HPFT Staff Changes (Nov '19)
by abhorsen on 03 Nov 2019 07:21 AM  

We're sorry to announce that TidalDragon has stepped down from his position as forum moderator and event coordinator and that Chemical_Pixie has stepped down from her position as archive validator. Dojh167, grumpy cat, Ineke, and sibilant have also joined the event coordinator team in addition to their existing roles.


Because Kevin (TidalDragon) wasn't an archive validator, many people aren't necessarily aware that he was one of the staffers most instrumental in founding the archive - he stepped in behind the scenes and dedicated countless hours to brainstorming, planning, and executing our decisions regarding what direction we wanted it to take. The archive just turned three years old a few days ago; we wouldn't have hit that milestone yet without Kevin's help. Thank you so much, Kevin!


If you'd like to apply to join HPFT's staff team, you can find the application in a pinned announcement at the top of the forums - they'll be open until November 10th.