house cup finale
by abhorsen on 21 Jun 2020 05:21 AM  

this year's house cup finale is now underway on the forums. it will go on for the next month and include a variety of minigames; we hope you'll stop in!

HPFT Staff Changes (May '20)
by abhorsen on 19 May 2020 02:08 AM  

We're very excited to welcome maraudertimes to the Auror team! Congratulations, Lo!

FROGS Voting
by abhorsen on 08 Mar 2020 11:13 PM  

FROGS voting is open until March 15 on the forums - head over to vote for your favorite stories!

HPFT Staff Changes (Mar '20)
by abhorsen on 29 Feb 2020 06:28 AM  

We're thrilled to welcome down-in-flames to the admin team and Ineke to a full senior staff position! Congratulations, Taylor and Ineke!

Staff Changes
by Ineke on 12 Feb 2020 09:12 PM  

Unfortunately, we have to announce that Unwritten Curse has stepped down from her position as Auror - thank you so much, Gina!

Alopex has also moved from her role as Headmaster to Headmaster Emeritus.

FROGS Nominations
by abhorsen on 10 Feb 2020 10:52 PM  

Our annual FROGS awards are going on on the forums now - check them out and nominate your favorite fics/authors!

Center for Magical Disease Control
by abhorsen on 30 Jan 2020 07:09 PM  

Our annual reviewing event is going on at the forums! If you'd like to stop in, read some great fics, help cure magical people of terrible diseases like the Fairy’s Curse and the Ghostly Phage, and help your house win points for the house cup, you can click the link to the forums at the top of the page! <3  (If you're new to the forums, make sure you post in the sorting thread so we can give you access to your house's common room ASAP.)

Archive Rule Changes
by abhorsen on 10 Jan 2020 05:44 AM  

We've finalized our rule changes, including:



Our staff tutorials have also been revised to reflect and elaborate on this.


Please note that with these changes, some of your M-rated stories may no longer require an M-rating or some of your advisories; while you are not obligated to go back and change them, we do encourage it, so advisories are more effective.

Holiday Gift-Giving Event
by abhorsen on 07 Dec 2019 01:38 AM  

We're running a gift-giving event throughout the month of December on the forums - stop in and make your own wishlist (and just wander through other peoples' lists) if you'd like to participate!

Archive Rule Changes
by abhorsen on 07 Dec 2019 01:36 AM  

We're considering a number of archive changes, including combining several advisories and loosening our requirements for when certain content requires advisories. Please check out our post with more details and the full draft of the new rules on the forums in the Suggestions and Feedback section by December 16th if you'd like to give input.

HPFT Staff Changes (Dec '19)
by abhorsen on 07 Dec 2019 01:25 AM  

We're very pleased to welcome justawillowtree to the archive validator team and down-in-flames and Ineke to the forum moderator team (in addition to their other duties)!

Spam Reviews
by abhorsen on 21 Nov 2019 05:03 PM  

We've noticed a significant increase in spam reviews over the past week or so. We think we've identified the problem and are working on fixing it; in the meantime, please report any spam reviews you see so our archive team can delete them. Thank you!

by abhorsen on 03 Nov 2019 07:27 AM  

NaNoWriMo is underway! Whether or not your goal is the official 50,000 words or something smaller, we'd love to see you over at our crazies' cafe on the forums!


Happy writing, and good luck!

HPFT Staff Changes (Nov '19)
by abhorsen on 03 Nov 2019 07:21 AM  

We're sorry to announce that TidalDragon has stepped down from his position as forum moderator and event coordinator and that Chemical_Pixie has stepped down from her position as archive validator. Dojh167, grumpy cat, Ineke, and sibilant have also joined the event coordinator team in addition to their existing roles.


Because Kevin (TidalDragon) wasn't an archive validator, many people aren't necessarily aware that he was one of the staffers most instrumental in founding the archive - he stepped in behind the scenes and dedicated countless hours to brainstorming, planning, and executing our decisions regarding what direction we wanted it to take. The archive just turned three years old a few days ago; we wouldn't have hit that milestone yet without Kevin's help. Thank you so much, Kevin!


If you'd like to apply to join HPFT's staff team, you can find the application in a pinned announcement at the top of the forums - they'll be open until November 10th.

HPFT Staff Changes (Aug '19)
by abhorsen on 06 Aug 2019 04:31 AM  

We're excited to welcome Dojh167 to the Muggle Liaison (i.e., social media) team this month, and bid a very fond farewell to something wicked, who has moved to the prefect team.

HPFT Staff Changes (Jun '19)
by Ineke on 02 Jun 2019 02:37 PM  

We are pleased to welcome sibilant to the Auror team! We wish Shreya the best of luck in her new position! grumpy cat has also joined the Professor team on the forums - welcome, Kristina!

Archive Staff Changes
by Ineke on 05 Apr 2019 05:13 AM  

We are pleased to announce that we have welcomed adorably_cute as our new Auror! We wish her the best of luck in this position!

Camp NaNo!
by abhorsen on 25 Mar 2019 12:31 AM  

Our official Camp NaNo event has opened on the forums! Head over to the Crazies' Cafe to start a NaNo journal, join rat races, and play a lot of fun games to get your muse ready to write!

Archive Staff Changes
by Ineke on 03 Feb 2019 08:57 AM  

Unfortunately, Renacera had to step down from her position as Auror. We're truly sad to see her go and would like to thank her for all that she's done for the Archives!


We are happy to announce, however, that we have welcomed Chemical_Pixie as our new Auror! We wish her the best of luck in this position!

Autumn Featured Stories
by Ineke on 03 Feb 2019 08:52 AM  

Congratulations to this autumn's featured stories!

All Hallows Eve by MadiMalfoy

Bring A Muggle To School Day by Nix

Charlie Weasley And His Dragons by StarFeather

Cherry Blossoms by StarFeather

Coffee And Curse-Breakers by Pixileanin

Dear Katie by nott theodore

Empty by abhorsen.

Epitaph Of A Good Man by toomanycurls

Grim Encounters by M C Crocker

Heaven Can Wait by Pen2Paper

Hermione Faces The Beit Din by facingthenorthwind

Homecoming by dreamgazer220

I Hate Multicoloured Days: A Day In The Mind Of A Child With Autism by potionspartner

Immortal Misconceptions by Abraxan Unicorn

No Mercy by starbuck

Orange Cardamom by ShadowRose

Pocket Watch #1 - Bittersweet Homecoming by Diogenissa

The Prince And The Pirate by banshee

Rabbit Heart by Pixileanin

Some Things Are Meant To Be by 1917farmgirl

The Faces Behind The Frogs by Dojh167

The Faces Behind The Frogs by ShazaLupin

The Faces Behind The Frogs by sunshinedaisieswindmills

The Letters To No-One by esmeraude T

he Next Great Adventure by TreacleTart

The Possibility Of After by Unwritten Curse

The Skull Beneath The Skin by esmeraude

The Forest Cottage by MadiMalfoy

The Year Of The Snake by melian

To Boil Telephone Porridge by teh tarik

To Sleep Without Pain by pookha

Tom by Theia

Toward The Heights by Slide

Tragedy by LooneyLizzie

Trapped by clevernotbrilliant

War & Mint by sihaya

We, Lawbreaking Citizens by Rumpelstiltskin

When Dahlia's Bloom by dirigibleplums

You can find all of them in our 'featured stories' tab. For graphic awards and other site news, you can check out our monthly bulletin on the forums!

Move from HTTP to HTTPS
by Alopex on 09 Nov 2018 09:37 PM  

HPFT has finally gotten with the modern times and moved from to

-Both the archives and the forums are using https now.

-Please update any bookmarks you have.

-There's a chance you'll have to clear your cache.

-If you have images (banners, sigs, etc) that have an http URL, it would be helpful to your fellow members' browsing experiences if you could update them to an https URL.

This change means the ugly notices your browser gives you about HPFT not being secure should be going away now. The exception is going to be on pages where there is mixed content, meaning content that is being served from http rather than https. I have updated everything HPFT-side I could find (images, fonts, site clock), but some of you have banners and signatures and such out there that have an http URL. If you visit a page that has one of those on it, you'll still get a warning--only now it'll be about part of the page not being secure rather than the whole website. :P

Let us know if you encounter issues that are different than normal and that don't go away after clearing your cache.

Summer Featured Stories
by Ineke on 15 Oct 2018 02:33 PM  

Congratulations to this summer's featured stories!


A Place Not Far From Here by Chemical_Pixie

An Age Of Change by M C Crocker

Carina by dirigbleplums

Clipped Wings by nott theodore

Complicated by ShadowRose

Dolor Lake by Rumpelstiltskin

From by Stella Blue

Gods Without Grace by dirigibleplums

Good Luck, Lily by PaulaTheProkaryote

Hero by victoria_anne

Home by adorably cute

Hormones by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap

Imperium by Aphoride

Jigsaw by nott theodore

Julian by Aphoride

Lazy Days by justawillowtree

Lightning Love by toomanycurls

Limitless by abhorsen.

Little Red by sunshine_locks

Lying Josephine by WriteYourHeartOut

Magnolias In The Country by ShadowRose

ministry memorandums (from the mysteries) by esmeraude

My Little Princess by StarFeather

Not My Own by M C Crocker

Project Azkaban by Unwritten Curse

Red Luck by justawillowtree

Seasons of Love by Theia

Silence. Death. by poppunkpadfoot

Steady, Stable by manno-malfoy

That's All by beyond the rain

The Art Of Being Nonchalant (Or Not) by starbuck.

The Department by poppunkpadfoot

The Ghostly Coup by victoria_anne

The Northern Tales by nott theodore

The Seer by Phoenix_Flames

Yaxley by Sleepingbagonthesofa


You can find all of them in our 'featured stories' tab. For graphic awards and other site news, you can check out our monthly bulletin on the forums!

Archive Staff Change
by Ineke on 15 Oct 2018 02:08 PM  

Unfortunately, BellaLestrange87 has had to step down as an Auror. We're truly sad to see her go and would like to thank her for all that she's done for the Archives!

Archive Staff Changes
by abhorsen. on 11 Jul 2018 05:23 PM  

MegGonagall has unfortunately had to step down from her position as Auror; we're sorry to see her go.


Unwritten_Curse is joining the validating team, and PaulatheProkaryote has also been helping out with validating in addition to her social media duties. In addition, we've promoted Ineke to senior validator. We're happy to have all of them on the team in their new roles!

Spring Featured Stories
by abhorsen. on 11 Jul 2018 05:09 PM  

Congratulations to this spring's featured stories!


A Rescue in Space and Time by Levana and pookha

Actions Speak Louder than Words by Veritaserum27

After Life by MegGonagall

Albus Potter and the Slytherin's Office by Phoenix Potioneer

All the Truth About Jimmy Portman by Felpata_Lupin

an absence of sound by justawillowtree

And the World Went On by manno-malfoy

Constellations by Unwritten_Curse

Each Shining Light, Each Silver Bell by Rumpelstiltskin

Easter Lily by Veritaserum27

Hero by banshee

I Am by Rumpelstiltskin

In the Dawn We Shall Enter the Splendid Cities by Aphoride

Letter to the Lost by Crimson Quill

Logarithmic by val

Love, Not War by RoxiMalfoy

Mask of Truth by Rumpelstiltskin and victoria_anne

Put Your Guns Away, It's Tea Time by frombluetored

Scars From Tomorrow by Nix

Secret Keeper by poppunkpadfoot

Shenanigans, Capers, and Hi-Jinks by Beeezie

Stand Tall by Chelts-rjh

That's All by beyond the rain

the wind chimes are calling to me by Alexis Black

to the end of time by claire evergreen

two certainties by facingthenorthwind

Two Months by Levana

Why Everyone Should Hate Coffee Creams by Abraxan Unicorn


You can find all of them in our 'featured stories' tab. For graphic awards and other site news, you can check out our monthly bulletin on the forums!