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War Stories New! by forever_dreaming

Rated: Mature Audiences • 0 Reviews

In the end, war heroes are, too, only humans. 

The Shenanigans of Lily Luna Potter by greisful

Rated: Teen Audiences • 0 Reviews

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Lily Potter was Hogwarts muggle nut extraordinaire, just like her grandpa Arthur. And as much as she knew about muggles, she was a hazard to them surrounded by any of their devices or them themselves. Welcome to a life full of sticky situation (and that can be taken literally at times).

Cat Fight Club by pookha

Rated: Teen Audiences • 0 Reviews

McGonagall hosts a Cat Fight Club in the Room of Requirement. Inspired by a tumblr post by ababelofprose.

The Faces Behind the Frogs by ShazaLupin, Dojh167, sunshinedaisieswindmills

Rated: Mature Audiences • 9 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star

A staple of the Wizarding World- Chocolate Frogs.


Have you read them all?


A Collaboration by Hufflepuff House

Bane the wolf by Vilja

Rated: Teen Audiences • 1 Reviews

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[for The Literary Quotes Challenge]

A Recipe for Disaster by 1917farmgirl

Rated: All Audiences • 8 Reviews starstarstarstarstar


Just once, Minerva McGonagall would like a night of uninterrupted sleep.


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When the Sky Falls by AltraX

Rated: Teen Audiences • 0 Reviews

Where do you go when you've got nowhere left to return?    

Portraitwise by Vilja, AbraxanUnicorn, AltraX

Rated: Teen Audiences • 0 Reviews

A Ravenclaw collaboration.

In the Neighborhood by PaulaTheProkaryote

Rated: Teen Audiences • 1 Reviews

A Pride and Prejudice College AU

Yellow Envelopes by MuggleMaybe

Rated: All Audiences • 1 Reviews

The summer after he graduates from Hogwarts, Justin lands himself a summer job as Hogwarts' new Muggle Liaison.



Ripples in Time by melian, nott theodore, Crimson Quill, FredWeasleyIsMyKing

Rated: Teen Audiences • 2 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Sometimes, small events can cause ripples further afield. These are some of those ripples.

Mandragora by Dojh167, victoria_anne, MuggleMaybe

Rated: Teen Audiences • 3 Reviews starstarstarhalf-star

Mandrakes are more unique than you think.

Adventures with Muggle Goo by Rhaenyra

Rated: All Audiences • 1 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star

Nine-year-old Fleamont Potter has to go to his father's swearing in.  But first, that unruly hair of his must be tamed.


Written for Ravenclaw's History of Magic OWL (2017).

The Looks that Kill by pookha

Rated: Teen Audiences • 1 Reviews

Luna's new makeover is proving to be more trouble than it's worth. Harry tries to help her but keeps getting distracted. Set in the trios' *cough, hack* year. WARNING: *Parody*

Weasley Spinster by greisful

Rated: Teen Audiences • 0 Reviews

Sequel to Weasley Smart and Weasley Anger

Victoire Weasley was an unpleasant and rude person. She was stubborn, a force to be reckoned with and under the impression that she was always right (which she usually was). 

And no matter what anyone said or did would ever change that.
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An Age of Change by M C Crocker

Rated: Teen Audiences • 1 Reviews

An Age of Change

Varric is visited by an almost forgotten friend who tells him that world as they know it might be in danger once more and his help is needed to stop the Assassins and new Templar Order from creating an even bigger mess of things.


Fic 2 of Rumplestiltskin's Companion Piece Challenge.
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Character Support Services by 1917farmgirl

Rated: Teen Audiences • 0 Reviews


Even fictional characters need a little extra support at times.


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Fantastic good-night stories by Vilja

Rated: All Audiences • 3 Reviews

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Written by Luna Lovegood for Lorcan and Lysander Scamander.


[inspired by “88 fantastische Gute-Nacht-Geschichten vom Erzähler Erwin Moser]

Parisian Scars by Crimson Quill

Rated: Mature Audiences • 7 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

credit to beyond the rain @ tda




She almost flinched as Parvati reached out for her hand; something about the warmth touched Lavender in a way she hadn't felt in months.     


3rd in Tealeaves and Jasmine Trilogy


Lavender Brown/Parvati Patil 



Sunset by Rhaenyra

Rated: Teen Audiences • 0 Reviews

Peeta Mellark is turning ten.  His father has a plan for the boy whose mother never seemed to want him.


A Hunger Games fic.

Barberus the Barbaric by PaulaTheProkaryote

Rated: Teen Audiences • 2 Reviews starstarstarstar

Barberus Bragge and Modesty Rabnott face off in a tail of Cuaditch, animal rights, and unsuitable marriages.


For TreacleTart's The Super Minor Character Challenge

Beyond Repair by MuggleMaybe

Rated: Teen Audiences • 15 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

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Lily and Petunia were more than sisters; they were best friends.
And then, they weren't

A series of one shots about Lily and Perunia over the years.

Bleeding Hearts and Bitten Tongues by dirigibleplums

Rated: Mature Audiences • 1 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

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They were living in a war.


I love you could be said another day.

The Grey Lady by Veritaserum27

Rated: All Audiences • 1 Reviews starstarstarstar

A vindication, of sorts.


Part of the Recovery Series.

Pain Makes You Beautiful by Pixileanin

Rated: Mature Audiences • 2 Reviews starstarstarstar

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Sirius Black crashes down.

Written for patronus_charm's Angst Galore Challenge.  Take the rating seriously.