Themes: Vampirism


Decay Theory New! by Dojh167, Aphoride

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A collab for the HC 2018 Fic Feud event

Inconsistent Geometry by ImaRavenclaw

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A Triangle with Only One Side… Not including the bottom.


For clevernotbrilliant’s love triangle challenge.

Creperum by Selene

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It only takes one moment to change a fate, even unintentionally. This moment came for Harry Potter on that Halloween night as he was held in her arms. The path changed, the blood altered, sending him down the path unexpected...

Disarming Charm by M C Crocker

Rated: Teen Audiences • 0 Reviews

Disarming Charm

In taking stories from people Gilderoy Lockhart had come to expect a thing or two from the people he spoke with, yet this time he was caught by surprise and off gaurd in the most unsual of ways.

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The Hogwarts Diversities Program by ImaRavenclaw

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Alliah (shadowhunter, with an extra magic touch), Nicholas (Moroi with declared water magic), Jay (on the run from enemies and telekinetic.)


These three have been selected for the new Hogwarts Diversities program. It’s going to be a rough year for the existing Hogwarts students.


Let the magical blood bath begin.