Name: Crimson Quill (Signed) · Date: 23 Jun 2017 06:49 PM · Chapter: Deeper Than Oceans


So, firstly congratulations on finishing this beautiful award winning story! I seriously was so nervous going into this as I love this story so much, it's so sad it's finished but I wasn't sure what to expect! It was so surprised and happy with this ending!

So I've never review this story in any detail before, just general crazy fan-girling! I wanted to say something about the story as a whole. So I think the strongest point of this story is really your characteristics of your OC. You've played everything about Finn perfectly, you've got this character with a tough public face but inside has so many layers and conflicts in his mind yet his heart is good. It was amazing that you got so many aspect of Finn's personality into this story. He is so three dimensional, I'm such a sucker for the moody slytherin gone good. It's something you do really well in Hero too. The way you've written your characters and your sheer talent at doing so is the reason that your OF is going to be a big success too. I need to have a word about Brindley, she's amazing - she's a sassy puff! you've played all the emotions so damn well, they had perfect chemistry between them. You really deserve your frog for your OC. When I found out about the frogs, it was seriously the first thing I knew I was going to nominate.

I think I need to move on to your plot line, I really love the romantic side of your story but it was so much more than that. I've always so impressed when people can create story line with different levels. I thought the story line was really well thought out, you added mystery and suspense. The issues with war and you even tackle lgt issues here with two of Finn's friends which is huge for the story being set in 1940s. I was on the edge of my seat for a lot of this story, you did a perfect job at keeping the pacing within the story too. I was left wanting more every chapter and I've coming back, I always got excited about a new chapter but it didn't drag as a story or have too much filler. I thought that was amazingly done, the balance you had in this story. I've not really read anyone's OF before but I will be making a point to read yours.

So, I guess I've talked about more the story in general so I shall move onto reviewing more of this chapter. I obviously loved it! It was just stunning, I thought it was so 'rowling'-ques because it felt like real harry potter writing like the little touches. I love the idea of the curse kinda rebounding which ended up saving Brindley, it has so many links to the curse between Harry and Voldermort. The scene with Finn and Brindley on the beach reminded me so much the scene when dobby dies. They weren't over done but I loved them! yay for Finn's mother and her portkey, I'm so proud of her though I kinda hate to think what might have happened to her afterwards. please say that she's ok??

sefnipspgnoerigfbesio! so that's basically my first reaction like I have no words that made any sense. I can't believe they had a happy ending, after Hero I didn't think you did happy endings! It was such an amazing surprise ending for me! I just want to know what happens next though, it's hopefully they have like million perfect babies and happily ever after! I guess Declan Blishwick is somewhat proof of this!? I also want Finn to be really badass and go after Tom too! I'm so happyhappyhappy that you finished this, thank you so much for sharing harder they fall with us! :)

- Abbi xo    

Name: AltraX (Signed) · Date: 22 Jun 2017 08:19 AM · Chapter: Stand and Deliver

Hiya! Guess whose back?! ;)


I admittedly will probably not power read and review this story, like I did with Hero, but I am going to pop in occasionally to review another chapter here or there because I like Finn’s character and your writing. So.


The one thing that I’ve loved about the chapters thus far is the quote at the top of each of them, and how they relate to everything that happens in the chapter. I’m not sure why I love how it sets everything up, but like…I wanted to be sure to mention that I love them. Especially this one.


That said. Tom. He is all in this for himself. I think he makes that very clear, but does so in a way that’s very…guarded, I guess? Like, he presents it in a way that pushes, in this case, Finn to try harder. Not for the sake of Finn being able to do it, but for the sake of Finn being able to do something that benefits Tom. Like it’s scary how much power Tom has here. And only more terrifying when Finn doesn’t manage to get the records (in which Tom uses his frightening ability to distract people in an innocent manner while doing bad things), and Tom does his wandless magic thing. Like, total manipulation to get what he wants how he wants it and just…it was a wee bit intense.


I did enjoy the duelling club, and how after the whole Malfoy/Finn thing. I knew it was only a matter of time before that didn’t go well, and I don’t assume they’re going to be pairing up again, anytime soon… xD


And the part I was saving for last here. McCroy. I loved that entire interaction. She definitely pushes Finn’s buttons, and she pushes just the right ones too. She gets the idea in his head about maybe actually doing the assignment they’re supposed to be doing, and calling him out about judging everything straight away. Like, he needed to hear it, I think. And it definitely stuck with him when he decided upon the name for the team, rather than letting Tom doing. Like, interesting development there…especially when he then goes and eavesdrops on her conversation instead of getting the records…I have a feeling this isn’t going to be just a onetime issue and am interested to see where you go from here…


Overall, lovely chapter! Hopefully will be back soon for more! :D


-Mikaela xx

Name: dreamgazer220 (Signed) · Date: 22 Jun 2017 12:02 AM · Chapter: Deeper Than Oceans

Bianca, I have a couple of things to formally say to you in a review, but that can wait because:

DEAR GOD THIS CHAPTER WAS A ROLLERCOASTER! Okay, so I was all ready to riot because I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen to Brindley.  It broke my heart when Finn walked away from her and couldn't think of anything to say.

I don't think there's ever been a punch more satisfying except for when Hermione punched Malfoy in PoA.  I chuckled that Finn thought Tom wasn't capable of bleeding, and it's such a Finn thought.  AND I'm so impressed with his power and that he was able to use his wand with all that magic. I was totally cheering for him, despite the fact that I wanted to shake him - and I think that's the mark of a good character. He's made some huge mistakes, but in the end, he redeems himself, and I'm SO happy that he was able to save Brindley.

So what happened with her curse? Was it that Grindelward hit her with it a second time and it kind of counter-acted? That's what I took from it when you mentioned the snake venom effect. 

Awww, go Mama Blishwick! A Portkey is SO SMART.

And the beach! Ugh, my heart.  I'm so glad that Finn and Brindley got the happily ever after they deserved.  They've been through so much together and I'm so proud that Finn wants to make the Blishwick name into something good.  And get revenge for Tom.

THANK YOU FOR LETTING THEM LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER, MY BABIES. Although you could definitely write more Finn, I mean... come on! He's going to hunt down Tom Riddle! How can you not write that story?!?!?!

This is really just me begging you with puppy dog eyes.  Is it working?

So the things I wanted to formally say:  I'm so impressed by you, your writing, and your character growth.  I know Julie is a goddess, but you've always had talent, and I'm so proud to see how far you've grown from the first chapter of Hero (which was excellent) to now. I'm also impressed that you've managed to finish two stories in a year or two (I'm lazy right now to go look).

Thank you for sharing this story and Finn with us.

Love you long time

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Name: dreamgazer220 (Signed) · Date: 21 Jun 2017 11:37 PM · Chapter: Hollow

Excuse me.  EXCUSE ME, BIANCA.

I'm sorry, Finn, but when you gave Grindelward that girl's name, what did you really expect him to do? Nothing? I totally get that you want to protect Brindley, but UGH.  That poor girl was just a little pawn and my only consolation is that he's feeling horrible over it, as he should.

ALSO, you knew you were going to study with Brindley and you didn't really hide the note or the cloak all that well. UGH, Finn, sometimes I want to shake you.  

I really just want to hug Brindley, okay? She could use a hug or three, I can't imagine how hurt she is by Finn right now. BUT ALSO, Grindelward better not hurt her or else I'll riot. Or Tom, for that matter. Can I punch Tom? I'm not at all surprised that he tracked Finn to find the cloak.

Also, how did Finn know where the cloak was hidden? 

Fantastic chapter, B! As much as I want to shake Finn, he's still one of my favorite characters. He's grown so much but then he does things like this and just UGHHH. (And you wonder why I referred to you as Queen Stiefvater, geez.)

I don't think I'm ready for the last chapter.

Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 21 Jun 2017 09:56 PM · Chapter: Deeper Than Oceans



This chapter was so powerful. You really heaped on the angst and grief there in the first part and I was so convinced Brindley was dead, and then when she breathed I could barely believe it and normally happy endings are too sweet for me but I needed this one. Considering how much these two have been through in all the previous chapters, they deserved a happy ending together.


I was quite literally on the edge of my seat this entire chapter and didn't even look away when some lady in the library came by and looked over my shoulder at what I was reading and it was clearly fanfiction but I COULD NOT STOP READING. The suspense in this chapter was just incredible.


And I know I was angry at Finn last chapter, but I think he was angry with himself too, and he needed to be. He needed to understand how much he had messed up, and now that he has, I was on his side again and cheering for him. I loved when he punched Tom in the face and how he is unashamed of loving Brindley and he's just grown up so much through this story - thinking of the Finn in the beginning of the story with dreams of being Grindelwald's little minion, to how he's become who he is now, it's really remarkable and I'm so happy everything worked out for him. And I'm also glad he learned the truth about Hero's death - he deserved to know that. :(


Congrats on finishing this story! This really has been an amazing, award-winningly fantastic story so well done on completing it! I'm sorry this review is all over the place, but my emotions are all over the place after this chapter because it was so good. Amazing work! ♥

Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 21 Jun 2017 09:34 PM · Chapter: Hollow

How is this story finished already! Gah, this chapter was so hard to read. Not because of the writing quality, because that was superb of course. Mostly because I'm so frustrated at Finn's short-sightedness and poor decision making. I am glad Sebastian tied him up at the end and tried to shake some sense into him (however badly that worked) because it was something I very much wanted to do myself.

Honestly, Finn isn't that likeable right now- he condemned an innocent girl to death for personal gain/because he valued her life less than Brindley's, and then he stole from an middle aged poor man whom Tom had just left unconscious. He's not at the top of my list of winners right now. BUT despite all of that, I still want everything to work out for him. Despite what a mess he is, he's doing all these wrong things for the right reasons, he just hasn't thought through the consequences, and that's why I ultimately do like Finn. I don't like him, but I like him - I'm sure that makes loads of sense. :P but omg, he really is a fascinating character and he has really screwed some things up and I want it all to be okay.

Poor Brindley. I can't blame her for walking out on Finn - I know he was trying to protect her, but he was such a meddler about it, deliberately hiding things from her that she'd wanted to know for so long, and had a right to know. And now I'm worried about what's going to happen to her, and I have some bad suspicions :(

I feel so badly for Sebastian too, trying to take things into his own hands and get out of the manipulations of his family but not realizing that he's still being manipulated by Tom.

The final chapter is awaiting me so I have nothing else to say other than that you are a fantastic writer. ♥

Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 21 Jun 2017 07:57 PM · Chapter: Deeper Than Oceans

B, I love you!!!
And I love this ending!!!
And I love this whole story, and your wonderful writing, and your brilliant mind!!!
And I'm so proud of you for getting to the end of this! I can't believe it's finished, I'm so excited and a tiny bit sad at the same time... (also, how awesome is it that we finished our stories practically at the same time?)

Okay, I'll stop blubbering and try to leave an actual review now... :P

So, first... I love Finn's Mum! I love that in the end all she cares about is her son being safe and happy. Such a stark contrast with Jameson, who primarily cares about the good name of the family. I felt so awful when he rejected Finn...

And speaking of Finn... I couldn't be more proud of him! I loved the scene when he broke the Hallows symbol, it was so brave of him. You can really tell how much he's grown up and changed since the story started.

I hate, hate, HATE Tom! Poor Finn, I felt so bad when Tom finally told him what he'd done to Hero... :(

Oh, and I love that the Cloak was fake! Fleamont is so smart! ;)

You really fooled me... I truly believed Brindley was gone for a moment... how dared you scared me that way? Shake-what???

But then she opened her eyes, and she wasn't ill anymore and that was so amazing and made up for any previous heartbreak. I so loved the concept that the curse nullified itself, such a stroke of genius! (By the way, I don't think I've commented on it before, but your Grindelwald was amazing, too. You just have a talent at writing dark wizard, I guess...)

I'm so glad Brindley decided to forgive him. I mean, I'm not surprised that she did. How could she not when he'd tried so hard to set things right? I loved that she made a blanket fort, like when they first kissed. Such a nice touch!

I so love the idea of Brindley and Fleamont trying to build a relationship. And now I want that Marauder sequel even more. I love the idea that the children of Finn and Brindley grew up with James! :D

Oh, by the way... talking about family and cousins and stuff... what about my little Bash? I like the idea that he made up with Finn and Brindley and they kept in touch... but maybe not? I just hope he won't get involved any more with Tom and the future Death Eaters...

So, to cut it short, I loved this, and I'm so glad you gave us a happy ending (no, it wasn't obvious... I mean, do you remember how you ended Hero???)

I know I tell you all the time, but you are an amazing writer!

Thank you so much for this wonderful story!
Snowball hug!
Your little Chi!

Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 18 Jun 2017 06:21 PM · Chapter: Hollow

Oh, my Shakespeare, B!
I swear I have tears in my eyes right now... Sebastian, what have you done? (And yes, I still love him)

I felt so bad for Finn. When he heard about Alenya... I mean, he sort of asked for it, and I sort of expected it to happen, but it still broke my heart.

And I'm so worried now about Fleamont and about Brindley and... well, I'm so worried about everyone, actually. And I just want to hug Finn and Bash and tell them that it'll all end well. Because it will, right? Or at least, not so bad?

As always, I could probably comment on a thousand other things, but I'm so overwhelmed with emotion right now... I just can't wait for the last chapter, even if I'm scared to find out what will happen.

This was so brilliant and heartbreaking and I love your writing so much!

Snowball hug,

Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 18 Jun 2017 06:20 PM · Chapter: Immortal

Hi, B, love!
It's 9am and I'm waiting for Anja and Jo to wake up so I thought I would profit and leave you this long-owed review. (And maybe get to the new chapter too, if I have time)

"Never before had he felt as though maybe he wasn’t so immortal. That life was not perfect, that his family’s wealth and name couldn’t fix everything." The impotence in front of death... this really hits me in the feelings so much... also, I'm a bit disappointed that Finn chose to condemn an innocent girl, but I can see why he did so and I still love him.

"Like our good looks."
"I heard that skips generations."
Ahahah! Did I mention I love Brindley?

The whole scene on the mountain, the dancing and everything that happens next... oh, my Shakespeare! That was just amazing and wonderful and... I so love Finn and Brindley together. And I so love your writing! Also, I loved the bit about the birthmarks, such a nice touch!

I loved the idea of the ring, it was so clever. And I loved that moment with Hero. I just wish she made it in time to tell him what Tom did. But I have a feeling he will figure it out soon anyway...

"The two most important girls in his life. One he had already lost. The other was only a matter of time." Poor Finn... can I just hug him?

My little Bash... I almost forgot you mentioned him... what is he up to? Should I be worried?

Sorry, I'm cutting this short. There's surely something I forgot to say. Just wanted to tell you again how much I loved this chapter! It was really, really brilliant!

Love thee, little B!

Name: AltraX (Signed) · Date: 13 Jun 2017 09:03 AM · Chapter: A New Day



So, definitely couldn’t help myself and started reading another chapter. And then finished it. And here I am. Reviewing it. xD


This chapter builds so well on the last one and I can honestly say I’m really getting to like Finn’s character. He tends to be rude at times (part of that I think is just the group he surrounds himself with), but his character really is complex. He wants to fit in with this group and hold this reputation as this tough guy who doesn’t need sympathy and just wants to be recognized and appreciated for what his family/friends think he should be, but at the same time, he is not doing well with the loss of his sister and at the end there, his feelings about this coup…he’s slowly coming to terms with the fact that the world outside of the safe confines of what he knows is so much more real and dangerous. I guess that sort of came out when he was talking about using the imperius curse in the last chapter, how he could only do it for a second with the rat…like, he wants to believe he can be this dark character, but I have a feeling he’s going to learn the hard way…


In the meantime though, I’m quite entertained with his attempt to make it to class on time, only to get paired with McCroy. I can only imagine how well this is going to go, especially after his father put the pressure on him more to get the opportunity with the ministry. Like, he honestly doesn’t seem too concerned with this class (or really any of them), and I think it’ll be fun to watch this unfold with his disgust for bugs.


Also love some of the characterization with Tom again. He’s such an intelligent character, and so convincing and calm about everything. His ability to just take things and smooth them over makes him such an intimidating character…it’s fascinating really, how well others know him yet they all still go along with him on everything. It just amazing you. I feel like you’ve really captured a complete view of his character…


What else am I missing…the conversation with his father was interesting. I’m curious to see where this Potter part comes in and how it shapes Tom’s thoughts, and how it affects things with Grindelwald. Also with Finn, taking the whole Ministry thing as a mission…as much as I don’t think he understands how his father wants to use it.


Leaving off here, I’ll share just a couple lines I found that stuck out in this chapter, whether because they amused me or are good indicators of trouble to come…


"You're just going to have to trust me." 


“The Blishwicks will rise, starting with you.”


"Find one. You have nine minutes."


Lovely chapter! See you next chapter!




Name: AltraX (Signed) · Date: 13 Jun 2017 08:10 AM · Chapter: Left Behind


Every time I make the jump back into this writing, reading and reviewing world, I begin to wonder more and more why I step back and take a break from it so much. It seems like every time I come back into it, I find something that is so beautifully crafted that I never want to let go again, and this story is definitely high on that list of reasons to stay.

From the very beginning of this first chapter, I’ve been drawn in. I want to know more about Finn, about Hero, how their relationship worked, how it feel apart, how Finn is living his life, why his feelings and mood are so ingrained in every part of this writing…like, his character is introduced in a way that makes me feel like I know him and understand him, but at the same time, he’s a mystery. He paints himself as this guy who is everything he doesn’t want to be, everything he shouldn’t want to be, but he continues putting up the act and going along with it. He doesn’t try to fight it, as much as he may want to, and does a lot of following the leader, whether that be his parents or Tom. He also has all this inner turmoil which he just brushes aside, like he’s not affected by his twin not being present, not being the better half of things and doing things he could never. Like, honestly, I feel so much for Finn and I can’t wait to see more of him.

As Finn gets back to Hogwarts, you introduce more things that I want to know. Mostly about Tom and how Grindelwald’s influence ties into things. You obviously set the stage well, giving a good background as to what year it is and what sorts of things have been happening at Hogwarts, but you also introduce Tom, and the sort of power he already has at such an early point in his life. He’s full of ambitions and dark ideas but I could definitely see how it doesn’t come across that strong to others. Yes, he has an agenda and could be dangerous, but it seems like the only ones who really know that are the ones drawn into his tight knit group. Finn and the others know not to ask questions and when things get said that are out of line, they’re more prepared for the consequences than anything else.  It’s interesting, the sort of power Tom has, and I’m only more enticed to move forward in this story.

I was amused by how light hearted parts of this were, despite the fact the story has a rather dark feel to it. The boys joking about the wands and the names, pretending to sleep in class…the reminders that they are only teenagers in school, doing things because they have to. It’s a good balance, I think.

I also wanted to share two lines that struck something with me. So well poised and each a different image painted in my head…

“An inherited trait, the smile could hide even the most dangerous of lies, the most darkest of secrets, the most damaged of emotions.”

“But by the way Tom ran a finger over it lovingly, like he would do the head of a snake, you would think it was the most precious of treasure.”

Overall, this was wonderful! I cannot wait to dive further into this, to see where you take this and how things unfold. Until next time!


Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 30 May 2017 11:35 PM · Chapter: Immortal


I am already hyperventilating at seeing the title to this chapter. And the quote that starts it off. You're really worrying me here.

And the first paragraph too about the song of the death of someone's lover. You are not being subtle with these hints AND I AM VERY WORRIED ABOUT THESE TWO LOVEBIRDS. don't kill off these precious cinnamon rolls please

That he had condemned an innocent girl to danger to save someone else. -- WAIT, HE DID THAT? FINN I AM SO MAD AT YOU

He was doing the right thing. -- NO HE IS NOT. FINN. YOU DID A BAD THING

I am still annoyed at Finn but golly gee those two are adorable dancing on the mountain. Please let them just stay up there forever where you can't harm them anymore.

The resurrection stone! AHHH IT'S HERO! WOW PLOT TWIST. I didn't anticipate that at all. This scene is kind of heartbreaking because she's there, but not there. That can't be easy for Finn, especially as it's just more of a reminder that she's not there. And she tried to warn him! D: I'm just glad she was able to say as much as she did before she was interrupted.

Also Tom is going to be so paranoid when he realizes that his jacket is missing and with it one of his Horcruxes...

“Because I think it will go with my outfit.” -- omg Finn XD

And once again you end a chapter in the most ominous way. Aah! I'm dying to know. Pardon the morbid humour because at this point in the story I'm worried about everyone and have suspicions they're going to die. This story is so good aksdflksjdf. great chapter!

P.S. Why couldn't the bicycle stand up?
Because it was two tired

Name: quill2parchment (Signed) · Date: 29 May 2017 02:29 PM · Chapter: Immortal

Romantic, grown up, thoughtful Finn is everything I need in life!

Okay and that mountain top scene made the hopeless romantic in me extremely happy. It was so sweet of him to take her there, and I love how he's always so careful with her, but Brindley is definitely strong too! And they're just both beyond adorable. I'm so glad that they both go to feel like they were the only two people in the world and be normal teenagers in love for one night. 

"A new spell he’d learned, a joke she would have liked, how good Sebastian was getting on his flute. Brindley. But now that his chance was here, he couldn’t think of any of them." 

I miss Hero :( That reunion broke my heart. But of course, she is quick to warn him about Tom! And I'm so glad that Finn is starting to realize just how dangerous Tom is!

I can't wait to see what happens next! Every time I see on update on this story, my heart skips a beat, B. I'm so obsessed with it!

Name: quill2parchment (Signed) · Date: 29 May 2017 02:28 PM · Chapter: No Rest For the Wicked

This was such a great chapter! You really see how much Finn has grown up. I am so proud of him! 

His reaction to Ben's confession really shows just how far he's come along and how much kinder he has become, and I loved it. 

Dumbledore telling Tom is the most powerful magic of all gave me hope. Please tell me it'll be powerful enough to save Brindley!

"I'd rather spend a few days with you than years with anyone else." STOP. MY HEART. Seriously how cute and sweet is my little Finn now. I adore him. I can't get enough of these Brindley/Finn moments by the way. 

Grindelwald creeps the heck out of me. I feel so bad for Finn having to deal with him AND Tom Riddle. Talk about tough. 

And that cliffhanger! Ah! 

I can't wait for the next chapter. Marvelous job like always, m'dear. 

Xo- Quilly

Name: quill2parchment (Signed) · Date: 29 May 2017 02:28 PM · Chapter: The Beginning of the End

It continues to impress me how well you write Tom. "In their success, Tom had said, he wanted to be recognized." Of course, he does. 

Finn's dad knows about Brindley! I'm not surprised he's keeping tabs on Finn, tbh. But ugh. 

The way you're going about Finn getting the dark mark is absolutely brilliant by the way. I love that he doesn't entirely know what's going on. It reminds us that despite Brindley, he's still getting sucked in deeper and deeper...

And Brindley! We finally found out what's going with her illness... I'm still really hoping that Finn finds a way of helping her. Although doing so by throwing another student under the bus, sort of speak, isn't right either! But he's under so much pressure so he might give in. 

Brilliant chapter. Like always! Can't wait for the next one!

Name: quill2parchment (Signed) · Date: 29 May 2017 02:27 PM · Chapter: A Snake in the Den

-transferred from HPFF-

I'm finally all caught up with this story and floored with your writing skills!

First of all, let me start by telling you I miss Hero. That first chapter was so hard to read. :( I really felt for Finn, and it made me really bitter towards Tom. 

Speaking of Finn... I love, love Finn. I liked him in Hero, and I love him even more here. He's so wonderful, and he gives me all the feels. He makes me laugh and want to cry at the same time but he's so adorable and funny but has such a tragic story. 

And Brindley. She's so sweet with the perfect amount of sassy. She's exactly what Finn needs so I'm praying her illness isn't anything terminal. I really want her to be okay. I really want them to be grow up, get married, have babies, and live happily ever after away from Tom Riddle and all his evilness... 

What I love the most about your writing is how easy it is to get attached to the characters. They're so well crafted that they feel real to the reader. That's very hard to do so I applaud you on that front. 

Please update soon. I'll be constantly checking. Although I know it'll be worth the wait when we finally get a new chapter.

Name: dreamgazer220 (Signed) · Date: 25 May 2017 03:40 PM · Chapter: Immortal


Okay so I'm a little annoyed that Finn sold out some poor innocent girl in order to keep Brindley safe, but I could see how - in his twisted mind - it was the right thing to do. It's quite Slytherin of him, really. I'm also curious because it seems as though he's okay even after being tortured, but I have a feeling that's where his mind has been.

FINN AND BRINDLEY ON THE MOUNTAIN. I REPEAT, FINN AND BRINDLEY ON THE MOUNTAIN! Okay, it doesn't totally make up for the last chapter but it's really freaking adorable and I'm going to pretend that it does because they're wonderful and amazing and #otp. I'm glad that she wasn't hesitant about wanting to be with him, that it was clearly something she wanted.

ALSO, loved this line: "I am not going to break, Finn." I love how precious and concerned he is for her and she's just like, "lol, boy, PLEASE."

Hero hath made an appearance! I was excited about this scene and curious how you were going to do it. Interesting choice that her grave is next to Myrtle's - was that done on purpose? LOOK AT THEM GETTING ALONG AND FINN TALKING TO GHOSTS.

That's right, Finn, don't trust Tom. He's a psychopath. A pretty one, I know you don't care about that, but he's a psychopath.

I'm so anxious to see how he's going to react when he finds out the truth about Hero's death.

Another fantastic chapter, my love!


Name: dreamgazer220 (Signed) · Date: 25 May 2017 03:03 AM · Chapter: No Rest For the Wicked


We're in a fight.

But seriously, this chapter was awesome! I'm having a hard time deciding if my favorite part was the scene with Ben and Finn (CAN THEY START A REVOLUTION TOGETHER PLEASE) or Finn and Brindley. I mean, this pretty much stole my heart: "I'd rather spend a few days with you than anyone else." UGH poor babies.

I love how much Finn has grown, but it's all done so realistically. I feel like I tell you that in every chapter but your character development skills remind of me of Queen Maggie Stiefvater. Seriously awesome.

What an amazing chapter and I'm so proud to see how far you've come with this story.

Love you long time♥

Name: dreamgazer220 (Signed) · Date: 25 May 2017 03:02 AM · Chapter: The Beginning of the End

Eeep, a new chapter of HTF! YAY!

I love Finn. Like, a lot. I like his character development and how he stays true to himself, but you can easily see how he's changed from his Hero days until now, when he wants to protect Brindley at all costs. And using someone else to do it - that does seem very Slytherin and very Finn-like. I do feel bad for the girl, but as long as Brindley is safe from Grindelwald, it's okay. :P

I love your writing and how it's grown. Like always, this chapter flew by for me. I liked how the pace at the coup was higher and more at-stake than the pace with Brindley, and then it picked up again with Finn and the boys. It felt natural and I gobbled this chapter right up.

AND MY POOR FINNDLEY :( When she said she was dying, my heart broke for Finn. Especially this part:

Brindley's mouth lifted in half a smile. "It's okay, Finn. I've come to terms with it."

The words slipped out of his mouth, hoarse and raw, before he could stop them. "I haven't."

I just love how he's grown to care about her over time and doesn't really have a filter around her anymore.

I also loved this line: "It's fine," she said, smiling. "Pain is relative, you know? There's no use in comparing problems."

Brindley's always seemed wise beyond her years, but not in a condescending way. I guess her condition would help with wisdom.


Lovely chapter as always, B!


Name: dreamgazer220 (Signed) · Date: 25 May 2017 03:00 AM · Chapter: A Snake in the Den


Okay so like, I've told you that Finndley is my OTP of the fanfic world right now, right? Because they totally are. I love their dynamic and how Finn is slowly becoming more and more aware of her existence, and he doesn't know why and he finds it annoying, which is adorable and so very Finn.

Okay so I loved the opening scene, and OH GOD FINN IS GOING TO BE MORALLY COMPROMISED NOW AND I AM SO. HERE. FOR. IT. I love love love his character growth and you do it so well and naturally, like he doesn't immediately love her and want to spend time with her.

And I loved the duel scene, I loved that he made sure to get close to her and I loved their talking under their breath, and Tom totally knows because he's smart. And Grindelwald is totally the evil wizard after Mara, I KNOW IT.

AND THEN CAN WE TALK ABOUT DRUNK FINN AND DRUNK BRINDLEY AND THE BLANKET FORT AND THE KISS AND I'M SORRY FOR THE CAPSLOCK BUT IT WAS SO WONDERFUL. It was simple and it felt natural and so very right for them. I can't wait to see if Brindley remembers what happened and how they're going to act around each other after this.

I also loved Finn taking care of her and Brindley giving him a hard time about the Hufflepuff common room, and I just loved everything, okay?!?!

And you. I know you're going through a rough patch but I hope things get better soon because you're amazing and this chapter was amazing.

Love you!

Name: dreamgazer220 (Signed) · Date: 25 May 2017 02:59 AM · Chapter: Casablanca

ALL ABOARD!! Last call for those to climb aboard the USS Finndley before it sets sail across the Pacific!!!


Omg, B. This chapter was so adorable and so worth the wait! Your writing, as always, is on-point. I'm really liking seeing Sebastian coming into his own. I'm mad that Finn would blow him off like that, but it's such a very Finn thing to do and it's true to his character. His character arc and growth is stunning, though. Truly. You can still see bits and pieces of his old self shine through with his cousin and his friends, and even with Brindley - but then he sort of opens himself up and lets himself be a bit vulnerable later on in this chapter and it's just.


I loved that urban legend with the Hufflepuffs. Is that actually a thing or is that from the mind of B? Because it could totally be either. And it was cute with Finn and Brindley swapping stories and legends in the tunnel and THE LAUGHING TOGETHER AND THE HANDHOLDING AND THE CAR. OMG.

Also, can we talk for a hot sec about the little plot deliciousness you left us? That Brindley's mother was writing to a man named Harry around the time that she was pregnant? HMMM? Cool! I like this. I like that you still have good plot stuff and even better relationship stuff and I'm just going to stop this review because I'm just going to keep rambling.

In case you couldn't tell, loved this.

Another amazing chapter.


Name: dreamgazer220 (Signed) · Date: 25 May 2017 02:58 AM · Chapter: Poison


Whoa. Whoa. Okay, so I knew it was going to be intense when I read the description, and it was! Poor Finn! :( Having to listen to his father's screams like that. It's so chilling, especially when you think about how everyone else is enjoying the first Quidditch game of the season when the real rivalry is going on not too far from there. I also love how you manage to convince me that yes, this is exactly how it happened! I just want to snuggle Finn though, is that okay? He has so much going on and he seems so stressed, poor baby.

AND SEBASTAIN! IS ADOPTED! WHAT! I know we knew this, but it's weird (and I'm sure it's weird for Finn) to see the certification, the proof. Ugh. There are SO MANY GOOD THINGS IN THIS CHAPTER, B.

Again, boys being boys. A+. I love that Finn still makes time for his friends and that they hang out like normal teenagers. Drinking and having fun. It was a nice balance and breath of fresh air within this chapter that had so much darkness.

TOM. TOM, YOU'RE TURNING INTO RIDDLE NOW AND I DON'T LIKE YOU ANYMORE, UGH. I'm glad Finn's starting to feel uncomfortable around him though (like lol with the snake. Oh Tom) and that he so clearly doesn't agree with what he's doing but doesn't know how to step out of it. It's really showing Finn's character development.

AND SO MUCH FINNDLEY GOODNESS IN THIS CHAPTER! Broom closets and him telling her about Hero (WHY BIANCA WHY) :( I'm glad they're sort of mellowing out around each other, and Finn was so nervous it was her! IS THAT FORESHADOWING BIANCA? *glare*


What's not to love about this chapter?!♥

Name: dreamgazer220 (Signed) · Date: 25 May 2017 02:56 AM · Chapter: The Ministry

You asked me if you amazed me.

The answer is yes.

THIS CHAPTER THO, B. I knew you were struggling with it, but it's really impossible to tell. Your writing is just. And your characters are just. I LOVE IT ALL.

I wouldn't be surprised if Malfoy had a hand in rummaging through Finn's room, though I wonder to what cost? What would he gain from that, unless Tom thinks that Finn is floundering? Does that make sense? We haven't actually discussed a lot of the plot - so while I know a fair amount, I'm still surprised by some of the things you can think of and it's really just wonderful. This is easily one of my favorite stories on the site right now/favorite fics in general.

AND SO MUCH FINNDLEY IN THIS CHAPTER! I love the banter, I love the glances, I love Finn's thought process. The ship is building, and I couldn't be more excited. They're deifnitely one of my otps right now. I love reading about them and the way you write them. Also, I love love love this part:

Through gritted teeth, she said, "I do not - need - saving."

Yeah, she was angry. "And I'm no white knight," he replied.

Because it's just so Finndley and it spoke to their personalities. And Finn stopping Patrick, he really does have potential to be a great gentleman - if he really wants to be. ♥

And the Ministry scene! I do think parts of it were slow, but I can tell there was important stuff in there. I wonder what's in that file with the Blishwick name?? I hope we get to find out in the next chapter - or soon! And that part with Finndley and the spider, and FORESHADOWING TO THE BLANKET FORT! Squee! I can't wait for that scene.

AND. HE. CALLED. HER. BRINDLEY! YUS, FINNDLEY HAS SAILED. Finn is just in denial, but it's so cute. I love it. And him. And this story. And FInn not wanting to give her the impression that he cares. He totally does though, okay? Okay. Glad we're on the same page about that.

I can't help but be nervous, though, about what Tom's going to do when he finds out that he's sort of friendly with a Hufflepuff... *eyes B suspiciously*

Fantastic chapter as always! Keep up the great work!


Name: dreamgazer220 (Signed) · Date: 25 May 2017 02:54 AM · Chapter: Under the Helmet

HUFFLEPUFF REVIEW TAG AND I'M THE WORST EVER!<p>Wah, I'm so sorry I haven't formally reviewed this chapter, but here I am to do just that!

Okay, so, you know I love this, yeah? I love how effortlessly you write boys. Finn being annoyed that he can't copy his homework off of his friends and that he has to go to the library late at night is so, well, Finn. I love it. And Briony, I'm pretty sure she's up to something with all those snacks, and I love how sass runs in the family. "You better watch your weight"/"You better watch your mouth" is just so precious and golden.  

AND WE GET FINNDLEY IN THE LIBRARY. Sigh, I love them so much. Finn is actually quite observant, especially as we see later with his parents, and I'm glad he's starting to notice more about Brindley. Is he, *gasp* even starting to worry and/or care about her?! OMG. BREAKTHROUGH! Maybe not yet but soon!

I love the dynamics between Finn and Tom here. There's a definite power struggle brewing. Do I detect some bitterness from Finn with "Everyone loved Tom."??? I can't say I blame him for that. And I loved the scene with him and his parents, and how he seems to let his mum linger more after Hero's death. :(

And what's up with Jameson? He's not dying too, is he? IS HE? *glares at Bianca*

And again, boys being boys. You do it so well and it makes me super jealous.

Fantastic chapter as always!! Can't wait for more!!

So so so sorry for the delay darling.


Name: dreamgazer220 (Signed) · Date: 25 May 2017 02:53 AM · Chapter: Stand and Deliver


So this chapter. I feel like I start every review like that haha, but I'm not even sorry because! It's just so wonderful and your writing is so wonderful.

I'm not sure if I've actually told you this, but I love your mix of description and dialogue. It's enough to move the story along, but your language is so on-point that I can picture everything in my head like it's another HP movie. And you write Tom so well, too. He's clearly the dominate one in the friendship, as he should be, and it's so interesting that Finn is trying so hard to please him. If only he knew the truth behind Hero's death... maybe he wouldn't be so quick to please Riddle. But I love your characterizations here, too. Finn, Tom, they're just the best.

And you do so well with writing boys be boys that it makes me jealous. Very believable and well done.

The dueling club parallels nicely to the one in CoS. I wonder if that was intentional?

And the charm was brilliant for sneaking into Dippet's office - I might have to steal that idea ;). Tom is so cunning and so good at talking to people.

AND THEN WE GET MCCROY. Ugh, I love them so much! Seriously one of my favorite pairings to read right now. I love their banter, and I love that McCroy doubts Finn and that it frustrates him. And, of course, I love that McCroy is a Hufflepuff.

Brilliant chapter, as always, darling!! Can't wait to read more!


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