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Guidelines/Advisory Updates

by abhorsen at 10 Sep 2017 07:24 PM  

Hello, all!

We've updated our site guidelines and advisories. There aren't many changes, but we ask that you look them over and refamiliarize yourselves with them. The most significant differences:

  1. We've added a stalking advisory and a section on where you should be using it under the 'Sensitive Content' area in the Site Guidelines. We won't penalize already-posted stories which depict stalking for not adding it to their advisories, but if you would like to add it to relevant stories to warn readers about potentially upsetting content, it would be very appreciated.
  2. We've updated the graphic award guidelines to allow 300x300 awards in your story notes. However, keep in mind that you are still limited to four...

Featured Stories (Sep 2017)

by abhorsen at 01 Sep 2017 04:41 AM  

We've got a new round of featured stories - you can check them out using our featured stories tab! Congratulations to everyone who was featured - we have some incredible authors here!

Certified Author Review (Summer 2017)

by Admin at 25 Aug 2017 08:27 AM  

Our summer reviews for Certified Author status have been completed, and people who have been granted the ability to bypass the queue have been notified using the email they used to register their archive account. If you'd like to read more about how we make our decisions about CA status, you can check out this entry in the staff blog over on the forums. :)

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