Zacharias Smith


Year of the snake New! by melian

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Neville Longbottom knew before he left for his seventh year at Hogwarts that things were going to be different. He just didn't realise quite how different that would be.


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Logarithmic by val

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She was more than a pimply intellectual.
He was more than a Quidditch-crazed playboy.

She was worth looking at. He was worth listening to.

An Eloise Midgeon / Cormac McLaggen story.

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Counterjinx by TreacleTart

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Harry & The DA

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Written for DaaOne's A to Z Challenge

"Jumping jarveys!," Ernie MacMillan shouted as  Colin's counterjinx sailed through the air and crashed into Harry. Silence followed as he flew through the air.    


The Way Out of the Maze by Felpata_Lupin

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Ariadne Smith was lost. But her brother was there to save her.

First place in LadyL8's Write Together Challenge. Companion piece to 'Shine' by StellaBlue.

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Shine by Stella Blue

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No-one saw Zacharias Smith as anything but a coward when he deserted Hogwarts during the battle, but he did have reasons, and they weren't entirely selfish.

First place in LadyL8’s Write Together Challenge (Companion piece to 'The Way Out of the Maze' by Felpata Lupin)