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Name: MegGonagall (Signed) · Date: 13 May 2017 08:15 AM · Chapter: Full House of Fragile Hearts

Rose! I'm here! 


Loved the chapter, obviously. :) So I wonder if Nita is going to try to play match maker or something. Clearly she's not buying Lily's bs about now wanting to ruin a friendship. Which I get, but it's silly. I totally agree with the whole better to ruin a friendship than lose a love thing. She's already on track to lose Lysander if she doesn't get her crap together. Ugh, Lily... I want to slap her lol. 


Omg Hugo broke my heart. It totally sucks working somewhere when you're the odd person out. It's so uncomfortable and makes the day drag and just makes you absolutely dread getting out of bed in the morning and facing those people. And when he heard them calling him Huge-O, I wanted to cry. That's so horrible. And yeah, going to Harry or Ron would absolutely not help him at all. I'm glad he thought of talking to Brandon, who was incredibly kind by the way. Hopefully Hugo won't feel as alone there now, knowing that he does have someone to talk to, who isn't his father or uncle. Oh god, when Ron got that kid's name wrong, I literally laughed out loud. I could absolutely see him doing that. Not because he's like Slughorn and doesn't feel the person worthy of knowing their name. But more because, well, because he's Ron, if that makes sense. Too funny. I'm a little nervous about Hugo going out with those guys on his own though. Especially if alcohol will be involved. I don't want to see anything happen to him. You're going to have something happen to him, aren't you? *glares* You totally will. 


I love the whole cook book thing that Lily and Molly are working on together. It's such a cute little project for them to do together. So sweet. You weren't lying when you said you have a lot of OC's in this story. But honestly, they're all working so far. I'm still not totally sure who to trust yet, because again, you're you. But we'll see what happens. I have the bad feeling that Jesse is going to turn out to be like crazy or evil or something. I may be totally wrong, but you never know with you. :p That story about Fred, George and Ron was too great. I snorted when I read that, which caused my fiancé to look at me like I was nuts hahaha. Lily does seem like not too interested in Jesse, but more like she feels like she should be interested in Jesse. She's going to lose Lysander to Puja if she doesn't stop being silly! Again, the urge to slap is strong in this one. I don't want her kissing Jesse! *cries* 


Another great chapter, love! Can't wait for the inevitable tears and heartbreak! 


Tons of love, 


Author's Response:

Meg!!! <3

Nita is... going to play an important-ish role. She's a regular in the story at least. I think teh urge to slap Lily will just continue to rise. I'm sorry. Except I'm not. 

Hugo's story in this just breaks my heart and I'm sad thinking about it. He'll... have a lot of experiences in this story and... well... 

Anyway, at least he has Brandon to talk to about it at work. That'll make things a little better. Probably not at the pub though. The pub won't be a disaster. :D 

I had this whole thing where Lily starting working on a recipe/cooking column in Witch Weekly and then got a book deal. It's how Lily has been making some money after quitting the Prophet. I was going to start with them doing that but decided to jump to the book deal part. You can trust all the OCs in this story. There aren't any Corbins or anything. Oh man, I'm so glad you liked the Ron, Fred, and George story. I told my husband the story and he didn't really laugh. So... maybe you'll be mad at me/Lily through a lot of this. *hides in blanket fort*

Thank you so much for another wonderful review! You really make me excited to keep writing chapters.



Name: MegGonagall (Signed) · Date: 11 May 2017 06:09 PM · Chapter: Finger Lakes

Hey Rose! Finally here! 


Poor Hugo. :( He was so nervous. And of course Ron would have to question him going for tea and not just be like, "oh ok," like Hermione. But can I just say that how funny it was that he was about to suggest...things, to Hermione without realizing Hugo was there haha. Ice cream... Sure Ron. Inner Hugo bought that. But I'm glad it worked out and they were alright with him moving out. I mean, it's only with his grandmother, cousin and friend, so it's not like he's totally on his own, like Rose is. That probably helped his cause a bit. :) 


Lily is so sly, I love her. She definitely has natural investigating skills, like to that point where I feel like it would be difficult to keep anything from her at all. These poor Weasley/Potter kids though. I imagine all of them at one point or another had to deal with being measured up to their war hero parents. I feel bad that Hugo is going through that. I want to hug him. And I totally agree, when you have people you can talk to/vent to, it does make a situation feel a little bit less crappy. It's good he has Lily and Lysander now. 


Hmm, so we have a hunky new American wizard, do we? That was too funny about the Finger Lakes. "Are they full of finger?" XD They're not too far from me, but I've only been there once, about a year ago for a friend's wedding. It's beautiful there. All the wineries and everything. Have you ever been there? I'm dying to go back. But I'm getting waaaay off track lol. But that means Jesse is originally from my area-ish. 


So clearly Lily is crushing on Jesse. I originally read that line as her thinking he could be her future Minister, and I was like, "hmm, ok? If that's her way of judging future boyfriends?" But then realized it said "Mister" XD I'm excited to see all the love-triangle-y-ness, heart break and tears this is all going to bring though. Especially now when you're throwing in Puja, who Lysander clearly finds attractive. What is it with some girls that they don't realize they might have feelings for a guy who likes them, until that guy seems interested in someone else? I had friends like that who I just wanted to slap haha. Now Lily is feeling a little jealousy. Oh dear. You're going to put me through an emotional storm in this, aren't you? 


Great chapter! I'll be back to review the third chapter, too! I was promised a Brandon cameo ;) 


Tons of love, 

Meg <33

Author's Response:


hehe, I needed to show that Hermione and Ron were really happy. Or at least having a sexy moment in the works. I didn't want Hugo to have the same giant meltdown over moving out like Rose had -- he has his own fun set of problems and I didn't want to repeat. 

It's a lot of fun writing Lily to be inquiring and sharp but also well intnentioned with her inquisitive behavior. I agree that being measured against their parents happens with all of them in some way or another. Unfortunately, Hugo's situation will get a lot worse before it gets better. 

I'm glad you liked my joke about the Finger Lakes. I havent'been but my SIL is from upstate NY and the Finger Lakes always sounded intreresting. But, yeah, I'll have to ask you questions about that area because... I don't know as much as I should for having a character from there. 

haha, well, you're not wrong with her thinking someone who could be traditionally successful would be a good partner. It's a flaw of hers. Things are going to be messy but a different type of messy than TR. An entirely worse kind of messy. o.o i'm so excited to break hearts in this. 

Thanks so much for the awesome review!


Name: MegGonagall (Signed) · Date: 02 May 2017 08:35 AM · Chapter: Lightning Love

Rose! *happy dance* I'm so excited for this!! 

Yes, this was an absolutly perfect place to end this chapter! And now I might hound you daily for an update. :p 

It's so great to be fully back into this universe! I love the opening. I think it's too funny that Ginny assumed it was a prank that George thrilled, without even considering that Molly would do something like this. I'm actually wondering now how the rest of the Weasley kids are going to take the news. I would imagine they'd have the same reservations about it as Ginny did. Because like she said, it's not exactly safe. They're a family of Weasleys and Potters, and I'm sure there are still Voldemort sympathizers out there who would love a chance at revenge. I'm excited and nervous to see how you're going to break my heart in this story lol. 

I found it so funny that Ginny was worried about Lysander living there, since he had feelings for Lily, when she basically lived with Harry her whole childhood. It definitely shows how one changes when they become a parent. 

I really love your Lily. I really love all of your characterizations though, so that's no surprise. And Lysander seems like such a sweetie. 

The part with the plant was too funny. I can picture Luna, all dreamy-like, "it only dances in the sun." And then naming it after Rose hahaha. I love it. 

I can't wait to find out all the details about why Hugo wants to live there, too. I know you told me a little, but I'm dying to know more. 

Eek! I'm so excited! *flails* I love it already! 


All the love and hugs, 

Meg 💚

Author's Response:


So, I'm so very happy you reviewed this and *confetti* thank you for being my first review on the story and the chapter. I thnk I'll break your heart in new ways in this story. So, that'll be fun for at least one of us. :P 

Ginny is a bit more releaxed when it comes to her daughter dating (especially compared to harry) but even a quite liberal parent would think twice about her daughter almost living with someone who they like/likes them back. 

eee! I'm so excited for this stsory and I'm glad you're excited too


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