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Writing Challenge

by toomanycurls at 05 Dec 2017 06:11 AM  

We're hosting a writing challenge where you can win a Harry Potter house themed notebook! Entries due December 22nd. Please read our announcement on the forum. http://hpfanfictalk.com/topic/2905-holiday-and-diversity-writing-challenge/

Reviewing Competition!

by abhorsen at 04 Dec 2017 07:59 AM  

This month, HPFT is running a reviewing competition in the form of a snowball fight! Saturday-Tuesday of the first three weekends of the month will see the houses paired off into teams. They'll be leaving reviews on the archive to build forts and hurl snowballs at each other - and they'll have some whiteouts, blizzards, and even occasional flurries to deal with. If you're interested in taking part, whether you have time to leave a handful of reviews or dozens of them, stop over at the forums and find your team in the Winter Wonderland sub-forum to get started!

Featured Stories (December 2017)

by abhorsen at 28 Nov 2017 09:43 PM  

We have a new round of featured stories! Congrats to...


banshee - A Little Like This

Beeezie - Dead Eyes and Red Eyes

claireevergreen - Inevitable

dreamgazer220 - The Edge of the World

esmeraude - The Absence of Color

FlamingQuilltips - Once Upon the Marauders

melian - How to Tame a Marauder

melian - The Night Everything Changed

sunshinedaisieswindmills - In Fields of Poppies

TidalDragon - Schrodinger's Cat


You can check them out in the featured tab, and if you'd like to see the rest of December's bulletin, just head over to the forums! :)

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Featured Stories

Inevitable by clairevergreen Mature Audiences
There are some things that are just meant to happen.   Companion piece...
Schrodinger's Cat by TidalDragon Teen Audiences
Love doesn't die until someone asks the question. 2017 HPFT F.R.O.G.S...
In Fields of Poppies by sunshinedaisieswindmills Mature Audiences
Banner by lionheart@tda! Thank you so much!!! Her grandfather's war and her...
How to tame a Marauder by melian Mature Audiences
*Winner, Best Marauders, HPFT FROGS 2017**   As Sirius led me around...
Dead Eyes and Red Eyes by Beeezie Mature Audiences
banner by abhorsen. @TDA & SP     Astoria has to be careful...
The night everything changed by melian All Audiences
Lyall Lupin has no idea how he's going to educate his child. Then one night...
The Absence of Colour by esmeraude Mature Audiences
Awesome banner by red herring @ TDA!     "Besides, when the Dark...
The Edge of the World by dreamgazer220 Teen Audiences
gorgeous banner by nyx @ TDA! A year and a half after the Battle of Hogwarts...
A Little Like This by banshee Mature Audiences
banner by milominderbinder@tda"I wish there was a way to practice first," Dean...
Once Upon The Marauders by FlamingQuilltips Mature Audiences
Is destiny determined by Chance or Choice?   If it is a bit of both...

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The Open Air by Beeezie Mature Audiences
Astoria gets an unexpected birthday present from Draco Malfoy.   August...

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Hanukkah is Over by banshee Mature Audiences
Leah stared at her phone screen, at the very first post on her Tumblr dash...