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Site News

Archive Rule Changes
by abhorsen on 10 Jan 2020 05:44 AM  

We've finalized our rule changes, including:


  • - Removing the advisory requirements for most (but not all) references.
  • - Changing some of the rules around language, including making "fuck" a T-rated word.
  • - Removing the consent issues (mild/moderate), derogatory language, spoilers, and stalking advisories.
  • - Collapsing the eating disorder and self-harm advisory into one.
  • - Lifting length-based limitations around explicit content.
  • - Adding first cousins to our exceptions around incest.


Our staff tutorials have also been revised to reflect and elaborate on this.


Please note that with these changes, some of your M-rated stories may no longer require an M-rating or some of...

Holiday Gift-Giving Event
by abhorsen on 07 Dec 2019 01:38 AM  

We're running a gift-giving event throughout the month of December on the forums - stop in and make your own wishlist (and just wander through other peoples' lists) if you'd like to participate!

Archive Rule Changes
by abhorsen on 07 Dec 2019 01:36 AM  

We're considering a number of archive changes, including combining several advisories and loosening our requirements for when certain content requires advisories. Please check out our post with more details and the full draft of the new rules on the forums in the Suggestions and Feedback section by December 16th if you'd like to give input.