Inclusivity: Learning Disability


Collection of poems by shadowkat678

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Just my collection of poems I decided to put in one place rather than upload on their own. :)

Writing Home by FireOpal

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After the successful inception job, Eames writes to both his parents.


- An Inception story -

Broken Crown by esmeraude

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Perfect banner by abhorsen. @ TDA!

In the wake of the Second Wizarding War, people with connections to the Death Eaters are being summoned to the Ministry for an interview that will determine whether they can keep their wands. With her father among the Death Eater ranks, and her brother one of the werewolves in Greyback’s pack, on parchment Liv Montague is no different from her peers. Yet one thing sets her apart from the rest: the confession to murder that she’s waiting to make.

The Last Thing On Her Mind by Dojh167

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Third place in Jayna's Somehow Connected Challenge | Banner by .abhorsen @ TDA

Lily has lived her life unable to separate her own identity from her connections with the ones she loves.

But it is through those moments of separation that she is able to learn who she truly is.