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Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 19 Apr 2018 08:59 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Seven years later Chapter: Chapter 1

It took me a little while to figure out which story of yours I wanted to review next, because I’ve already reviewed the first seven stories on your AP, and I definitely wanted some more of that beautiful angst you always write! And I loved Dear Emmeline, and saw that this was a companion piece, so here I am.


I love what you’ve done here. Their growth from little innocent children who treated each other with love and foolishness to adults whose lives were inextricably tied to their politics… It was a really sad progression to read about. I love Edgar, first of all! He’s an original character of yours that Snape talked about in Dear Emmeline, and I was so happy to see him here again. He’s snarky and funny and has great chemistry with the other characters, and I can definitely see why the other kids would like him. Every time he butted heads with Emmeline, I smiled so hard, because he was obviously joking, and ahhh it was just so cute!!


(Also, seeing Lily and Snape in a time when Snape wasn’t affected by the prejudice that seeped into him later made me really sad. They were so happy as kids. Shame that Snape grew up the way he did, and acted so terribly as a young adult.)


Obviously these kids continued being friends in their time at Hogwarts (at least…until Snape called Lily a Mudblood), and in some ways, I do want to see some more scenes of these kids playing together in their youth! Perhaps you could write another one-shot, hehe. But I love your decision to cut straight to the “seven years later” part, when Severus’s loyalties makes the meeting slightly awkward, but with the addition and love of Emmeline and Edgar, they’re able to overcome that for a little while. I can’t imagine how Lily must’ve felt, though, seeing her former best friend like this.


And that last “seven years later”… Ugh Chiara you just broke my heart with this one. I know that Lily and Edgar die in the war (and that later, Emmeline does as well until Severus is the only one remaining), but seeing it like this, where he and Emmeline are standing alone and where half their friend group is missing… It’s so tragic to think about. You wrote this so so well, I love this. <3



Name: ReillyJade (Signed) · Date: 06 Jan 2018 04:23 AM · [Report This]
Story:Seven years later Chapter: Chapter 1

Hello! I'm here for our swap! :)


Ooooh, I'm so glad I clicked on this story. I loved the concept: four kids agreeing to meet up in seven years' time, and then to actually follow through on that promise. It was interesting to see how much they'd changed over the years, yet stayed the same in a lot of ways. It was nice to see Severus and Lily interacting with characters that aren't the Marauders; while those stories are always fun, this was a very refreshing change. It's nice to see Severus at ease for once in his younger years.


The idea that these four people, despite having different beliefs and taking various paths in life, can rejoin together for an evening out and just be normal is a beautiful one. It's interesting how things changed when the typical distractions of life (in this case, house loyalties, sides of a war, etc.), are removed. When that happens, they can enjoy each others' company and be reminded of the fact that, at they end of the day, they're all just human beings trying to get through life. 


The ending, of course, is heartbreaking, but a fitting nonetheless. Again, I appreciate them putting aside their differences to just be themselves for a while. Of course, I had to go ahead and make myself sadder by reminding myself that if they plan to keep up the routine of meeting every seven years, they'll only have one more meeting before they're both gone, too. :'( 


This was a wonderful story that I immensely enjoyed reading. Well done!




Author's Response:

Hello, Reilly! Welcome! And thank you so much for the swap! :)

I'm glad you liked the concept of the story, of the kids agreeing to meet up after seven years and actually doing it. I wanted to put together four people from all four different houses and see how their friendship would turn out. I'm glad you liked that, and to see Lily and Severus interacting with different characters. I'm also glad that you enjoyed to see Severus being happy for once. :)

That's what I was aiming for, they are different characters with different ideas and purposes, but they just try to set aside those differences and enjoy a night together, without having to worry about the darkness of their world. I'm so glad you enjoyed seeing that.

I wanted the end to be bittersweet. Only two of them have survived the war, but they still have each other and their friendship is still there. Yes, it's so sad to think that in a few years they'd both be gone, too... :(

Thank you so much for the lovely review and for swapping, it was really nice! :)

Much love,


Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 15 May 2017 11:02 AM · [Report This]
Story:Seven years later Chapter: Chapter 1

Transferred :)

Hi little Chi!

Look, look! Something you've written that I haven't read before! :O

Boys in their compartment being nasty, hm? Wonder who that could be? :P

It's lovely to see Severus and Lily hanging out with two new characters - usually you never see them without the Marauders, so this is very refreshing :)

This is so bittersweet! I love that they had that tradition, and it's so interesting to see how their lives changed over the years, and the separate paths they took. And of course, the last one is very sad indeed, that only half of them still live :(


Author's Response:

Shake-what? You hadn't read this before? Siriusly? Well, that's actually a good thing for me because it means I get another review from you this morning! ;)

Ahahah! I have no idea who those nasty kids might be... :P

Glad you liked this new little quartet. :) This actually reminds me that I need to get back to In Between... WIPs can be such a pain...

I know, this is very bittersweet... At least Severus and Emmeline still have each other (at least for a bit)

Thank you for another lovely review!

Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 15 May 2017 03:48 AM · [Report This]
Story:Seven years later Chapter: Chapter 1

*Review transferred from HPFF (I think this was the first review I ever left for you!)*


Hello ;) I decided it was long past time for me to come check out some of your writing, so here I am!

This was cute. I loved the way you wrote the changing of the four friends relationship through the passage of time, and I must admit it was nice to see Snape had friends outside of the Death Eaters. I found it really interesting that they were all still friends the first time they met up again after school, as it was probably quite evident that everyone was going their separate ways - but it was really cute, because even though they knew things between them were not as ideal as maybe they wished at the age of eleven, they still try to keep up the friendly atmosphere by only discussing the good things, or topics that won't divide them apart anymore.

The end was really bittersweet too. It was nice to see Snape being so honest with Emmeline, as I feel like that was information he tried to conceal from Dumbledore - but perhaps since Emmeline is a friend he's had since the age of eleven, he feels that she's already guessed. Regardless, I thought their friendship was sweet.

Sweet story, thanks for sharing! :)

Author's Response:

Yes, it is the first review you left me!!! :O


Hi Kristin!

Oh, wow, I'm so happy to see you on one of my stories! It means so much to me!

I've always had on my mind the idea of a friendship which could overcome house rivalry, and then I got the inspiration for this story while reading about Melanie's first trip to Hogwarts in your "The brave at heart" (thank you, by the way).

Yes, I know... This is really bittersweet... But at least Snape is not as alone as he is in canon...

Thanks again for this lovely review! I'm just so glad that you enjoyed this story!

Lots of love,


Name: AbraxanUnicorn (Signed) · Date: 07 May 2017 06:07 PM · starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Story:Seven years later Chapter: Chapter 1

Hi Chiara! Thought I'd drop by and visit your AP :) I was sad to see this story with no reviews on it, and I decided to change that!

I love the clever use of seven-year intervals in this story to tell a tale of time, involving four people who started out as friends on the Hogwarts Express in their first year. There is such a sad undercurrent to this story, because two of the four don't live to see the third meet-up. The beginning of the story made me so sorry for Snape with his horrible father, and a mother who loved him but couldn't stand up for him against her husband. It makes me sad to think that Severus never received much love in his life at all. Ultimately, we know he brought a lot of that upon himself, but still...

The characterisation of the children on the Hogwarts Express was brilliantly done in only a few sentences. We get a real feel for Emmeline and Edgar's personalities here; how Emmeline is filled with nervous chatter in an eager attempt to make friends, how Edgar tries to remain cool and poised, as though he's worried about what sort of first impression he'll give.

When Severus turned up at platform nine-and-three-quarters after seven years, I feared that he would be the only one to show, and I was getting ready to feel sorry for him all over again, but then they all came! Though the meeting was brief, I'm glad they all had that moment of happiness together before darkness struck their little group. Seven years later still, and what a different scenario, with 50% of their group who will never attend again. I wonder if Emmeline met with Severus seven years after that? If so, that will definitely have been the last opportunity for either of them :(

I really enjoyed reading this rather poignant story. Off to see what else you have lurking amongst your AP :)

Brax X

This was such a

Author's Response:

Hi, Brax!

So nice of you to stop by here! Did I tell you that I love your reviews?

I'm glad you liked the seven years intervals and felt they worked to show how their lives and friendship changed through time. Yes, it is very sad that Lily and Edgar don't live long enough to see the last meeting... :(

Yes, poor Severus... he had a really hard childhood, and definitely didn't get much love in his life... I'm not is biggest fan, but I do feel sorry for him... :(

Ahahah! So glad you liked little Emmeline and Edgar! I love those two! :D

I couldn't have left Severus alone... I'm glad you liked their little rendez-vous and that brief escape from the darkness of those times. :)

Yes, the last encounter was so bittersweet... Honestly, I don't think they kept the tradition, but I like to imagine that they did keep in touch and try to keep their friendship going. Yes, that would be their last chance if they did... :(

I'm so glad you enjoyed this! Thank you so much for stopping by and for this amazing review!

Much love,


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