Some Things Are Meant to Be by 1917farmgirl

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For Merlin, having the world fall apart around him was nothing new, but having someone there to help him pick up the pieces afterwards unfortunately was.  Until it happened twice, with two very special people who appeared in his life when he most needed saving.


Modern AU, friendship fic. Sort of Christmas story.
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Different by 1917farmgirl

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Being different is hard, and some narrow-minded and jealous bullies make Merlin's life rough as he tries to adjust to living in Camelot and being a servant to a Royal Prat. He desperately tries to keep anyone from noticing, but Gaius isn't just anyone, and the old physician isn't about to let his boy suffer alone.

Written for the Tumblr blog "Merlin Memory Month 2018," Day 1:
Path I - "Being different is nothing to be afraid of." * Path III - Emotion/Mood: Kindness
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Those Left Behind by 1917farmgirl

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"In peace, sons bury their fathers.  In war, fathers bury their sons."

- Herodotus


In honor of Memorial Day.

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