Gabrielle Delacour


A Lord in the Shadows by ProfessorMinnie

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From Left to Right: Neville, Hermione, Harry, Draco, McGonagall in black and white, eyes colored. 'A Lord in the Shadows' title left of Neville's head.


Harry Potter wasn't living the life he wanted, but was living the life he deserved. This is how it began. And ended.

Harry/Fleur, Good|Draco, Slight AU

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A Little Doubt by lovegood27

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Muggle schools can sometimes give you doubts even about the people you love the most. 


Ravenclaw SotM on HPFT | For paulatheprokaryote's Mythical Challenge


At The Lake by Dojh167

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Gabrielle Delacour/Daphne Greengrass

"Could true beauty really exist without true horror?"


Just A Pretty Face by maraudertimes

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Gabrielle wants to be in relationship that isn't solely based on her looks. Richard Wood might be just what she needs.