Pairings: Cedric Diggory/Cho Chang (HP)


Miscellaneous One Shots/Drabbles by Dojh167

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Various things I've written (mostly for House Cup events) that I don't want otherwise clogging up my AP

Shades of Green by FredWeasleyIsMyKing

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How did I end up back here? I had escaped. I was free. Now I’m back, back in the endless green. Back in my nightmare.

For AditiDraco95's Colour and Emotion Challenge!

Nominated for a Golden Paw Award 2013 - Best Honorary Gryffindor


Sprinkles of Confetti by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap

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Cedric and Cho go on their first date. 

Searching for Cho by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap

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All Cedric wants is to celebrate Valentine's Day with Cho Chang. 

As Wild as the Mountain Wind by ImaRavenclaw

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Cedric invites Oliver to go backpacking with him the summer before his fifth year, but things get dramatic when Cedric realizes he has feelings for Oliver, and the two of them loose their map and travel plans in a non-English speaking country.

Out By The Water by TreacleTart

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a girl in front of a lake

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The only people who seem to understand anymore are the ghosts that haunt the halls of Hogwarts.