Reviews For Dormitory 2.6A

Name: LadyMarauder (Signed) · Date: 25 Jan 2019 04:22 AM · For: SEVEN: Secrets and Sin

I know that this is a romance, but I think one of my absolute favourite thing about this is the friendship between the six girls. They're all so different but compliment each other in the best ways with their honesty and genuine love for each other. So, I definitely felt the unbalance due to the fight.


It must have been really hard for the girls to approach Cassidy's eating disorder and turning up with a load of food must have looked really weird, but at least they were trying to help. I really hope she gets the help she needs.


OK we have to talk about the prank because it was seriously hilarious. When Al caught her in the library, he was definitely going out of his way to talk to her - clearly he likes her too!  I loved their interactions here, your dialogue is fantastic, very natural and realistic. Even I bloody love Al thanks to Nova's gushing about his pretty eyes and drop dead stunning smile. It's honestly brilliant.


Also, the final couple of paras were honestly poetic in style and pace. The description was fantastic and every word seemed to count. It was my favourite part of the chapter, simply because of the lyrical words and the absolutely hilarious prank. I best she's glad she "left it to the Slytherins", eh? 

Tasha xx

For Magical Menagerie & RvG - Team Red


Name: LadyMarauder (Signed) · Date: 25 Jan 2019 04:02 AM · For: SIX: Disintegrate

Ok so Albus totally knows she fancies him doesn't he? It seems like, as nice as he clearly is, he's humouring her a bit and maybe even teasing her. Is this really how teenage boys get their kicks? Typical. I like that they're getting to know each other though - I feel it's alright to fancy someone, but then it's only real if you can actually hold down a conversation with them. Oh and talking of, I feel I really need to know about the Jaffa cake debate...who was on which side? Because the only right answer is that it's a biscuit and whoever disagrees is wrong. Ha!


I'm totally 100 percent shipping Novus (awesome ship name) and just wish they'd hurry up please and get on with getting together. I'm feeling rather mushy about it all now.


Right, well Dahlia cracks me up every time she opens her mouth. Her toast rant at breakfast will go down in probably one of my favourite moments so far, she's brilliant! I feel like things would never be boring with someone like her around.


However, Cass and Nala's fight was really awful. I get that she's pissed Nala never told her about Xanthe, but I think her reaction was maybe a little extreme. She obviously knows him best and everyone knows he's no good to girls, but he might actually like her a lot. I don't know what to think!! Though it was written so well, Cass makes a rather convincing argument. This is going to crack the dorm I reckon. Fab chapter again!


Tasha: For Magical Menagerie & RvG - Team Red xxx

Name: LadyMarauder (Signed) · Date: 22 Jan 2019 12:54 PM · For: FIVE: Hold Your Breath

I feel so bad for Cass, she's obviously really struggling, it must be awful. Nova has noticed something a little off with her and I'm guessing she's been feeling bad about it for a while, I really hope she gets to talk to someone about it soon, before she makes herself really ill.


I loved the detention, these girls really make me laugh. And I'm glad Neville made an appearance too, Dahlia's bit with the swearing was hysterical. What IS the point of having a father who is Head of Gryffindor if he can't pull a favour or two, eh?


Ok so Al and Nova's flying lesson was pretty great. I really thought she was going to kiss him at the whole ‘eyelash on the cheek' moment, I mean it's the oldest trick in the flirting book, right! Also, he's basically asking her out by inviting her to his nana's house for food...I mean, that'd be some first date. Blimey. Well he's totally making it clear he wants to spend more time with her, so that's a good sign for Nova's crush. I really love your Al, I think it's all the smiling and laughing he does. I'd take that over a moody, brooding rebel most of the time (Sirius Black is the exclusion to that rule) and I like how their friendship has started to grow. 

Tasha for Magical Menagerie and RvG Team Red xx

Name: LadyMarauder (Signed) · Date: 22 Jan 2019 12:51 PM · For: FOUR: Fire and Ice

Oh my gosh this chapter was insane! First, I've NEVER dissected anything when I was at school. I don't know whether it's more common to do it outside of the UK but as far as I know, none of my friends have done it either, so I did gag a bit at that scene. Still, I imagine teenagers behaving in a very mature, controlled and sensible way during this or not. Still it was a hilarious scene.


I liked how you wrote the Quidditch match too, I can never pull it off so I tip my hat to whoever can do it justice. Also, I am ALWAYS Team Gryffindor (sorry) but it did make it rather interesting to have the match go to the Slytherins and the story follow it there after, if that makes sense? I rarely get to see the Slytherin common room in fics, so it was nice to visit, ha! 


I like how all the girls are so different and when they get to the party, they all scatter to where they feel the most comfortable. I also love how although Nova's there many to scout out Al, but this chapter was so much more about the girls and their friendship, which I thought was good and they stuck up for Cass. I'm off to find out what the outcome of that ending is now...

Tasha for Magical Menagerie and RvG Team Red xx

Name: LadyMarauder (Signed) · Date: 22 Jan 2019 12:49 PM · For: THREE: Matters of the Heart

So I'm officially in love with this story and can't get enough of it.


It was hilarious that Nova made the rest of the girls do dares at the same time, I thought they were brilliant picks. Dahlia having to be nice to everyone was quite terrifying to be honest, but at least we know she can do it if she really has to! Oh and poor Cats not being able to do her usual flirting, I feel bad she missed out on a good snog. But, if that bloke has that big of an ego that he stormed off in a huff, maybe she's better off without. Dahlia's attitude to dating is so funny in that she'd rather spend her whole life with a woman (who she probably isn't attracted to) than entertain the ego of a man. She's probably got the right idea ha!


So Nova and Albus's little study date went well! I cringed on her behalf when he said her friends were spying on them, poor girl - especially becuase Al actually noticed. However, it seems they are well on their way to becoming friends, so that's a great start! I'm looking forward to see how they actually get together - he seems like a real sweetheart.

Tasha - for Magical Menagerie and RvG team Red XX

Name: LadyMarauder (Signed) · Date: 22 Jan 2019 09:09 AM · For: TWO: I Dare You

OK so chapter 2 didn't disappoint after the great first chapter. I love ALL your OCs, they're so great and all seem like really close friends. I like that they can tease and make fun of each other but still be best mates. You really captured this group of teenage girls really well, the things the talk about and the language they use, all seems really natural for them. Although as her mates I expected them to all know about her crush, especially because she's always gawping at him, but what surprised me was they DID all know, but never mentioned it! They don't seem the types to hold a lot back from each other. It seems they were really trying to save her feelings, bless them. Also, your dialogue is so spot on, I'm actually seriously jealous. The pacing, character nuances that come through, and everything is just brilliant.


I liked meeting Albus in the way we did, snoozing in Binns' class, I can totally understand. I liked how Nova joined his group, this seems like a good way of them getting to know each other.


I also LOVE the really long chapters! Tasha - for Menagerie and RvG Team red. x

Name: LadyMarauder (Signed) · Date: 21 Jan 2019 04:37 PM · For: ONE: Melting Ice Queens

Sorry but, how is it possible that I've never read this? AND there's several spinoffs and things, which is my dream when I find a great story. I'm here for it alllll. 


So, I love this already. Often when we're introduced to a load of OCs straight off, it can be completely info overload, but this worked so well. I think all your girls are great, very individual and all brilliant. I'm so intrigued by Nova, there seems so much to her and I can't wait to start finding out more about her. At first, I wasn't sure why she would be so put off by telling her mates she fancied Albus, but then Dahlia...I'm guessing I'd be right in thinking she'd absolutely let that secret spread right to the Dungeons. Talking of Albus, I've no idea how they'll end up getting together right now as it seems they both have VERY different social groups, looking at Nova's friends. 


I loved how you ended this chapter with her thinking things are a bit off with all of her friends. It sets the story up really well for unravelling lots of cool arcs. I'm really excited to see where this goes as I'm already invested in all the characters!


Er and James Potter with a man bun? Can we see more of THAT please?


Tasha xx

For Menagerie and RvG - Team Red.

Name: forever_dreaming (Signed) · Date: 02 Aug 2018 11:08 PM · For: FIVE: Hold Your Breath

This chapter simultaneously broke my heart and pieced it back together.

I love love love how real all the characters are, how they’re all going through their own problems. I feel so much sympathy for Cass (I was a little worried in the previous chapter when she said she’d only eaten a handful of grapes—didn’t seem healthy, and I can tell the hints of anorexia, which breaks my heart). I empathize with Reagan for her insecurities about her intelligence. I’m worried about Nala too, though I suspect that she’s off snogging Xanthe, probably? And Nova with all of her general insecurities too... I want to squeeze all the characters.

I think all the issues in their lives, to me, just makes the happier bits seem even happier. Dahlia being unable to not swear in front of Neville. The revelation of Fat Ginger’s actual name. (I think you can actually create a saint and I have dubbed thee Saint Plums in my head, heh). And of course, the Novus.

Ah, the Novus. I could ramble for hours about how cute they are. I really love seeing how Albus has grown to like her too; he seems sometimes thrown off his cool-guy persona around Nova, which I really love. And I adore how easy their conversations are; I feel like they’ve also got really good platonic chemistry on top of their romantic chemistry, which is, IMO, essential for a good romantic relationship—and especially one that’s as believable as this, one that I’ve already grown so attached too. I love all the lines he’s pulling on her. “You’ve got something on your face.” My goodness, he definitely learned how to flirt from his father :P

So despite the darkness in their lives, all the troubles that Nova and her friends are facing, Novus really shines as this bright pearl of hope. Hope no one fucks that up, hahaha.

I know you mentioned in an earlier author’s note that you wanted to illustrate all the bad hands life dealt you and your friends. This is a really lovely illustration of that, thus far. I feel like teenage girls are really disparaged for being a bit emotional or sensitive or dramatic—but we’ve got a lot to deal with, you know? And life isn’t easy for us. And I think you’ve done a really good job creating a sympathetic portrayal of that.

Lovely chapter. I’m sorry that this review is also shorter and a hot mess D: It’s a bit late for me (so the rest of the reviews will regrettably come tomorrow!). Hope you can forgive it <3

Happy happy birthday to you, Plums! I hope these reviews (thus far) have brightened your day a bit; it feels slightly unfair, because I think I’m taking far more pleasure from reading your writing than you are from reading my rambly reviews. Oops, hehe. Anyway. Going to stop now. Super excited to read the next chapter <3

Name: forever_dreaming (Signed) · Date: 02 Aug 2018 10:43 PM · For: FOUR: Fire and Ice

THIS CHAPTER. holy shit I’m going to die of laughter.

Okay, a teeny editing note: there was a small section (where Albus and Xanthe were talking to Nova and Nala, where someone winked at Nova and Nala blushed), where I wasn’t quite sure who was talking. Maybe it’s just me being dumb, idk. Just wanted to point it out to you, obviously not a major issue. :)

But ohmygod. Novus flirting has SAVED MY SOUL. I’m genuinely in love with them. I especially liked their little repartée when they were dissecting hearts (very aptly described btw, dissection sounds godawful—possibly because I am a major sissy heh).

I really liked all the scenes in this chapter. They really felt like teenagers living vivaciously, wild and free and so so fun to read. But my favorite thing ever in this chapter was the the thing about the locked drawer. What a seriously Hufflepuff idea! Hufflepuffs would definitely have a little drawer where they could hide little bits of happiness. So cute.

My second favorite thing: everyone beating Psycho Sophie up for her slut-shaming. Like, no, Sophie, go back to the eighteenth fucking century—no one asked you. I’m not a fan. Their fight was, for lack of a better word, epic.

Honorable mention: “I’ll ride your bloody broomstick.” Ohmygoddddd, I pretty much died of laughter. Plums, you’re a criminal. :P

Gosh. This was a really lovely chapter, per the usual. Please forgive me for a slightly shorter/more all over the place review D: Thank you for sharing this fic with us though; I’ve honestly been smiling like a loon this whole time :’) <3

Name: forever_dreaming (Signed) · Date: 02 Aug 2018 10:25 PM · For: THREE: Matters of the Heart

ANOTHER BIRTHDAY REVIEW, WOOT. I’m trying to get as many some before August 2nd is over (for me) but alas. Some more reviews may come your way tomorrow! It would help if I were less talkative, but unfortunately for you, I have Too Many Thoughts.

Okay, so this chapter was again overall so freakin’ brilliant.

I’d like to start this review by saying that I am in love with Cass. She’s the perfect Slytherpuff and her sass, holy shit—I love it so much. I want to marry her.

I’m honestly in love with all the girls. They’re brilliant, hilarious people. I relate so hard to Nova, especially, and I think you’ve done a really brilliant job with her character because she feels like a person I would be friends with, and someone I’m genuinely rooting for. Usually with Albus Severus/OC fics I’m not terribly invested in what happens to the main female character, but in Nova’s case, I genuinely want her to be happy.

I think a large part of this is because of how real she is. I know she’s supposed to be this ice queen character, but she’s not the stereotypical unfeeling ice queen—she feels too much, it seems, which is something I relate to, HARD. And her introvertedness—I relate to that too, so much. (Also, she asks the best questions—how *does* one speak in a throatier voice? Eagerly awaiting your advice, my dear Plums :P). I think that because Nova is so so relatable, I’m even prouder of her for the changes I’m seeing in her character. She’s growing a bit more sure of herself, I can tell.

As I’ve done for previous chapters, I took a quick moment to find my favorite line from this chapter, and this was it: “An unspoken understanding passed between them that this had all been for Nova’s benefit, just another thing the girls did as good and loyal friends, even if it had been in the strangest way possible...” At first, all their dares made me the teensiest bit uncomfortable; it was all done in good fun and teasing, but I could see the dares quickly becoming malicious and an echo of the bullying Nova faced from her former dorm mates. But this line reinforced that really, these dares are just a way for her friends to push Nova out of her comfort zone so she can really shine—probably because they’ve witnessed how loving she is, and want her to share that with others. They really make each other better, which makes me love the girls of D2.6A even more <3

Okay, I’ve been very rational and reasonable up to this point but now I must squeal and shriek girlishly because *ahem* NOVUS IS THE CUTEST THING EVER AND BREATHES LIFE INTO MY SOUL, OMG. THEY ARE SO CUTE. Their flirty getting-to-know-each-other conversation was honestly the purest thing I’ve read and just. Too many feels, I’m probably going to die of the cuteness by the time this fic is over :’) I already ship them so hard (if it wasn’t already clear hehe). And I’m sooo excited to follow the rest of their relationship.

Wonderful, wonderful chapter. Reading this fic has been the best part of my day, tbh. <3

Name: forever_dreaming (Signed) · Date: 02 Aug 2018 04:46 PM · For: TWO: I Dare You

Hi Plums! Back with another birthday review. I hope it’s still August 2nd for you haha :D This chapter was so much fun, so much to unpack here. I’m going to try to keep this short!

I just wanted to start by commending for you for your humor. I was already very familiar with how funny you are, but this chapter was especially funny. I loved especially Binns constantly mistaking Rose’s last name—would’ve been excellent if she’d been called “Wazlib” or “Weaselbee” hehe. Rose and Scorpius’s relationship is also hilarious but it makes me sigh in a very satisfied way; they’ve got chemistry and seem so easy around each other and ugh. I ship them like crazy.

Speaking of relationships that satisfy me completely: Nova and Albus have the purest, sweetest romance. It makes me warm and gives me all the fuzzies. Normally it takes me a while to really start shipping the main couple—I’m seriously a slow burn kinda girl. But it’s so hard to not ship them, and I think a major part of that is because of how you’ve handled Albus’s character. Often times, he’s either played up into this perfect guy, or he’s played down into sort of an awkward, clumsy dork; your Albus is neither of these things: he’s just very real.

I really love how you’ve described what it’s like to fancy someone. I love that Nova’s qualities are preserved even though she’s clearly smitten with Al; she still has this really impressive work ethic and down-to-earth quality that I love. She’s such a likable main character. And then Alice’s description of what it’s like to fancy someone: that’s the best description of fancying someone I’ve ever read, honestly. I really love that you described how fancying someone makes you feel like you’re worth something. Fancying someone is sort of a selfish thing, right? Because you’re taking pleasure from someone else’s existence.

But it’s kind of the best kind of selfish, that fulfills you and the person you fancy too (if they ever come to know of it). Nova’s justification of why she likes Albus really affirms this to me: “He just interests me.” Isn’t that the best justification for fancying someone? I think finding someone attractive is different from fancying someone; that’s sort of surface-level interest. But really fancying someone, I think, means just finding yourself compelled to them for whatever reason—and usually that means that your attraction them is far more unconditional than if it was based solely on a physical attraction. It’s a really mature perspective on what it means to fancy someone, and I loved it.

My favorite part of the chapter was the revelation of Nova’s past experiences with crushing on someone. I think it also gave a little backstory into why Nova is a little cold, sort of withdrawn with her feelings. I don’t think people understand just how heartbreaking and painful it can to be hurt and betrayed by people you consider your friends—sometimes even more painful than being hurt by a romantic partner. I sympathize with Nova so much, and I can totally understand her wanting to guard her heart.

At the same time, I find it so brave of her to open her heart to the girls of 2.6A, and the history of the pain she endured at the hands of her “friends” makes her friendship with the girls of 2.6A even more important and special. I totally romantically ship Nova with Al, but I platonically ship Nova with the girls of 2.6A even more. Really, the level of genuine trust there is so heartwarming, and I love how the theme of friendship continues to feature prominently.

Every chapter I read of this fic leaves me smiling, like any fluffy fic should. But it also leaves me feeling so fulfilled, because it’s filled with really fantastic commentary on romance and friendship. Super well done, Plums <3

(P.S. obviously my attempt to keep this short was very unsuccessful :P)

Name: forever_dreaming (Signed) · Date: 01 Aug 2018 11:19 PM · For: ONE: Melting Ice Queens

Hi Plums! Happy birthday (even though it’s not yet August 2nd for me, still 43 more minutes to go—I couldn’t wait though heh).


I’ve been meaning to review D2.6A for years (that is only a slight exaggeration, I promise), and seeing that it’s your birthday today, I figured that gave me the perfect excuse to start reading :D I’m so excited; I’ve heard such fantastic things about this story and of course, I already know just how stellar your writing is.

Anyway. Onto the chapter!

This was such a good first chapter omg. At the end of the chapter, my heart feels so light and fluffy and happy—because that’s exactly what this fic is: so pure and sweet. My favorite part of this chapter was the interactions between Nova and all of her friends; they’re brilliantly dramatic and hilarious, and I’m already growing fond of all of them. I’m super impressed by how well you’ve conveyed their distinctive personalities though none of them have features super prominently yet; from the first sentence, I was getting a really vivid picture of the girls and their relationships with one another.

One line that struck me was this: “They were the sort of people who should’ve clashed heads all the time, but their strong personalities had managed to find a state of harmony where the different personas could coexist comfortably.” I thought this line was also a reflection of my perception of Hufflepuff House as a whole. I think my view may be slightly skewed by Celestie’s Bathing in Roses (easily one of the best Albus Severus/OC fics out there, idk if you’ve read it) but I’ve always considered Hufflepuff to be one of the more diverse houses simply because one of its major qualities is unconditional love and acceptance.

I think that was reflected in just how non-stereotypical your characters are. Hufflepuffs are generally stereotyped as cinnamon rolls, but none of your characters were so one-dimensional. Even Alice, who I thought was kinda that stereotype at first, has a sort of cunning edge with her skills at BS (I’m so frickin’ jealous omg). And Nova, with her general sort of detached-ness and her focus on her grades (though that’s a pretty accurate Hufflepuff trait—Hufflepuffs are known to be hardworking, after all).

Speaking of subverting tropes: I really liked how you handled Nova’s characterization. Ice Queen characters are generally portrayed as sort of loners, but Nova is surrounded by friends who love her. And they’re generally portrayed as sort of angry too, but Nova isn’t angry at all; she just seems kinda bad with emotions, TBH? I think her MBTI type is definitely INTJ. (I tend to try to pinpoint the MBTI type for all the characters in a fic, just so I can get a better idea of their characterizations). She’s a super relatable character overall.

My favorite character so far, though, is Dahlia. She’s the perfect grumpy Puff and she’s fucking HILARIOUS. I’m in love with her.

I super appreciate the whole girl-gang kinda relationship that features so prominently, and I’m so excited to read more. Fantastic start <3 I will definitely be back later in the day to shower you with more reviews (so unfortunately, you’ll have to listen to me babble more haha). I hope you have a spectacular day with plenty of cake! <3 

Name: TheGoldenKneazle (Signed) · Date: 21 May 2018 03:39 PM · For: TEN: Consistency in Change

OMG THIS HAS BEEN SUCH AN EMOTIONAL RIDE. You wrapped it all up SO DARN WELL. And there is so much potential for future stuff (can't wait to gobble up your author's page) and ahhh everything was drawn neatly together but realistically too and they've been developed so well and I love this friendship!!!! also the 'lad' thing is hilarious and totally the sort of thing i say so yup guess i'm dahlia now (aw yisss). Thank you for such a wonderful ride <3

Name: TheGoldenKneazle (Signed) · Date: 21 May 2018 02:40 PM · For: NINE: Honeymoon Express


The reveal that she had done the prank was lovely!! ditto both the asking out scenes!! and all the stuff where the girls are being girls!!! man you are so awesome i just keep getting lost in this story 

Name: TheGoldenKneazle (Signed) · Date: 21 May 2018 01:10 PM · For: EIGHT: Damsels of Dormitory 2.6A


Name: TheGoldenKneazle (Signed) · Date: 21 May 2018 12:56 PM · For: SEVEN: Secrets and Sin

aww. the stuff with cass is so sad (been there) and hope there's some sort of (realistic) resolution. dang it, nala. scorpius is v cute and i want more scorose action! and thank you for the fab explanation at the end which makes me exciteeeed

Name: TheGoldenKneazle (Signed) · Date: 21 May 2018 12:40 PM · For: SIX: Disintegrate

Nooo the girls!! Aria is awesome! Novus sofa scene was mega cute! This is all so darn realistic and making me feel all the feels! Other than Dahlia, who I'm not clicking with yet tbh but will by the end.

Name: TheGoldenKneazle (Signed) · Date: 21 May 2018 12:25 PM · For: FIVE: Hold Your Breath

SO MUCH CUTENESS. Both Novus (i think it stands for norovirus every time lol) and with the girls. But much worry about Cass :( and Quidditch was sooo adorable!

Name: TheGoldenKneazle (Signed) · Date: 21 May 2018 12:10 PM · For: FOUR: Fire and Ice

lololol. The party behaviour is so realistic, ditto how freaking cold sports matches are. I did not expect this scene at the end though! enjoying the (realistic) drama! ahhhh you just write them all so well adn realistically. Can't wait to see this Sophie annihilated lmao.

Name: TheGoldenKneazle (Signed) · Date: 21 May 2018 11:51 AM · For: THREE: Matters of the Heart

OMG SO. DARN. CUTE! I looove Novus now ahhh. Cannot wait to hear more!! and hoping we get more of the girls in action too. AND JAMES. I WANT SEXY MAN BUN JAMES. and topless Al would be nice too. mmm. 

Name: TheGoldenKneazle (Signed) · Date: 21 May 2018 11:41 AM · For: TWO: I Dare You

This is so cuuuute. Her crush symptoms are adorable and very lifelike (lol). And I really enjoy how there haven't been a bazillion relationships each, like TV programmes try to portray, but here-and-there little bits. Much more realistic.

I also want to see this presentation on Moody! and the dare! 

Name: TheGoldenKneazle (Signed) · Date: 21 May 2018 11:26 AM · For: ONE: Melting Ice Queens

I looooved this as an intro chapter! Very nice build up of characterisation, and nice and realistic - different enough to classic next gen fics but similar enough for my fix! ;) And lovely to read about Hufflepuffs for a change lol

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 15 May 2018 07:37 PM · For: TWO: I Dare You

Okay so in Dormitory 2.6A, Albus and Nova break up despite still loving each other (which even Dahlia thinks so, and so that must mean a lot), and the thought of that happening is just making my heart break now?? Because Albus and Nova here have such, such, such great chemistry (and gotta love Rose and Scorpius too lol) and I’m already shipping them hardcore despite having only read like one interaction between them lol.


The guy clearly digs her.


Also I love that Nova has a resting bitch face. I feel like a lot of girls get flack for that, so it’s just a lot of fun imagining Nova Hale actively attempting to make her face neutral and expressionless. (Her experience in second year with Josh Finch-Fletchley probably made things worse for her in terms of expressing herself emotionally probably.)


And can I just say how much I love the interactions between the girls? They’re all hilarious, and I cherish Alice with all my heart, and I love Dahlia (I agree with her about dating girls ofc), and Nala makes me so happy. And I love that the dorm exploded when Nova admitted her feelings for Albus because I can imagine that happening with my group of friends.


Have I mentioned how relatable these girls are? They are so relatable. And I love them.


Now I’m trying to figure out Dahlia having actual feelings later on, lol, especially for James. BUT THAT’S A DIFFERENT STORY.


Ahhh I’m so sorry that these reviews are so messy and useless I SWEAR I LOVE THIS STORY but my brain is just not functioning. But I am having so much fun reading this, and I’m just adoring the fact that it’s grounded in reality as well.



Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 15 May 2018 07:14 PM · For: ONE: Melting Ice Queens

I am finally here to read this!! And I am excited as anything because I have been waiting to read this story for the longest time, and I’ve finally made some time for it! I already love Dahlia Darzi from When Dahlias Bloom (ok I literally just re-typed her name like five times but I keep misspelling it Dhalia which isn’t right but somehow my brain doesn’t learn) so I know I’ll adore this.


Okay first of all YES, HUFFLEPUFF PRIDE. Reading this story makes me want to puff [heh] out my chest and strut around, because these girls are freaking amazing and I love each of them to death.


Also I love Dahlia. Love her more than anything else. But I also really appreciated how, as humorous as her callousness is, you mentioned that her words genuinely hurt Cassidy at the end. Slut-shaming is not okay, everyone! Actually, this entire chapter was super relatable. It was funny and ridiculous and amazing, and in addition to all of that was this underlying current of truth. Because Nala’s statement? Yeah. And the more casual discussion of bra sizes afterwards? Lmao. And just Nova’s crush is so relatable because, I mean, crushes happen so often, and the way you depicted it was just really good.


Also this first chapter was just hilarious as well. Loved it. <3



Name: BellaLestrange87 (Signed) · Date: 31 Mar 2018 10:22 PM · For: ONE: Melting Ice Queens


Hi there!


So... um... I am ridiculously behind in reading this. Oops.


That is the best first sentence to anything that I have read ever. Oh my goodness. I just... hahahahaha. I can't. I love how you're taking the stereotype of Hufflepuffs being super nice and all that jazz and then destroying with whoever said that Alice should hug a cactus.


I really regret not reading this earlier.


I love the interactions between the group! I love how on the surface they're very hostile and negative interactions (like, the words themselves are rather rude) but they actually show just how close they are with each other because they're comfortable saying that.


Also, I love the mental image of Dahlia charming her wand into 2.6A from 2.6B. You'd think that Hogwarts would figure out that she'd moved and put her bed in there permanently.


I have to say, I love the mental image of James Potter having a manbun. I also love the dialogue that follows after Nova blushes when Albus smiles at her and the banter that follows. I just... oh my goodness. I love your writing so much.


I love your take on the teaching style at Hogwarts after the Second Wizarding War, with the closer interaction with teachers and more intimate lessons. I like to think that's it's something that would occur after Hogwarts hires good professors *cough Snape cough*


Oh man, I love the discussion about breasts and complaining about them (or lack thereof). I just... yessss.


I really like the way you ended the chapter. I definitely think there's something that Cass isn't saying that explains why she was hurt by that comment – because she didn't seem all that bothered by mentions of it/closely related topics in the Great Hall at lunch – and I definitely look forward to coming back when I have more time! *shakes fist at uni*



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