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Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 07 Mar 2018 02:20 AM · [Report This]
Story:Lightning Love Chapter: Sporting Chance

Rose! I'm so glad to see that this story updated!


This entire chapter was so sweet omg. I don't know what it is about the way you write, but you make me able to ship Lily and Lysander with different people, even though I ship them with each other too. Like, obviously Lily/Lysander is my ultimate ship in this story, but omggg Lily and Jesse are adorable, and the budding relationship of Puja and Lysander! I just have no idea how you're able to do that. <3


I loved reading all the scenes where you combined the giant Weasley family with your OCs. (That scene with Ron complaining of all the running in football made me laugh so much. I love him.) I'm just trying to imagine all the Weasleys huffing and puffing from all the different strenuous ways of exercising their body that football provides hahaha.


And I just wanted to say that the scene where Lily/Jesse and Albus/Brandon were fighting for the broomstick shed to make out with their significant others was pure gold. It was just funny, and cute, and aslkdgj I can't get over the couples in this story, they're just all freaking adorable. Lysander and Puja, too! That little chat that Lysander had with Hugo about Puja was just really sweet, as well.


However, I do notice all the little things you put in this chapter that might signify cracks forming in these two relationships, as sweet as they are currently. For instance, Lily's brief moment where she wondered at why she never really asked about Jesse's family. And then Hugo doubting whether Lysander actually was thinking about Puja when discussing the concert. We shall see how these relationships turn out, but everyone seems so kind and loving right now that I hope that the relationship doesn't end too messily.


And I love Hugo's coming-out scene at the end there, it was a good way to end the chapter. <3


I thought plenty of things happened this chapter! Further development of the relationships between the two major couples right now, and a little more insight into the thoughts of Lily and Lysander about the other. I also liked the little bits of bonding between friends and family members in here, so don't worry at all about that.


All in all, I thought this chapter was just wonderful. <3



Name: Agent Scully (Anonymous) · Date: 20 Feb 2018 03:25 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Lightning Love Chapter: Old People Smell

Final Report


Despite allegations to the contrary, this story has been acquitted of all charges.


This chapter in particular was really sweet. Especially Puja’s scene at the end. So sad. I love how her conversation with the patient inspired her to be more outgoing. And the reveal of her jealously of Lily’s personality was sad but also relatable. What an absolutely sweet character.


Lily and her giant tubers :P I was so proud of her for taking the risk of asking Lysander out. I thin that’s a vulnerable thing to do at the best of times, and for her it also means admitting she might have been wrong (or dishonest) for years. That makes it way worse. And so I was really happy for her, and then Lysander was SO SWEET but he totally didn’t get it. These two will be the death of me, i swear to god.


I liked the pub scene. In your note, you said you wondered abut introducing so many people at once. Honestly, i didn’t really pay attention to the exact identities of the characters other than Hugo. I was more thinking about the group dynamic as a whole, and Hugo’s place in it. But I didn’t feel frustrated by all the new names. I just assumed if they were important, you’d give the more screen time later on, and concentrated on Hugo. The part where they start quizzing him about work was painful, and also satisfying, because I got to watch Hugo stand his ground, even if it was in a low key sort of way. 


I love the idea that Arthur Weasley owned CAH hahaha


I feel so pleased that the had an opportunity to read this story. You truly have a gift for making characters come to life. Truly. I will be eagerly awaiting the next chapter.


best regards,

Dana K. Scully

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Story:Lightning Love Chapter: futbol

Hello Rose! Back again!



- I don’t know why there aren’t more scenes with Rose and Lily interacting in fits. This is already lovely

- Wow, not very nice to Hugo. He really does not need that right now

- Rose’s job sounds awesome

- I need to plan a vacation to spain

- oh gosh. with context this scorpius convo is a little tough to read

- omg lily, that is not something to keep a secret! Rose is his friend! She should know if he needs help!

- Yes, Rose, she’s jealous. And ridiculous. 

- But I do like Lily, don’t worry!

- Aw, bless James for this moment of (probably false) modesty 

- omg it’s so true - quidditch is basically the least physically demanding sport ever :P 

- I want to make heart doodles on the margins of this story

- Aw, i like Joao for asking about #32

- this conversation is perfect

- OH MY GOD THAT JOKE. I mean. I see what you did there.

- How do you managed to capture so many different characters so well??

- Yes for Luna keeping her last name

- uh oh, the two potentials alone together. wizard’s duel?

- Aw, they’re both adorable to be honest. You are playing dirty with my feels :P




The friendship between Lysander and Jesse is honestly perfect. I hate knowing that at least one of them is bound to get hurt. And probably both of them. Sigh. 


That brings me to Lily. Since I keep complaining about her stupidity, I should probably say a bit more. I find her reasoning for not dating Lysander stupid - but I find the way you’ve written it really smart and realistic. It’s so true to life to be not-quite-sure what you want, or how you feel, or whether you’re thinking with your head or your heart. I love that you’re showing the reality of that, even if watching her go through it makes me shake my head.


The scene at the soccer game where the girl asks Hugo out was really nice. I’m so glad he got a little ego boost, even if he wasn’t interested, and it was definitely of interest to learn that Joao is bi. I guess Hugo is ace? I hope he’s not also aro because i’d love to see him find a loving partner. Then again, in a way seeing him come to full happiness without finding a partner would be even better. So, either way.


Loving this fic, Rose!

~ Dana K. Scully

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Story:Lightning Love Chapter: Full House of Fragile Hearts

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Hello, Rose!


I’m back again to continue my inspection



  • dirigible plumini is such a genius wizarding cocktail name. also it sounds delicious
  • holy cow, a witch living with a muggle sounds rough. and illegal. and i thought *I* had roommate problems in my twenties :P
  • “speaking of a good shag, how’s living with lysander?” Have I mentioned that Nita is amazing?
  • I maintain my position that, although I like her, Lily is an idiot.
  • I am 200% Nita
  • ARCHIE! More broken engagement info! Tell me!!! I know the truth is out there ;)
  • “tenacious dignity” is a fantastic phrase, and also maybe my life goal
  • Awwww, yes. Nita FTW <33
  • Oh yay, more adorable Hugo time! 
  • Fallow seems like a jerk
  • I have to say, I really really relate to this scenario with Ron as Hugo’s boss. *tsk* parents
  • Huge-O. Oh my god. That was a gut punch. (Pun not intended :P) I want to beat up these terrible excuses of humans
  • I’m not crying at all because I don’t think Scully is, er, I mean, I am a person who would cry much…. yeah, so… totally not crying
  • Brandon! YAAS!
  • Ah, bless you Brandon thank goodness. 
  • I’m not finished with the chapter yet, but I quick pause to say that I really, really enjoy reading this fiction
  • aw, what a cute idea to make a weasley family recipe book!
  • And I repeat: Lily is an idiot. But she’s also kind of adorable
  • Aw, Puja continues to be adorable
  • Ooh, new boarder! A quid ditch player! That’s interesting. It makes sense though, because the weasley family knows how to deal with the press and maintain their privacy, so it’s actually kind of perfect
  • ugh what a flirt
  • fun to see some james/lily sibling dynamics
  • maybe i might ship hugo/joao? Undecided
  • Ouch, Hugo is not the most tactful haha
  • OOOoooh drama! Jesse and Lily! I see disaster coming




As usual, this was a brilliant chapter. Actually, that’s not quite accurate. I think this chapter was even better than the first two! How in the world did you think of such interesting OCs to be the boarders? 


I’m definitely invested in the romance plot, but Hugo’s storyline really grips me. I hope so, so much that he will find greater self-worth over the course of the story.


I honestly love this and I’d favorite it yesterday if agents were allowed to to so.


You’re amazing


~ Dana K. Scully

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Story:Lightning Love Chapter: Finger Lakes

Hello, Rose! I’m back again to check for ~mysterious happenings~ in your story.



- It’s Hugo, and he is so sweet. Introducing him with his application to Molly was such a perfect way to go. I loved him before he even appeared.

- Ugh, yes, this young adult child/parent dynamic is so real

- also the way you’ve written Ron and Hermione’s relationship is spot on

- I am impressed by Hugo knowing about love languages

- Aww, Hugo is hopeless as a liar haha

- Rose is in Spain. I really want more info about all of your characters omg

- OH MY GOD I want to have tea at the Burrow. Strawberry tarts…. Maybe I’ll make Mulder pick something up

- The ghoul is a Weasley legend by now! haha

- Lysander’s cluelessness somehow manages to be adorable

- AWWWWW poor Hugo. *hugs*

- (Does Scully give hugs? I should have done more research about myself :P)

- That’s an icky way to use Lily at work. The wizarding world really needs more career options.

- Your distinction between British and American wizarding culture is really interesting

- Carnivorous Plants? I think I’ve met some of those

- You’re making Jesse too likable and it’s conflicting with my Lily/Lysander feels. (Lilsander?)

- I envy Molly’s kitchen skills

- The way Molly is enjoying this is SO CUTE

- I just had the thought, “but where’s Arthur?” and then I remembered and now I”m sad 

- Aw, Puja is a little naive about fame. But I like her.

- It makes me smile to think of Lily in her mum’s old room


- oOOooh, Lily is jealous!




Ok, this was excellent. I really don’t want to leave a review at all because I want to keep reading - which is definitely a good sign!


I think this must be, like, a love pentagon? Lily likes Jesse, but ALSO Lysander (even if she’s too stupid to realize it). Lysander likes Lily, but also Puja. Puja likes Lysander. Jesse like Lily…… it’s a beautiful mess up in this fic, Rose!


Can we also have romance for Hugo? :D


Puja and Jesse are both very engaging OCs. It’s really fun to see some magical folks with non-brutish backgrounds, too. Puja seems so sweet and intelligent, and Jesse has a very chill, happy vibe. And even though you don’t spend a ton of time explaining who they are, I feel like I really know them already. I think I might have said this before, but your writing is truly more than the sum of it’s parts. *swoon* (the parts are also excellent, too!)


LILY IS JEALOUS! I’m sorry, but it serves her right. Her seasons for putting him off before were pretty stupid. :P I’m am both scared and eager to see how this plays out 


Another brilliant chapters, and no monsters to be found.



Dana K. Scully

Name: Agent Scully (Anonymous) · Date: 15 Feb 2018 02:58 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Lightning Love Chapter: Lightning Love



Hate to crash your Valentine's Day plans, but I've heard you have a shady record with your characters, so I'm here to check things out. 




- I really like the phrase "stray adults." It's sort of loving and comically insulting at the same time. Basically, Molly is right 99% of the time, and young adults absolutely need structure and indepenence in a delicate balance. Bless her.


-  Garden gnomes, haha


- Seriously, this is so sweet. Molly is the best. <3


- Also, the dialogue here is excellent


- Aww, Ginny not wanting to share her mum. We always need our mums, it's so true.


- Laughing at Ginny's determination to hear Lily's private convo with Molly


- I notice your using omniscient narration, which is pretty tough to do well. Nice!


- I am such a sucker for friends to lovers. Given your shady reputation i'm not optimistic about the outcome here, but i'm already rooting for Lily and Lysander


- short lived what now? Lily was engaged? TELL ME MORE!


- I mean.... isn't a best friend who you also want to sleep with prety much the ideal partner? Lily is a silly child.


- I adore Lysander for naming his plant, what a cute thing to do. Also, it's a perfectly in character gift from Luna


- omg, the penmanship selection strategy. too good.


- I like how well Lysander knows Hugo, so that he can understand his motivations




This first chapter earned my interest and I'm becoming invested in the characters already. Good dialogue, and clear movement through the events of the scene. You manage to tie in some backstory without a big chunk of summary. 


But most of all: CHARACTER. It feels lie you /know/ these people, really truly know them. I love that. They all come across so easily and clearly, and the different personalities and voices are distinct even from the first lines. Also, the relationships between characters are SPOT ON. I mean, they are WONDERFUL. There are all these lines of tension the pull in different ways between each of the characters. Every relationship has a clear and uniqe dynamic. You do this with such seemingly simple details, like Lily's momentary shock at seeing Ginny, and the way Ginny asked Molly about money.


Despite reports to the contrary, there does not appear to be anything suspicious about this fic.... yes. I'll need to investigate further before I can make any definite conclusions. You know what they say, trust no one.


Report Compiled by:
Dana K. Sculy

Name: dreamgazer220 (Signed) · Date: 30 Jan 2018 04:04 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Lightning Love Chapter: Lightning Love

Rose! I finally managed to snag you in review tag, and I've been meaning to get to this story for ages.  

I love the idea of Molly opening up the Burrow as sort of a boarding/bed and breakfast.  It definitely seems like something she would do, especially after Arthur (ROSE :() and all of the kids are grown and have their own place.  I can definitely imagine Ginny being skeptical of this idea, and it warms my heart that Harry's checking out everyone interested in applying for Molly's safety ♥

I'm super excited to see where you take Lily and Lysander.  I love the fact that he's moving into the Burrow, and I'm sure it'll help their relationship/friendship grow even more.  I'm even more glad that Lily's being cautious after her engagement and that she's not going to just jump into Lys' arms any time soon.

I thought this first chapter was a great set-up; it gave us a good idea of the characters and who is going to be important in this story, and gave me a good feel of where everyone's relationships currently stand.  I'm definitely adding this to my reading list and can't wait to see where you take this (although admittedly, I am a little nervous... :P)

Great job, as always!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 27 Jan 2018 06:42 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Lightning Love Chapter: Finger Lakes

Hi, Rose! I thought I'd check another chapter! :)

Mmmh... things are getting interesting with Jesse and Puja in the picture... I wonder how things will develop now...

And poor Hugo, not being taken seriously at work because everyone thinks he's there only because of his famous family... those kids did have quite a burden to carry, it must be hard when you have to live to such high expectation...

The fight over the legislation made me chuckle, and I loved when said "No" in chorus at Lysander's questions about carnivorous plants. :P I really enjoyed the dynamics among the kids in general and getting to know glimpses about their jobs and adult lives. I'm curious to see if there will be other addictions soon, apparently Molly is getting many requests...

This was another cute chapter, I enjoyed reading it a lot. :)

Bye for now,


Name: MegGonagall (Signed) · Date: 25 Jan 2018 08:15 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Lightning Love Chapter: futbol

Rose!! I’m back! I’m sorry I’ve taken forever to review. I’ve been slacking. :( 



I forgot how much I loved the dynamic between Lily and Rose. The way that they’re more like sisters than cousins. I love them together. Rose is so extra, it’s hilarious. With all the shalls, and pulling the blanket up to her chin, acting like she’s never been in cooler weather before haha. And Lily is just like, “you grew up here.” XD 



The WiFi comment absolutely cracked me up. Something she’d like to try hahaha. 



And in all that lightheartedness, you had to throw that bit in about Scorpius in Paris. Ugh. Just knowing what he’s going through at the moment broke my heart. And it was only like two sentences. 



Yeah, still want to slap Lily. Now that Lysander is interested in someone, she wants to make a move. I’ve had friends who have pulled crap like that. My eyes are rolling at her. 



Oh god I really hope that a football game happens at the Burrow. I feel like that will be way, way too funny. 



Hugo is way too pure for this world. Poor thing doesn’t know how to take a compliment, and gets so embarrassed so easily. He’s the type of person I just want to hug and protect. And I’m also assuming that he’s Ace? That’s what his comment about not having a type meant? 



Yeah Luna definitely strikes me as the type who would prefer to be called my her first name. I know if I ever had kids, I would never let their friends call me Mrs. lol. Sounds too damn old. 



I don’t know why, but I just can’t shake the feeling that Jesse isn’t what he seems to be. He seems too nice, and too nearly perfect. I don’t know if he’s truly sinister underneath, or if I’m just anticipating it because you’re wicked haha. 



I’m starting to feel like Lysander might be too good for Lily. Here he is thinking that at least Jesse seems like a decent dude for her, and wants her to be happy. Then you have Lily who wants to sabotage a potential relationship he may get into. This story is going to be wild. I can feel it. And I can’t wait to go for the ride. :) 



Amazing as always, my love. Your versions of all the next-gen kids are seriously like canon to me. They’re the only way I can see them. 



Love this story! I’ll get the next chapter tomorrow. It’s 3am now, and I’m getting sleepy. I don’t want to half-ass any reviews for you. :) 



Tons of love, 



Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 23 Jan 2018 07:54 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Lightning Love Chapter: Lightning Love

Okay, I want a room at the Burrow... :P

Hello, Rose! Review Tag! (And also checking this out for FROGS)

I've loved this first chapter, it's such a cool idea! I think it's awesome that Molly would want to give young people a safe place to stay as they move out of their childhood homes, it's so sweet and definitely something she would do, especially since the Burrow is so empty now... it's just a lovely idea, even if it's bound to get messy... :P

And of course I understand Ginny and her worries and also her slight jealousy, it's a very natural reaction, I guess. But it’s nice that she softened when she realized her mother is feeling lonely. It's all just so sweet. :)

Lily and Lisander's relationship is... interesting. They are obviously very close and I'm curious to see how things between them are going to develop, especially since they are going to spend a lot of time together... ;)

Aww, and it's sort of adorable that Hugo wrote for a place. Wondering how this all will work out. (Also, it's kind of hilarious to imagine Harry investigate anyone applying... but once again I can understand the concerns...)

Sorry, I'm cutting this a bit short... but I'm at work and I should start actually working, I'm afraid... :P

Anyway this was a great first chapter and I really enjoyed reading it! I'll try to be back, possibly soon! Thank you for the read for now!

Lots of love and snowball hug,


Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 22 Jan 2018 11:07 PM · [Report This]
Story:Lightning Love Chapter: Old People Smell

LILY AND LYSANDER WERE SO CLOSE. SO, SO CLOSE. BUT OF COURSE LYSANDER HAD TO GO AND SAY THAT, AND NOW LILY'S ALL CONFUSED AND EVERYTHING. Kudos to Lily for trying, though. Now I'm trying to figure out what she's going to end up doing, haha.


And Hugo's making friends! I'm so relieved. I really liked the scene, even with the number of characters that we weren't familiar with, because it conveyed a sense of enthusiasm and excitement and rowdiness with a lot of people. I think that Hugo deserves the best. I'm so glad things are improving for him, even if it's just by a little bit so far.


Puja, darling. <3


Lovely, lovely chapter. <3



Author's Response:

I'M SORRY THAT I TEASED THAT AND NOTHING HAPPENED. It was a lot of fun to write because I imagined getting people shouty over it. 

I needed Hugo to have some positive interactions with his coworkers. This was definitely baby steps

thank you so much for all these reviews. you're just the best!

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 22 Jan 2018 10:37 PM · [Report This]
Story:Lightning Love Chapter: futbol

I love how everyone and their mother is completely and totally aware of Lily's mixed-up feelings for Lysander, and still nothing is happening. I would be astounded that Lysander himself hasn't caught on yet, if he hadn't shown himself to be a bit of an absent-minded dork (but I love him anyway). Lily's conversation with Rose in the beginning was full of good humor and happy feelings, and I especially liked the part when Hugo came in and added his two cents' worth on Rose's mountain of shawls.


I would also like to request more Joao, because he's hilarious and wonderful. (That whole bit with the Cooper/jogging thing was so funny. I really like the idea that Quidditch players balk at the thought of excessive running, haha.) And I'm wondering, is Hugo ace, or aro? Because that would be brilliant representation if he is.


Because I like Jesse so much right now, I'm beginning to get suspicious that he has something up his sleeve. It's just not possible for any character to be this kind without something going on.


This story is so sweet and cute and I love it.



Author's Response:

Her feelings for Lysander are the elephant in the room but the room is the wizarding world. I have no excuses other than... the plot demanded this long, awkward road for them. Lily/Rose and Rose/Hugo banter is my favorite to write. I have a lot of it in other stories. Well, less with Hugo because he wasn't a super well developed person until I started this. 

Joao gets a lot of play later on. o.o You've read my big about Hugo later on but I'm really glad you like how I'm representing him. I didn't want to be too clunky about labeling him because it always seems kind of weird to me when people do that in fic. It might just be my age but those aren't really conversations people have at sporting events or with everyone they know, lol. 

Jesse does have some daarkness in his past/family but I don't think it'll come up too much in this. He's kind of like Teddy in Westworld. :D

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 22 Jan 2018 10:13 PM · [Report This]
Story:Lightning Love Chapter: Full House of Fragile Hearts

Oh, how beautiful is that last line, omg -- "A smile full of melancholy passed over Molly’s face as she realized hers was a full house of fragile hearts."


Hugo's troubles must be so difficult to deal with on a daily basis. He's so brave for continuing to go to work, and try his best, and just be an overall kind person to the people badmouthing him. (They are so mean. I don't know how anyone can be so mean to someone as nice as Hugo.) Which is why I really appreciated his interactions with Joao, who seems to be genuinely interested in what Hugo does. (My shipper heart is getting a sense of something there.)


I just want to shake Lily and to tell her to take a risk, that it's better to try and fail instead of living your life in a more constricted way. I just want her and Lysander to get together, as kind as Jesse seems to be.


(Also, Puja's little joke was really funny. Not to mention, she's super astute. I've known a pair of twins for three years and I still can't tell them apart, but she meets Lysander for like two minutes and then is able to do that? Wow.)



Author's Response:

I'm especially proud of that line. :D It was one of those lucid moments of writing where I had to type it out when I was at the start of the chapter so I wouldn't forget it and end the chapter with something less foreboding. 

Hugo is the real hero of this story. I hate what I've done to him and the situation he's in. Joao is definitely going to be a light in Hugo's life. I can't comment about what nature their relationship takes because I'm going through a debate on that now, lol. 

I knowwwwwwww, Lily is the worst in this. I've thought about shaking her a few times too. 

I kine of wanted Puja to have a bit of that Luna insight where it's their expressions that give it away (like Luna recognizing Harry with the polyjuice potion)

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 22 Jan 2018 09:53 PM · [Report This]
Story:Lightning Love Chapter: Finger Lakes

I feel like Molly Weasley is the type of person who would just smother you with love until you were strangled with all the affection being thrown at you. So I was just really happy seeing her take care of these young adults in her home. Molly's the best. She deserves to be happy, and to recover fully from the war.


Ooh, so we have some romance plot thickening! Lily and Jesse, and Lysander and Puja. Right now I'm obviously rooting for Lily/Lysander, but I'm also interested to see how the other two couples work out. After all, Jesse sounds like a wonderful guy, and Puja sounds so charming. I appreciate that Lysander isn't the type of guy that would put his jealousy above Lily's personal feelings.


You also wrote their Exploding Snap interactions really well. I was thoroughly amused the whole time, even when they were going on about wizarding law. Lysander's sudden comment about plants was just adorable. <3



Author's Response:

I really love writing Molly as a nurturing person, but with a little less intensity than we saw in the HP books. Part of Molly's melancholy is due to her grief after Arthur died. I... killed him. That's really what drove her to have young adults live with her. 

I'm not sure what shape the romances are at this point. A polygon of some sort? Definitely not a triangle. Puja is just a doll to write. She does get flaws and make some mistakes later (partly to keep her from being a Mary Sue and partly because I like drama). Jesse is a pretty outstanding guy. ^_^

Aw! I'm so glad that scene went well. It's one of those that I'll write and just let jesus take the wheel, hoping it's not nonesense, lol. 

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 22 Jan 2018 09:38 PM · [Report This]
Story:Lightning Love Chapter: Lightning Love

Hi Rose! I'm reading and reviewing the FROGS nominations, so my reviews are going to be a little shorter today. (So many stories to get through, haha.) <3


After reading your wonderful "Love in Three Acts," I was pleasantly surprised at the complete change in tone that this piece has. It's really great to see that you're able to write both moods! This was really sweet, cute, and charming. A little heartwarming too, with Grandma Molly's wish for people to love. (I thought that was such a Molly thing to say.)


I'm super excited about Lily/Lysander, and the antics they may or may not get up to! It's been such a long time since I've read a fic featuring these two, so I'm very happy to see one in the FROGS finalists.



Author's Response:


Your short reviews are just as uplifting and exciting to get as your longer ones <3

I think Love in Three Acts is less common of a tone and pace than this story is. I've done a lot of dramtic but comedic romances like this and tend not to have all of them end as darkly as Love in Three Acts. 

I don't think Lysander/Lily get a lot of time in fic as a featured ship. I'm so excited (from Jan to now, lol) that you decided to read this story! It felt so lonely 

Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 19 Jan 2018 06:46 AM · [Report This]
Story:Lightning Love Chapter: Lightning Love

Hi Rose! I'm here with your review!


The idea of Molly Weasley taking in young adults when she's got an empty nest is so sweet and BELIEVABLE. She's spent most of her life caring about people and making sure they have enough food and worrying about their well-being, and now that she can't do that with her own children anymore she's looking to share those gifts. Who wouldn't respond to that offer? I'm so unsurprised that thirty people responded XD


The conversations between her and Ginny  were perfectly written as well, and each of them felt totally in character. It was very easy to envision a scene like this playing out, particuarly Ginny's combination of reservations about the idea because of having strangers living in the house, and her thought that it will be good for her mother to have people around again. I particularly love Ginny's comparison of young adults to stray garden gnomes LOL


I also like the idea of Lysander staying there because as I remember the Lovegoods lived quite near the Weasleys, if they're still in the house Luna grew up in, so Lysander is more independent and out on his own there but still close enough to drop by home if he wants. And it sounds like the Lovegoods fully support this plan too and it just sounds lovely :D And with Hugo possibly moving in as well it sounds like a pretty fun place. I'm really interested to see the dynamic of them all living there.


Luna bringing Lysander a semi-venomous but totally not dangerous Tentacula hahaha only Luna


Re: does the plot feel slow -- After only one chapter in it's kind of hard to judge this, but things are happening in this chapter and it doesn't feel like it drags at all. In terms of overall story, it feels well paced thus far. In terms of specifically the romance - this may be a weird thought, but it only feels slow compared to the title? Like, going into it, I figured there'd be sparks flying immediately, solely because of the word Lightning in the title. So, compared to the title the romance plot feels slow, but title notwithstanding, it starts at a pretty average, normal speed for a fic. I don't think slow is even necessarily a bad thing, aside from being misled by the title :P There is plot moving, and it's interesitng, so I'm happy. :)


And you've dropped little tantalizing hints at things that have the potential for great drama later (like Lily's short lived engagement... very curious) so  it looks like there will be plenty of things to look forward to reading about.


I think this is a really good start! I've never seen anything like this before with Molly taking in stray garden gnome-like young adults :P it's a wonderufl premise for a plot and very original and I like it a lot! And of course, I'm really happy to be reading something from your next-gen universe again! Awesome chapter.

Author's Response:

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I didn't do a lot of digging on whether the burrow as a boarding house was common/a good idea but I'm really really glad that you like it and it's not something you've read a thousand times. I always worry about being cliche trope story #392928472. I liked writing GInny arguing with Molly. I was worried that it was too meddly for her but also thought she'd have a combo of insecurity and worry that woudl spur her to argue about it. I mean, I was pretty much a garden gnome in my early 20s. I can't imagine all the trouble I would have stayed out of if Mrs. Weasley were looking after me. 

The Scamanders are still in the house Luna grew up in (whichw as rebuilt after the war). The dynamic does get a little busy once the two other boarders move in (there are 2 in addition to Lily, Lysander, and Hugo). I just needed more people to devastate in the story. :P

I suppose the lightning analogy does take a while to happen. I mean, lightning will strike but it doesn't hit all the people at the same time? Obv my background does not lie with weather reporting or factual weather analogies. 

thank you os much for leaving an awesome review and for being you <3 


Name: StarFeather (Signed) · Date: 21 Dec 2017 12:48 PM · starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Story:Lightning Love Chapter: Finger Lakes

Time goes by gently again in the Burrow. The difference between the days when Molly used to bring up her own children and taking tenants is that she can watch over the young people in a less meddlesome way.

It's a little bit surprise to know that Hugo had struggled with the influence of his parents. I just remembered a fellow worker who had sometimes boasted of his famous father. Hugo is so different from him, I like Hugo in your story.

I smiled at your descriptions of Hermione and Ron talking about Hugo's moving out. They didn't change at all after years.

I enjoyed romance maneuvering between Lily and Lysander involving new residents, Jesse and Puja.



Author's Response:

Hi Kenny!

Thank you so much for your wonderful reviews! I like to think Molly is more relaxed with her strict tendencies just because she's older and she's dealing with older kids/young adults. 

I felt bad making Hugo's struggle be his proximity to famous people like Ron and Harry. I'm really glad you like his character though -- he has a very special place. I like to think Ron and Hermione still bicker but it's never about the important things. Or if it is about the important things, it's in a way that they can get past it together. 

Puja and Jesse will create some waves with the existing feelings floating around. 


Name: StarFeather (Signed) · Date: 19 Dec 2017 01:27 AM · starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Story:Lightning Love Chapter: Lightning Love

I stopped by to drop thank you reviews grabbing a chance, the forums activity, Snow Ball Fight.


Wait, I might have read Molly started taking tenants story…perhaps in your other story? I might have read the first half and I couldn’t find time to drop review…I’m not sure. But the argument about Molly’s taking tenants between Ginny and Molly is familiar to me.

Ginny’s mind conflict is well written, her worry, her anxiety that her mother’s love would be spared for strangers.

The history about the relationship between Lily and Lysander is very unique. Had Lily declined his feeling towards her once? Lily might have inherited Harry’s characteristic or his mother, Lily’s, so she might be careful for own love for the other boy. I remembered your Rose romance story, so I’m looking forward to reading more about the development between Lysander and Lily. The episode around Rosularia Tentacula is impressive. We, readers could catch Lily’s wavering feeling towards Lysander when he mentioned Rose.

As we know the relationship between Luna and Harry, in this point, I got interest, how Magizoologist’s son would grab Harry’s daughter’s heart from here. And Molly would support young people including Hugo. I predict this story would be more interesting.


Author's Response:

I think you commented on my novel nest for this story which is when you might have read the chapter before. <3 I'm so thankful for the review ^_^

I really struggled with how to introduce the idea of Molly having boarders/running a boarding house without it being too expositional. I'm really glad that ginny's reaction to the idea worked as a way to serve up that idea. Lily and Lysander are pretty much a romance that stalled out as friendship. I keep thinking i need to give Lily more rationale for not wanting a relationship with Lysander but I haven't gone back through to edit in a decent explanation. Hugo's story does pick up some but I'm afraid it's not a very happy one. 

Thank you so much for a review!


Name: MegGonagall (Signed) · Date: 13 May 2017 08:15 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Lightning Love Chapter: Full House of Fragile Hearts

Rose! I'm here! 


Loved the chapter, obviously. :) So I wonder if Nita is going to try to play match maker or something. Clearly she's not buying Lily's bs about now wanting to ruin a friendship. Which I get, but it's silly. I totally agree with the whole better to ruin a friendship than lose a love thing. She's already on track to lose Lysander if she doesn't get her crap together. Ugh, Lily... I want to slap her lol. 


Omg Hugo broke my heart. It totally sucks working somewhere when you're the odd person out. It's so uncomfortable and makes the day drag and just makes you absolutely dread getting out of bed in the morning and facing those people. And when he heard them calling him Huge-O, I wanted to cry. That's so horrible. And yeah, going to Harry or Ron would absolutely not help him at all. I'm glad he thought of talking to Brandon, who was incredibly kind by the way. Hopefully Hugo won't feel as alone there now, knowing that he does have someone to talk to, who isn't his father or uncle. Oh god, when Ron got that kid's name wrong, I literally laughed out loud. I could absolutely see him doing that. Not because he's like Slughorn and doesn't feel the person worthy of knowing their name. But more because, well, because he's Ron, if that makes sense. Too funny. I'm a little nervous about Hugo going out with those guys on his own though. Especially if alcohol will be involved. I don't want to see anything happen to him. You're going to have something happen to him, aren't you? *glares* You totally will. 


I love the whole cook book thing that Lily and Molly are working on together. It's such a cute little project for them to do together. So sweet. You weren't lying when you said you have a lot of OC's in this story. But honestly, they're all working so far. I'm still not totally sure who to trust yet, because again, you're you. But we'll see what happens. I have the bad feeling that Jesse is going to turn out to be like crazy or evil or something. I may be totally wrong, but you never know with you. :p That story about Fred, George and Ron was too great. I snorted when I read that, which caused my fiancé to look at me like I was nuts hahaha. Lily does seem like not too interested in Jesse, but more like she feels like she should be interested in Jesse. She's going to lose Lysander to Puja if she doesn't stop being silly! Again, the urge to slap is strong in this one. I don't want her kissing Jesse! *cries* 


Another great chapter, love! Can't wait for the inevitable tears and heartbreak! 


Tons of love, 


Author's Response:

Meg!!! <3

Nita is... going to play an important-ish role. She's a regular in the story at least. I think teh urge to slap Lily will just continue to rise. I'm sorry. Except I'm not. 

Hugo's story in this just breaks my heart and I'm sad thinking about it. He'll... have a lot of experiences in this story and... well... 

Anyway, at least he has Brandon to talk to about it at work. That'll make things a little better. Probably not at the pub though. The pub won't be a disaster. :D 

I had this whole thing where Lily starting working on a recipe/cooking column in Witch Weekly and then got a book deal. It's how Lily has been making some money after quitting the Prophet. I was going to start with them doing that but decided to jump to the book deal part. You can trust all the OCs in this story. There aren't any Corbins or anything. Oh man, I'm so glad you liked the Ron, Fred, and George story. I told my husband the story and he didn't really laugh. So... maybe you'll be mad at me/Lily through a lot of this. *hides in blanket fort*

Thank you so much for another wonderful review! You really make me excited to keep writing chapters.



Name: MegGonagall (Signed) · Date: 11 May 2017 06:09 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Lightning Love Chapter: Finger Lakes

Hey Rose! Finally here! 


Poor Hugo. :( He was so nervous. And of course Ron would have to question him going for tea and not just be like, "oh ok," like Hermione. But can I just say that how funny it was that he was about to suggest...things, to Hermione without realizing Hugo was there haha. Ice cream... Sure Ron. Inner Hugo bought that. But I'm glad it worked out and they were alright with him moving out. I mean, it's only with his grandmother, cousin and friend, so it's not like he's totally on his own, like Rose is. That probably helped his cause a bit. :) 


Lily is so sly, I love her. She definitely has natural investigating skills, like to that point where I feel like it would be difficult to keep anything from her at all. These poor Weasley/Potter kids though. I imagine all of them at one point or another had to deal with being measured up to their war hero parents. I feel bad that Hugo is going through that. I want to hug him. And I totally agree, when you have people you can talk to/vent to, it does make a situation feel a little bit less crappy. It's good he has Lily and Lysander now. 


Hmm, so we have a hunky new American wizard, do we? That was too funny about the Finger Lakes. "Are they full of finger?" XD They're not too far from me, but I've only been there once, about a year ago for a friend's wedding. It's beautiful there. All the wineries and everything. Have you ever been there? I'm dying to go back. But I'm getting waaaay off track lol. But that means Jesse is originally from my area-ish. 


So clearly Lily is crushing on Jesse. I originally read that line as her thinking he could be her future Minister, and I was like, "hmm, ok? If that's her way of judging future boyfriends?" But then realized it said "Mister" XD I'm excited to see all the love-triangle-y-ness, heart break and tears this is all going to bring though. Especially now when you're throwing in Puja, who Lysander clearly finds attractive. What is it with some girls that they don't realize they might have feelings for a guy who likes them, until that guy seems interested in someone else? I had friends like that who I just wanted to slap haha. Now Lily is feeling a little jealousy. Oh dear. You're going to put me through an emotional storm in this, aren't you? 


Great chapter! I'll be back to review the third chapter, too! I was promised a Brandon cameo ;) 


Tons of love, 

Meg <33

Author's Response:


hehe, I needed to show that Hermione and Ron were really happy. Or at least having a sexy moment in the works. I didn't want Hugo to have the same giant meltdown over moving out like Rose had -- he has his own fun set of problems and I didn't want to repeat. 

It's a lot of fun writing Lily to be inquiring and sharp but also well intnentioned with her inquisitive behavior. I agree that being measured against their parents happens with all of them in some way or another. Unfortunately, Hugo's situation will get a lot worse before it gets better. 

I'm glad you liked my joke about the Finger Lakes. I havent'been but my SIL is from upstate NY and the Finger Lakes always sounded intreresting. But, yeah, I'll have to ask you questions about that area because... I don't know as much as I should for having a character from there. 

haha, well, you're not wrong with her thinking someone who could be traditionally successful would be a good partner. It's a flaw of hers. Things are going to be messy but a different type of messy than TR. An entirely worse kind of messy. o.o i'm so excited to break hearts in this. 

Thanks so much for the awesome review!


Name: MegGonagall (Signed) · Date: 02 May 2017 08:35 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Lightning Love Chapter: Lightning Love

Rose! *happy dance* I'm so excited for this!! 

Yes, this was an absolutly perfect place to end this chapter! And now I might hound you daily for an update. :p 

It's so great to be fully back into this universe! I love the opening. I think it's too funny that Ginny assumed it was a prank that George thrilled, without even considering that Molly would do something like this. I'm actually wondering now how the rest of the Weasley kids are going to take the news. I would imagine they'd have the same reservations about it as Ginny did. Because like she said, it's not exactly safe. They're a family of Weasleys and Potters, and I'm sure there are still Voldemort sympathizers out there who would love a chance at revenge. I'm excited and nervous to see how you're going to break my heart in this story lol. 

I found it so funny that Ginny was worried about Lysander living there, since he had feelings for Lily, when she basically lived with Harry her whole childhood. It definitely shows how one changes when they become a parent. 

I really love your Lily. I really love all of your characterizations though, so that's no surprise. And Lysander seems like such a sweetie. 

The part with the plant was too funny. I can picture Luna, all dreamy-like, "it only dances in the sun." And then naming it after Rose hahaha. I love it. 

I can't wait to find out all the details about why Hugo wants to live there, too. I know you told me a little, but I'm dying to know more. 

Eek! I'm so excited! *flails* I love it already! 


All the love and hugs, 

Meg 💚

Author's Response:


So, I'm so very happy you reviewed this and *confetti* thank you for being my first review on the story and the chapter. I thnk I'll break your heart in new ways in this story. So, that'll be fun for at least one of us. :P 

Ginny is a bit more releaxed when it comes to her daughter dating (especially compared to harry) but even a quite liberal parent would think twice about her daughter almost living with someone who they like/likes them back. 

eee! I'm so excited for this stsory and I'm glad you're excited too


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