feel so real and nuanced that I'm pretty sure I've met people exactly like them. It's a real talent and I can see why people get so attached to your characters.

I love the way that Scorpius is written especially. From the first couple chapters, it feels like he was kind of a jerk and used Albus and Rose, but here we see a much more vulnerable side of him. If I'm being honest, Corbin kind of gives me a creepy vibe. The possessive way that he treats Scorpius just freaks me out to no end. I mean, the whole "completely yours" thing is really cute and can be super romantic, but when it's preceded by "you're mine" said in a very possessive tone, it feels like Scorpius is definitely the one being manipulated, especially since Corbin is much older. I really want to know how this is going to end up between the two of them.

I also love the range of jobs that you've put into here. I know that I always struggle with finding unique jobs and you've certainly created a bunch of ones that I've never seen before. I really hope Rose gets her company off the ground, it sounds like a great idea and definitely something that I'd be interested in.

Once again, great job!


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Story:True Romance Chapter: New Slang

Hey, Rose! I had some time so I figured I'd transfer some reviews from CTF :)


I'm a huge fan of your characters already and it's been one chapter. I, of course, have my own extensive headcanons for next gen but yours are absolutely perfect. I love Albus and how much we get from just small little reactions to everything. James as well is almost exactly like how I picture him: cocky and arrogant, but he still deeply cares about his family and friends. The little thing about him being the one to invite Brandon was a really nice touch that added to his character. The relationships that you've crafted are so realistic and well written that I can really imagine them.

I also love the amount of backstory that you've included in such little bursts. We get enough about Scorpius and AL and then Brandon and Al to have a guess at how everything is going to fall into place. I like that we don't have an entire chapter dedicated to how all of these characters relate and that we get it one bit at a time.

I also really love that it's a Next Gen story that does not take place at Hogwarts. It's always refreshing to see how everyone imagines the world beyond Hogwarts and, from what I understand, you have an extremely rich universe just waiting for me to explore beyond this story.

I look forward to coming back and getting to experience all this heartbreak that everyone talks about :)


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Story:True Romance Chapter: Where the Wind Blows

*review transfer from HPFF for HPFT Final Exams Flying Lessons :)

Hi I'm here for Capture The Flag! :)


So, I kind of just jumped straight into this story without even reading the beginning, so apologies in advance that this review will be a bit all over the place.

I don't know who Eliza is, but it was nice to see she was getting married and still managing to meet up with her old school friends. I thought it was so sweet how she still wanted Rose and Agatha to be her bridesmaids, even though she didn't keep in close contact with them. But woah, getting pregnant just so she could ensure David stayed with her? That seems a bit...I don't know, not entirely honest? All I know was my reaction was similar to Rose's. To be honest, I don't know why anyone would want to call it 'genius', it sounds a bit clingy and desperate to me.

Sorry, I got a bit annoyed by that. Moving on! It was interesting how you made Scorpius' relationship with Astoria more stiff and formal. I felt like they kind of just had a lot of awkward small talk- not really what you would expect from a mother and son. Also, is she just another pure blood fanatic? I might have interpreted it wrong, but the line where she thought "as long as that person was unable to provide them with a grandchild". Did it mean she didn't want their bloodline to become tainted or something? I was curious to know :)

Aw, I don't usually read Albus/OC male but this was really cute. And I loved the name Cora, it sounds really pretty. It seemed like Albus and Brandon had had an argument concerning a date, or something like that. If they did, I'm glad they made up :) (But I do hope Scorpius can hurry up and figure out his feelings)

Great job! :D



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Story:True Romance Chapter: Simple Song

Another transferred review over here :)


Hello there!

As you can see, I'm jumping all over the place to see where this darn flag has been hidden.

This was a rather short chapter but - seeing as how it's the final one - that is completely understandable. It's here to tie up loose ends, cut off the fic neatly and concisely. There's still some uncertainty about the future and not everything is concrete, laid out perfectly for the rest of their lives, but it ends at a nice point.

Since I'm a young 'un, I haven't necessarily been in Al's position but can understand the fear of having people you've known your entire life just move away. It's a mark of your adulthood, the fact that these people are going off to live their own lives. The ties that bind you together may not withstand the distance. They might fray from the effort of holding you together. Things inevitably change when people are physically apart so Al's grumbling is perfectly understandable.

I was surprised to see that Scorpius is giving up his dream. From what Al's saying, his relationship with Corbin doesn't particularly sound the healthiest either (which actually explains why he might do it). This was wbat he worked up to for ages. And now he's moving to a different country. I respect that people give up a lot for their other halves every day but it's still a little surprising.

I mean, I'm assuming he's moving, right?

"Help wanted - shop manager" coupled with his bombshell does suggest that, after all. 😛

Plums xo

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Story:True Romance Chapter: Only Myself to Blame

hi, there!


i figured it's high time that i FINALLY start transferring reviews over to hpft so i have arrived to do just that. (i know you've said that ao3 has the up-to-date version of this and i reviewed in a haphazard way on hpff but every little helps, right? 😜)


Hello there!

Tis I, a wild Plums, here to review this chappie for the CTF event!

I've seen this around on the archives a fair bit and kept up with it too before I did a classic Me move and... forgot to carry on? In my defence, it was a WIP and I am rather awful with them. But here I am, blessed with this on my screen again!

It was strange reading this chapter because I just read Blackbird and, well, I'm pretty damn sure I know what Al's decision is in the future 😜 Don't worry, my boy, you're head over heels for this guy and completely adore Cora too (you know, since she's your daughter and all)! All of this worrying will soon fade away.

Of course, it's natural to worry. From what I'm reading here, I can empathise with both Brandon and Albus. Like Brandon says, he needs stability in his life. He's a father now and he wants his daughter to grow up in a secure environment, preferably with someone else in the equation to support her. On the other hand, that can be a lot to digest. Moving in with someone, forming a family with them - it's not something to take lightly. So I can see why Al needs time.

I do find it interesting though that the reason they separated was because Al was essentially using Brandon as an emotional clutch whereas now he's hesitant to go all in at once.

Ooh, I wasn't expecting to see Rose and Lily's POV here. From the story summary, I was expecting Brandon and Al 24/7 but it's nice to gain an insight into other people's lives. Rose has a really interesting job, I must say, and Lily+Archie are cute.

Plums xo

Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 10 Jun 2017 04:58 AM · [Report This]
Story:True Romance Chapter: New Slang

Aaaalrighty, Rose! It is way past time for me to start reading your stories, and I see so much about it (but mostly about how you break readers' hearts so *gulp*) 


Okay the first thing I'm loving and am now in awe of throughout the whole chapter is your dialogue. It flows so naturally and between the characters - especially James and Albus - it sounds so real. Teach me your ways!


Scorpius being called a creep is so Cursed Child reminscient. When I first read that I was like wait, a fic where not everyone likes Scorpius?! Ooh but he and Albus had a fallout? What's that about, I wonder?


"He's pretty but kind of dim." - Dis me.


Oooooh BRANDON. From what I've read I think this is the main love interest with Albus? Maybe? I guess I'll have to read and find out but I'm keeping a close eye on him anyway.


"At least one of them has to have a weakness for hunky blokes who are good on a broom." Yeah, good luck James HAHA. I think his chances are good XD  


This is awesome so far, Rose! I'm kicking myself that it took me this long but better late than never, right? I love your writing style, too (since this is also my introduction to it, oops) it's wonderful and natural and addicting and amazing <3

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Story:True Romance Chapter: Where the Wind Blows

“David’s affections seemed to be waning so - oops - there I was pregnant.”

She DID not just say that out loud. 
You do NOT admit that. 
You keep it to yourself. 
For the love of...no tact whatsoever!
That's horrible. 
“You’re my anchor and I trust you.” 

This line actually made me emotional. I just feel so bad for Brandon. He lost a woman he cared for and now he has a child that he has to learn to care for. Obviously he already feels connected and loves his daughter but he has to learn how to be a parent and then he has this love for Albus, because does love him, and Albus just doesn't know how to feel. If he knew about his true feelings and his doubts I think it would crush Bran because he's in such a fragile state right now. Albus is an idiot though because he DOESN'T WANT TO BE WITH SCORPIUS!
I wish the two of them would stop acting like fools. They were each other's first loves. I get it. That was their first relationship and they have a past and a friendship. It's hard to let go but they just both need to accept that the past is the past. It'll ruin their future if they don't just let it be. You're killing me Curly Q. 

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Story:True Romance Chapter: The Love You Save (May be Your Own)

I don’t mean to sound prejudiced but I didn’t think there were many gay aurors. I mean, it’s kind of a macho job.”

Well this relationship is over. 
Archibald, get lost and get a new way of thinking. 
Good heavens. 
I got completely lost in this chapter I'm not even sure what I want to say. I really just want to read on! I guess it was nice for Rose to go visit Brandon. I hope she doesn't get any ideas or mixed feelings for him. I think she was just trying to be a good friend though but I never know with Rose. Especially since she's now concerned about her love life. 
I felt badly for Scorpius because he obviously wasn't expecting Albus to burn him yet again. But this is what Albus does to him. He will never be sure about Scorpius because he isn't the one for him. When you know you know. He wants to be with Brandon but Albus still just needs to grow up. He found happiness within himself but I'm not quite sure he's prepared for an adult relationship still. He still has childish tendencies which surprise me greatly at times. 

Name: dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap (Signed) · Date: 18 May 2017 01:09 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:True Romance Chapter: A View to a Kill

It was uncomfortable for Scorpius to hide the truth from Corbin. 

I feel uncomfortable! Uh, Scorpius. You and Albus don't belong together but neither do you and Corbin. He seems so stale and so...I want to use the word abusive but I don't want to say he's physically abusive. I see him as emotionally abusive down the road. I...he kind of reminds me of Draco. 
Oh god, he is just like Draco, isn't he? With the status mention and just the way he talks. Scorpius is dating someone like his father and he's just going to crush him just like Draco did. 
“A daughter,” Al choked. “I just can’t believe he has a daughter.” A few moments later he added, “I guess he didn’t know about her either.”

He has a kid? Uh. I can breathe easy once more. A kid isn't a big deal. I mean I guess it is for Albus because he's young and it'll be a new sort of territory for Brandon. Plus, it'll change his life completely because now he's responsible for someone but so what? If he wants to be with him he has to make an effort, right? A kid isn't a big deal at all. There are plenty of gay men and women that I know that had kids or were married before they came out later on down the line. 
“That’s a start,” James agreed. “But, how do I talk to him?” He looked apprehensive at the thought.

James, I have the same issue. *sigh*
Will he tell Al he's better off without him because he has too much going on in his life? Or will he ask him to wait for him until things die down? PLEASE BE THE SECOND. 

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Story:True Romance Chapter: Live and Let Die

 “Sorry, I just can’t picture that name being a good one for the sack.”

Me neither! HAHA!
Four and five drinks later, Albus was quite certain that the entire date had been a joke, some cruelty dispensed by Brandon for unknown reasons. 

Albus! How dare you! I could understand being upset by being stood up but my head goes to the most insane things. I would immediately think he was in danger and at least because he has so many connections at the Ministry I'd go to have and ask him if Brandon was okay. Or working or if anyone had seen him! I could never see Brandon leaving him high and dry willingly. 
Promise me it won’t just be tonight,” 

I'm not even going to comment anymore about this mess because if Brandon is dead I will be very upset with you!!!

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Story:True Romance Chapter: In the Waiting Line

“I didn’t know,” she said in a low voice. 

I'm finally back in the comfort of this story! YAY! I honestly can't believe Rose didn't have an inkling when they were dating. She didn't know? IT WAS SO OBVIOUS! Or maybe it was obvious to me because I knew as the reader from the get go. I suppose a lot of people don't know and one should never assume because if you assume incorrectly...well...you make an ass of yourself. (Can I say that in a review? All well, just did!) 
Aw. Scorpius is actually a really good friend and a decent guy. After reading your first story I understand more now about the characters and who they are. Scorpius is just someone that wants to be loved and love in return. It has to really weigh down on him that his father doesn't accept him. At least his mother tries to have a relationship with him even though I wouldn't call having the occasion tea a fully fledged mother-son relationship. 

Arthur was looking at his wife with a fondness that made Albus wonder if he remembered that there was company over. 

Oh Arthur! I love their love!
And his response about how he knew he loved Molly. I wish I had an Arthur in my life. Heck, I wish I could borrow a Dementor and wake a guy up. Hello, I'm single, I'm awesome! Love me!
Bran is a total fan favorite (at least to me anyway). I'm surprised he talked to Harry about Rose when he didn't want to talk to Harry about Albus. But I guess it's different because it's not like he's dating Rose and it's not like he has an obligation to keep her feelings a secret. If anything, if she was in trouble say since she 'ran away', he'd at least be helping the family figure out the situation. You know what I mean? No harm, no foul. I hope he doesn't get hurt with this case though. I'd hate for you to kill him off or injure him or something and Albus is left broken over it. Can't we just make this a light and happy story? Please?

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Story:True Romance Chapter: Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang



I'm getting lost in these chapters! 38% and nearly home! Where did all the traffic go? Anyway, things are in motion I see. I know I'm not team Corbin. Too...he's just too much. The jealousy thing irks me and the you're all mine? You don't own me! I'm a person...err...Scorpius is a person. Hell, what year is this Scorpius? Come on! Loved the interaction with Brandon but he's kind of l overbearing as well. Demanding more. I guess I could understand in his position. Uh. I'm conflicted. Poor Rose too. I was going through the same thing today. My mother says she supports me and then she doesn't. It's a flip flop of being a journalist and working in TV isn't a career. A proper career is working for the DMV and being so mind numbingly bored I'd have to be medicated. I like Rose's idea. It's actually something my cousin sort of did when she was figuring her life out. She became a travel guide in Japan. Sometimes our childish dreams aren't so childish after all.

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Story:True Romance Chapter: Such Great Heights




You're breaking my heart. It's shattering on this agonizing bus ride. Who am I kidding? I'm already picking sides and I barely know who to cheer for. Brandon just sounds nice.


Like a warm blanket.

Scorpius sounds nice but a little more sexy in a nerdy kind of way. 

And Albus is clearly a jerk but I'm not complaining. Let the drama unfold! Uh, but Brandon is cute. And clearly has a hang up on him but Scorpius is Scorpius. Uh! Look what you've done! I can't decide if I'm team Scorp or Bran-Bran.

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Story:True Romance Chapter: New Slang



I'm stuck in traffic on the bus home from work with a phone that will probably die by the time I even make it into the next state but I had to leave a review! 

I know this is a sequel but I followed along well enough here to understand what's going on. I absolutely LOVE the writing though. The description is great. I feel like everything is playing out nicely infront of me. I also really enjoy the interaction between Albus and James. There's just something about the way they speak to each other that isn't overbearing. It's so easy to make a sibling relationship borderline annoying. 

I'm at 41% and not moving! Best carry on to the next chapter before I'm in the red zone. 

Oh, also favorite line: 

“I wouldn’t mention wanting one thing to your father, he’s liable to snap his wand,” she added not able to hold in her grin.

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Story:True Romance Chapter: Simple Song



Here is your celebratory 'Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl!!' review. :D

'Unchoreographed dance' of shopping. That's an excellent and very true description.

I love the way all of this turned out. Except for Scorpius - I'm sad that he decided to stay with Corbin, who I don't trust and who is bound to repeat what he did before if he gets angry again. But, at least he knows he has a safe place to go and something to fall back on if that doesn't end up working out - he and Albus are back on good terms and friends again.

Albus has grown so much as a character over the course of the novel and I loved his insight into the others in this one, like he realizes Rose is moving because she wants to, and he's supportive of Scorpius despite not agreeing with him. I think he's a lot more understanding now.

And the last line made me SO happy, as Albus goes to his happy life with Brandon and Cora. ♥ :D YAY

Wonderful end to a wonderful fic, Rose!

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Story:True Romance Chapter: Time to Get Out

*Transferred from HPFF*


omg house shopping, branbus are so cute I can't handle it. The furniture discussion ahahaha

I loved Lily and Molly's chat and how they're both helping each other with the difficult places in their lives. And I love that Lily is going to live at the Burrow!

I'm disappointed in Scorpius. I still don't like Corbin aka Gollum. I mean, I'm glad they're happy, but he can do sooo much better.

yay for Rose. I like that she's happy, and living how she wants to live.

gah sorry this review is lame but I kind of turn into a zombie after 10pm? its bad

BUT THIS CHAPTER WAS SO GOOD and I can't believe there's only one more. love this story ♥

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Story:True Romance Chapter: Don't Let it Pass

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Wow! It's been a long time since I visited your page, except for the other day. Anyway, SO stoked that there's a new chapter of TR.

What a mess with Harry having to cover for James and Albus' shenanigans and I can't blame him being disappointed. I mean, I hated Archie too, and I'm furious that he lied about the extent of his injuries, but it was still wrong of James and Albus to do what they did.

UGh! Why are people at the Ministry investigating Brandon's parenting abilities?! The prejudice makes me so sad. I'm so offended, on his behalf. Brandon would be an awesome parent.

I'm like, silently seething and twitching at this waiter. What decade is it again? Ugh if he makes one more assumption of straightness or says one more thing about 'women's jobs' I'm totally going to sneak into the story and tell him what I really think. Grr. At least he tried to make it up to them. Bet he won't make assumptions after that ;)

I love the word 'tomfoolery'.

I know you said there was going to be some rocking the ship for Branbus but I don't think this argument was too bad. Albus does seem genuinely regretful for what he did to Archie and has realised how many people it affected i.e. not just Archie. Well, every couple argues every now and then and gets angry, and they talked it out like normal, mature people. *Continues waving Branbus flag*

Scorpius and Rose have both changed so much! Their friendship is in such complicated territory and they almost crossed the line, but then didn't - it said a lot, for Rose especially, about how much they've grown up and how much their friendship means to them. :)

Lysander. I love him. I love that he insulted Archie by calling him a Blibbering Humdinger, of all things. *hugs Lysander* Archie just gets worse, doesn't he?! I can't believe he punched Lysander, and they should definitely tell someone because maybe it'll give less credence to Archie's claims about James and Albus. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with Lily's job at the Prophet as well - interesting development.

Awesome chapter, it didn't feel like filler at all - it was all stuff that needed to be said. I'm so glad that this story has returned.

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