Benjy Fenwick


The Song of Glory New! by dirigibleplums

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The morning the war ended, James dreamt about death.

All that Glitters by beylah_Obscurus

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They always said we had bright futures ahead of us.


They always said we had a choice.


I've learned that neither of these things were true. The truth was, I was dying inside and there was nothing to be done about it.

kisses-blood-valentine by toomanycurls

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Her name is Bernice Fenwick. She lives in a flat with her twin brother, Benjamin Fenwick. She loves Evelyn Fairbanks, a muggle. Today is Valentine’s Day. She will tell Evvie about magic today.

Flaming Quilltips by FlamingQuilltips

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Some obsessions are productive, some are destructive... some are just plain toxic...

The story of Dorcas Meadowes, and an obsession that cost her everything.

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The Unexpected Gift by LunaStellaCat

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Amelia Bones deals with the holidsy chaos that comes with marrying into the Fenwick family.  


This was written as an entry for Paulathe ProKaryote's "The In-Laws Challenge."  

This was also written as an entry for IamRavenclaw's "A Very Christmassy Love Challenge."  

The Family Man by LunaStellaCat

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Benji Fenwick lived two separrate lives.  He lived for his family and the Order of the Phoenix.  Little did he know, keeping these lives separate wouold cost him in the end.  


For my father, who taught me how to fall and get back up again.  

For Paige (Kerichi), who is teaching me the joy of writing again. 


Thank you.