Pairings: Dorcas Meadowes/Marlene McKinnon (HP)

Past Featured Story 9.9 out of 10, highly recommend by down-in-flames

Fandom: Harry Potter Universe · Rating: Mature Audiences · Incomplete Challenge Entry (any length), Novel (50,000+ words)
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2 bets. 10 days. Endless shenanigans.

{Brooklyn 99 meets How to Lose a Guy in 10 days}


Written for MuggleMaybe's [Blank] Meets [Blank] challenge

2019 POGs Winner for Best Dialogue |June 2019 Sitewide Story of the Month

Series: Pride of Gryffindor Winners, Sitewide Stories of the Month, deerly beloved

Published: 13 Apr 2019 · Updated: 25 Mar 2020

an elf and a reindeer walk into a bar by down-in-flames

Fandom: Harry Potter Universe · Rating: Mature Audiences · Completed One-Shot (any length), Other (inc. plays, diaries, etc; any length)
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james potter: found our christmas party outfits
james potter: thoughts?
james potter: Attachment - 2 Images


lily evans: those… are onesies


james potter: yes



{a chatfic christmas jily}

Genre: AU, Humor, Romance

Themes: Friends to Lovers, Holidays

Inclusivity: LGBTQA

Advisories: Substance Abuse
Series: None

Published: 04 Dec 2019 · Updated: 04 Dec 2019

Made Up of Magic by down-in-flames

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They’re both amazing, competent girls, who will one day soon become amazing, competent women, and that mantra is their regular reminder of that fact.


Written for esmeraude's Women Supporting Women Challenge

Characters: Lily Evans Potter, Marlene McKinnon

Pairings: Dorcas Meadowes/Marlene McKinnon (HP), James Potter I/Lily Evans (HP)

Story Length: 1 chapters (6279 words)

HPFT Forum House: Gryffindor

Genre: General, Hurt/Comfort

Themes: Breakups, Discrimination, Feminism, Friendship, War

Inclusivity: Lesbian

Advisories: Violence
Series: None

Published: 14 Jan 2019 · Updated: 14 Jan 2019

Reckless by down-in-flames

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Lily Evans’ soulmate is a complete idiot. Although she’s never actually met him to confirm this.

A Soulmate!AU tale of rugby matches, incompetent medical interns, and a broken rib or two.

2019 FROGS Finalist for Best Dialogue

Genre: AU, Romance

Themes: Soulmates

Inclusivity: Gay, Lesbian, LGBTQA

Advisories: Sexual Content
Series: deerly beloved

Published: 15 Apr 2018 · Updated: 11 May 2018

Learning is Fun-damentally Overrated by crowsb4bros

Fandom: Harry Potter Universe, Harry Potter Universe > First Wizarding War (1950-1981) · Rating: Mature Audiences · Incomplete Short Story (under 10,000 words)
5 Reviews · 10 likes · 76 reads

a tale of door slamming, expert reconnaissance, rival grad departments, and unconventional love.

Series: None

Published: 14 Dec 2017 · Updated: 13 Jan 2018

Past Featured Story war & mint by sihaya

Fandom: Harry Potter Universe · Rating: All Audiences · Completed Challenge Entry (any length)
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Peppermint tea in a time of war.

Marlene/Dorcas for the Holiday and Diversity Writing Challenge

Characters: Dorcas Meadowes, Marlene McKinnon

Pairings: Dorcas Meadowes/Marlene McKinnon (HP)

Story Length: 1 chapters (512 words)

HPFT Forum House: Hufflepuff

Genre: Fluff, Romance

Themes: Holidays, Soulmates, War

Inclusivity: Lesbian, LGBTQA

Advisories: None
Series: The Prefects' Challenges

Published: 23 Dec 2017 · Updated: 23 Dec 2017